Lola in 60 Seconds

Here’s a quick and dirt simple way to make a POTD (picture of the day) page in just a minute or two. I simply snapped some face shots of Lola all within a 60 second time frame. Then I uploaded to iPhoto, selected them and used an iPhoto email template and saved. Now I can print it and stick it into her scrapbook, or email it quickly to friends and family. I honestly didn’t even edit the shots, they just made me laugh so I went for it. Easy Peasy!


Lola and Mommy on the beach

This afternoon Lola and I indulged in some girl time on our beach. I kind of hung back today and watched Lola picking up tiny pebbles, and then giving each a kiss and throwing them into the water. She was delighted with the water, the seaweed, the sunshine. Seeing her discover all the new sights and smells of life by the sea is truly a gift, even when each time as we approach the water she exclaims “Ewww, Gooossss!” (Ewww Gross).
pebbles on beach

Lola loves her pink glitter rubber boots, they are a staple of her wardrobe right now. If all else fails she’ll grab her rubber boots and start running.
on the beach

Lola will be two years old in December, I can’t believe my darling baby is growing up so much. She still needs me, and is stuck to me like glue. I love it for the most part and don’t know how I’ll handle her venturing out beyond my grasp soon. Right now she is enamoured with my exclusive company, so I’m enjoying every second of it.

Two Little Dolls


Life is sweet when you have a friend. Lola’s new friend was given to her by her Nana while she visited us last week. Her sweet face reminds me to much of my Lolabug, she even has the exact same pouty expression with her lips (and the hair is too perfect!).

We are taking name suggestions for Lola’s baby doll – leave your ideas below. As you can see they are best buddies already. I love seeing them curled up with Lola’s hand on her baby’s leg. Too sweet!!