DIY Washer Necklaces

This little craft is quick, easy and HUGE hit with teenagers (and Lola too). We made adorable washer necklaces. All you need are washers from the hardware store, some nail polish, and a ribbon to make into a necklace. These are great for kids to make and share with friends. The girls in our YW’s group spent tons of time making adorable designs. I was so impressed. I’m so happy they enjoyed it! Whew!

Our little DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

Last night all of our Young Women at church came to my house for our Christmas meal and craft night. It was such a wonderful time. I arranged to do the Mason Jar snowglobes and we also made oodles of washer necklaces that they painted with cute nail polish. We ate delicious homemade soups, decorated gingerbread men, and giggled about which girls like which boys. A lovely evening – I adore our youth, they are simply incredible people!

Now my counter is covered in my prototype jars, and my kids are in pure snow globe heaven. We’ve made so many and they are all beautiful!