Lola and Brosie Reunite

It was a mini-reunion in Lethbridge last week when my dear friend Elizabeth came over to see me at my parent’s house with her daughter Brosie (Ambrosia). Elizabeth and I were expectant Mommy’s together when pregnant with our girls. We always dreamed that they would play together and be best friends. Happily we were able to see this come to fruition during our visit when Lola and Brosie broke out the dolls (and countless other toys) and Brosie didn’t want Lola to leave. It was so precious beyond words and made me happy and sad all at the same time. Lola was in girly heaven, it’s fun to play with other little girls and not always your big brothers. I wish they lived closer, maybe someday they will move out to the island with us too!


Larsen's Visited Us Too!

The Larsen’s traveled out for their family vacation to BC and we were so thrilled to see them for the past two days! First we had pancake breakfast together, and then it was GAME ON and we were all in the pool and hot tub. They love the water and didn’t want to get out. I arranged for babysitting in the evening and Nathan and I were able to go on a date night with Bjorn and Nicole. We took them to a Korean BBQ place with hot pot food. It was so good! Then we walked downtown Chinatown and even managed to fulfill Nicole’s dream of visiting our huge Value Village before we had to get back to the kids. Sunday they came to church and then we spent the rest of the day eating food and playing charades and visiting. We didn’t want to let them go, it was so fun to see how much the kids have grown and changed this year. I got teary saying goodbye.

We love you Larsen’s!! Thanks so much for coming to see us, it was a blast!






Cora in Hat

Cora in Hat robe-2

Our "Mini Reunion" with Cranmers and Muirheads

We’ve had the most incredible summer, made special by the fact that so many of our family members have ventured out to the island to visit us! First in late July came Liz, Kent and all of their kiddos (Evan, Vienna, Seger, Felix) along with Nathan’s parents (Jim and Catherine) for 10 days of fun! I don’t have much in the way of photographic evidence of their visit, mostly because Liz is an amazing photographer and was snapping so many pictures. I can’t wait to see them – in the mean time you’ll have to trust me that it was the most fun gathering and we were beyond thrilled to have them!!


During this “mini reunion” we did so many activities including:
berry picking
elk lake beach
walking the sea wall
Fish and chips at Fisherman’s warf
Parksville Beach
Paddle Boarding
Sidney’s Shaw Ocean Centre
Island View Beach
Bon Fires with smore cones (hilarious story by Uncle Nathan about peeing on the fire)
Hot Tub and Swimming
Great food (thank you Liz for the outstanding meal plan!!!)
Date night to Batman: The Dark Night Rises for the adults and Chinese food that rivalled “Bill’s” in Calgary..almost
scuba diving for a few of the adults
Sidney Bakery for the BEST croissants for breakfast
and the list goes on!!!

We played our hearts out and had the most incredible bonding time. The kids were lovely with each other, and enjoyed sprawling out across Brigs and Joshua’s bedroom floor to sleep and giggle. All those kids did great together and loved each other. Lola was totally enamoured with Felix (a real live little person her size) and gleefully would announce “Oooh! It’s a Baby!” each and every time she saw him. Felix on the other hand wasn’t too impressed with her saying this and would quietly exclaim “I’m not a baby. I’m Felix”. (we’ll work on teaching her your name Felix for your next encounter buddy). We learned so much about our nephews and cute little niece. First of all, Cranmer kids wake up EARLY! Second of all Cranmer kids play hard…really they do! We couldn’t believe the determination and drive of Vienna who with a broken leg in an air cast would fling her body into the pool and swim for as long as was allowed, she hiked, she climbed, she jumped. That girl is a force of nature, she never stops and is so brave. Seger continued his total love and appreciation of all that Dylan is, by being his #1 fan. Evan surprised us all at a dental appointment with Uncle Nathan, when with a rubber dam on his mouth and drilling going on he managed to fall totally asleep. It was ADORABLE and hilarious! He had no sedation, but felt so comfortable that he crashed. Love him!!


We loved having Mom, Dad and the Cranmer’s here for summertime fun. You guys made our summer!! We love you – come back soon, or better yet, move here! Kent I’m talking to you :)


Brett Andrea and Jayelle visit the Island!

It was so wonderful to spend the day with my Baby Brother Brett and his family. We LOVE Brett, Andrea and Jayelle so much!
I hadn’t seen my brother in a whole year (isn’t that horrible). It was so much fun to be around them and catch up while sunning ourselves on a gorgeous beach. We met up at Parksville Beach which is a delight for families with kids because it’s a vast expanse of soft beautiful sand, and shallow warm water.
brett andrea jayelle

Lola and Jayelle were delighted with one another, and Lola kept patting Jayelle on the head saying “It’s a Good Baby!!” all day. Jayelle would reach out to touch her face and they were precious together. Lola loves babies and was so sweet with her little cousin. I was doubly delighted that I managed to win Jayelle over and got to snuggle her up and walk around with her. I loved it!

Lola and Jayelle

Thanks so much you guys for driving out from your perfect campsite to see us, we loved being with you! Time to move to the island don’t you think?!