Easter Weekend 2012

Our Easter weekend was a wonderful magical time, I love holidays with my children and my handsome husband. The boys were so excited for Easter, we always arrange for that bunny to arrive on Saturday so we can devote our entire Easter Sunday to love and reflection on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as family time. Saturday is just pure SUGAR! :) My Mom stopped by with special gifts for the kids, including a new pink purse for Lola bug – she knew exactly what to do with it and was giddy about having a purse of her very own.

My pics aren’t great my apologies, but I want to share a few of my cuties from this weekend anyway (if you click on them they’ll enlarge):

After the huge candy lottery, we piled into the van and Dylan drove all the way to Waterton. We spent the remainder of the day in the mountains, it was beautiful warm and not the least bit windy. There was a massive amount of snow, which I stupidly didn’t expect or prepare for. We went for a little hike along a stream, and made a huge Snow Easter Bunny in a clearing. It was awesome. We were so proud of Dylan, he finally got his learner’s licence and drove there and back. YAY Dylan!

On Easter Sunday we went to church, and then headed up to Calgary to spend Easter dinner with Nathan’s family (Dylan drove up to Calgary too). It was DELICIOUS and wonderful to be with them, it felt like we hadn’t been up there in months and months! I love seeing all of the cousins run around together, they went on a frog hunt across the street and got all muddy and elated, and Lola was fully enjoying some special time playing with her Nana too. We got home on Monday morning around 1:30 am, but well worth the utter exhaustion the next day.

Finally on Monday, I took the boys to see HOP at the theatre. We laughed and had a great time while Nathan was at work, and Lola napped at Nan’s house. The best part of my whole holiday is the memories that we are able to make for our kids. I love the magic and anticipation of youthful dreams, my holidays as a child were always magic and that’s what I hope my children will be able to say someday too. Maybe we hold on a little longer than most parents do to “The Bunny” etc. but seeing their faces and hearing those delighted sounds makes me feel like I’m doing ok. I love the innocence and sweetness of those dreams, and don’t mind if they last a little bit longer, the world will rob them of it sooner or later.

Thank you to our family and friends for making this past weekend a wonderful, spiritual and special time. We love you all!

A Date Night with Nan


Color her happy! Lola was overjoyed that Nan walked up the hill to pick her up for their “DATE” last night.

We scooted off to Dylan’s play, the boys went over the Crystal and JD’s house…and Lola got into her Royal apple green carriage and was whisked off to the wonderful world of adoring Grandparents. It’s a lovely place where everyone is in awe of each thing you do, and even the sassy stuff seems adorable to them. :)

I’m told that they first went on a long walk – 1 hour! Lola must have been in heaven, she adores being outside.

She definitely kept Mom and Dad hopping with her busy little ways. Lola brought her little Amy Butler purse along stocked with fun little treasures like makeup brushes, bracelets and her tiny baby doll. Mom said that she hasn’t slept so deep in her new house as she did last night after watching Lola!! HAHA! I can relate.

You have to admit, they look pretty darn cute together! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us out last night!


Noah and My Name

Noah is so adorable right now, I love that little boy. Sometimes he is so endearing and tender. The other day he asked me:

“Mommy, what is your name?”
I replied “Thanks for asking Noah, my name is Daria!”
To which he answered “I want to call you Daria now, ALL of the time!”

Well I’m not quite ready to let go of hearing my 6 year old call me Mommy, but I think it’s kind of adorable that a few days later he brings me this picture that he made for me at school ->>

Daria Loves you Noah :) (and so does Mommy!!)

A Throne for Lola

Yesterday I purchased a little potty for Lolabug. She’s only 15 months old but the girl is showing all the signs of wanting to potty train it out during the day. So my response is – heck yes!!! I’ll let you know how it goes, I probably won’t start until next week as my parents move to Lethbridge happens this weekend and I know it’s going to be busy.

My little girl is shocking me with all she can do and wants to try. It’s thrilling to see how determined she is, and terrifying too. She rushes headfirst into stuff and barrels on in (I think it’s due to having 4 big brothers).

I must admit that this entire experience of her babyhood has been some of the most beautiful days and times of my life. I cherish her emotions and expressions. I love watching her inquisitive nature. I adore seeing her mangle her Dad’s hair with slobbery kisses. She’s such a gift to me. I hope that she won’t be upset in a few years when she realizes that she won’t be getting a baby sister or baby brother. Uggh. I’d
Love to see Lola as a big sister, but alas my mortal clock is way past wound up on that front. Instead she’ll have little cousins and friends babies to adore and “pretend to mother”. That, plus an insane collection of dolls I’m sure! :)

Picasso Peeps – DIY

Check out my little Dollar Store find tonight! I purchased these little obtuse chicks, but you could EASILY make your own DIY style…for reals! All you need is a kidney shaped piece of foam (cut it that way), wrap with your favorite colored twine or raffia. The eyes can be purchased at Michaels or any craft store for cheap. The beak is merely a piece of orange paper glued on. And the little chick feet are wire wrapped in string. Quick Easy and adorable – I’ve named these guys my little Picasso Peeps! Happy Easter! – Daria