Lola in Gail's Garden

Our little doll enjoying the sheer splendor of Gail’s garden in Moses Lake. Gail’s yard is a dreamy place full of beauty, and seeing Lola enjoy it so much with adorable. We LOVE being with the Earls (and Lola adores being Tom’s favourite!!)

PS – I love the last shot where Lola’s little chin dimples are showing. She is so beautiful!


A Royal Break – Pt.1

For the past two weeks we have basked in the love of the Muirhead Family. Firstly for our Jim and Catherine Muirhead Family Reunion in gorgeous Sandpoint Idaho, and then secondly for a family vacation to Moses Lake and Portland with Nathan’s parents in tow. There’s always something so special about the opportunity to be with family, and I was especially touched that everyone made such huge efforts to be there with their families…most of all Conor and Katie who had literally just moved across country, threw their boxes into their new home and dropped it all to come a great distance to be there. Wow!! Awesomeness!

IMG_0919 copy

My Mother-in-Law Catherine had spent months planning activities, costumes, bedtime stories, crafts and beyond all in a Knights and Princesses theme for the Grandchildren. What an amazing effort that was, and to see everything come together with all the parents dressed in their Courtly Finery for a day of jousting, slaying the dragon (AKA Bjorn), decorating crowns and cookies and shields and MUCH MUCH more…well it was magical. I am so grateful for the efforts made by my in-laws for all of us. They outdid themselves and the result were some amazing memories, beautiful moments in our nightly family devotionals, and delighted children who could not believe the lengths their Nana would go to to ensure they knew of their intrinsic worth.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the entire group – but thankfully I know a few of the others did. Can’t wait to see!!
IMG_0958 copy

IMG_0995 copy

Now saying all of that, I will mention that our stay at The Idaho Castle as a venue was not without bumps – FOR REAL. I would not recommend that particular venue to anyone that I truly liked or disliked. It had lots of problems, including the most treacherous beds in existence, and flaws that would make a building inspector shudder with fear. I digress, because the memory that I hold in my head now is of the smiles and laughter of all the little cousins playing together. I love seeing the cousins enjoying each other. Lola had a wonderful visit with Felix and Holly – she loved it and it was fun for her to experience hanging with toddlers her own age group, she’s about half a year younger but loved them throughly. OH and she’s head over heels in love with Greta – I couldn’t believe how much she wanted to hold, kiss her and touch her little toes.


One of the days we all went to Silverwood Amusement Park and enjoyed riding rides, frozen lemonade, and swimming in the outdoor waterpark. I went on this crazy waterslide with Nate and the kids, and the entire time Joshy laughed his head off as freezing water continuously poured onto my back, my hair and left the others mostly dry. “You should see your face!” he delightedly repeated loudly over and over as the cold water torture continued. LOL!! The kids loved the entire day, well except for maybe Seger who got bowled into by a park attendants garbage cart and wound up with several stitches. Poor little kid!! The swelling on his eye the next day was most alarming and impressive – in fact I believe Rocky himself would bow to Seger’s newfound “severely beaten” look. :) “Yay buddy!! we all told him, you look so cool!!”


We loved the gorgeous lake pend oreille, the milkshakes at this cool little place in Sandpoint (what was the name of it you guys??), the Seadoo that Nate rented, Kent and Liz’s awesome boat – and seeing the little ones on the waterski trainer being all confident and cute. Having the entire Earl family show up for fun in the sun,

I have much more to share in pt. 2 coming soon!! But here are a few more pics.

IMG_1090 copyIMG_1040 copyIMG_1051IMG_1062IMG_1082