The Tree is up!

Breathing a sigh of relief, the tree is now up and decorated. I’ve been wanting to put it up for a few weeks now, but with everything going on in my life it just wasn’t possible. I’m happy I managed to put it up so we can enjoy it before December 1st!

I love having a sparkly tree, my method for decorating is basically that I get to go in first and add all of our base ornaments and wire them on the tree, then my family comes in and attacks it with all our special and meaningful ornaments on top. At the end we have a tree dripping in colour and memories. We love it!

I hope to make this the most beautiful Christmas ever for my family, for many tender reasons.

Halloween 2012

We definitely had a wonderful Halloween this year! The kids were so excited to break out their costumes and this was a monumental year for Lola, who totally “got it” and wanted to trick-or-treat till her feet were tired.

Costumes this year:
Joshua was a Skeleton
Brigs was a Pokemon Trainer (I was SO proud, he made his whole costume 100% by himself!!)
Noah was Optimus Prime Transformer
and Lola was a very frilly Snow White

Of course, Dylan was with us too! He LOVES Halloween and he dressed as a Zombie a few days earlier for his Young Adult Halloween Dance.

Additionally, my sweet dentist/husband wore his Angry Bird costume to work and made his patients crack up! Love him!

Activities for Halloween included:
- a fun Homeschool group party with pumpkin carving, games, treats and cupcake decorating
- Trunk-or-Treat at our church (it was AWESOME this year!!!)
- Trick-or-Treating in the community (so many great houses this year)
- a fun stop to see our friends Colleen and Richard who hoped we’d bring the kids by and had cupcakes, toys, halloween Lego, full size chocolate bars etc.!
- The huge bonfire at the Deep Cove Fire Dept, and Fireworks!
- and Finally we had a fun family Hot Tub Dunk to end the night!!