Lola and Liz

Last week was truly a gift. My sister-in-law Elizabeth (Lizzy Anne Photography) visited us for 4 whole days, just herself. I can’t believe how lucky we were to get 100% pure Liz attention, it was magical and memorable.

One of the great things about Liz is her love of children and her fearlessness in getting them to fall in love with her. It’s so cool to see her work her magic, my kids think she’s so awesome. Lola is definitely my toughest customer when it comes to her giving anyone but me attention, but Liz wouldn’t give up, she worked and worked. By the end of the trip she had a little buddy in Lola who was even holding her hand while we drove in the car. I was utterly impressed, and so touched that Liz took such an interest in winning Lola’s heart. It meant so much to me.

SP Lola-1
SP Lola-2

Liz had her trusty camera out and at the ready most of the time. I loved how eager she was to capture all of our fun family moments. Lola received this sweet dress from Servane Barrau Designs, and when the sun was shining we found ourselves laughing and jumping on the trampoline together. Thanks to Liz we have these sweet pics!
SP Lola-4
SP Lola-3

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures from our visit together. We had several awesome photoshoots! Come back soon Liz, we love you!

My Parents Visit The Island

IMG_2222 Well it finally happened, after 7 long months my parents were able to come back to Victoria for a visit! They arrived and totally surprised Dylan (aka Tavis as he’s known here) on his 18th Birthday. We have spent a week being the most busy little bees you have ever seen.
We celebrated Mother’s Day, Dylan’s 8th Bday, my Dad’s Birthday. Played at the Carter’s farm, saw the sweet baby goats and baby chicks, had a BBQ with the Carter family. Drove around and snagged all the fresh fruit at the local markets. Spent hours at the laundromat getting me all caught up, organized kids clothing and drawers, ate apple and rhubarb pie that my Mom made, ran after Lola, weeded the garden, shopped for beautiful flowers and planted them, raked grass, ran after Lola, walked on beaches, shopped in some thrift stores, watched The Avengers at our favourite little theatre in Sidney, picked up the kids from school and took them for a fun lunch, ran after Lola some more, and Nate took my parents for Fish and Chips at Salty’s.

It was wonderful to be with my parents and to share the funny things my kids do each day with them. What a blessing it is to have family. I’m so grateful that they could come and see us, I know it was a sacrifice in many ways to come but it filled me up and I totally needed that. Thanks Mom and Dad, we all love you!