Kindergarten Graduate

Somebody buy this boy some wheels – he’s graduated Kindergarten baby!! Our Noah was thrilled this week to graduate with his Kindergarten class and rush head first into summer holidays. Noah has come a long way this year and I’m so proud of him, he is awesome. We celebrated the event by going to his yearend BBQ, and Noah received a “Special Person” button and diploma from his teacher Mrs. M. (My Mom, Dylan, Joshua, Brigs and Lola were there too!)

I told his teacher how grateful we were to have her to teach both Brigs in a previous year and now Noah. To which she said that “Noah was My Gift this year!” Isn’t it delightful to know that there are kind and wonderful people out there that care about your kids. She made me tear up. Having great teachers is such a blessing, and Noah definitely hit the jackpot with Mrs. M!

Congratulations on your big Kindergarten milestone Noah, I’m so proud of my baby boy!! XOXO – Mom


Fun Moments at Quilt Market

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I’ve forgotten to blog a few pics from my recent trip to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. I was covering the event for my website Boutique Cafe, and interviewing oodles of fabric and pattern designers. It’s always a huge treat and honor to be able to showcase so many of the most talented people I’ve met – I love it!! Scores of new interviews are still on their way to Boutique Cafe so keep coming back to see more and also to snag some Market Swag from the designers. We all love a giveaway…right?!!

Here are just a few fun and funny moments from Market this time around:

Jessica Levitt
and I show off our matchy matchy camera bags! :) (Thanks to Nate’s Mom for mine, I LOVE it!!)

Hamming it up with my sweet friend Anna Maria Horner, we always have so much fun together.

Best moment ever!! Making Joel Dewberry recreate the Ty Pennington pose from a famous magazine cover. You all know it! :)

Megan and Chelsea playing dolls! :) IMG_9986

Megan (Brassy Apple) being swarmed by her blog fans. It’s true, Megan is totally recognized everywhere she goes. Here she is pictured with @Killerella and @BustyLaRue. It’s so fun to see my friend being all famous and fabulous! I love Megan!IMG_0313

Want to see a bunch of giggly girls at Market, look no further. I swear when I get together with Kim and Kris from The DIYDish, we can’t help the laughter and hijinx. :) We laughed, I cried, good times.

Most of my coverage is on Boutique Cafe and my photos are all viewable onFlickr.