Flashback Fun with Nana

I was looking through pictures of Lola around 5 months of age, and just had to share these cute pictures with Lola and her Nana. These shots make me giggle. Lola was so animated and hilarious, and loving that day!!


I’d be remise if I didn’t mention how lucky my little doll is to have two loving sets of Grandparents, they all adore her!! I remember the wonderful and special times I shared with my 3 Grandmothers while growing up, I miss them all tremendously. I felt that I shared a special connection with each of my own Grandmothers for different reasons. It’s a great source of happiness to know that Lola has both my Mom and Nathan’s Mom as models for her life. I know that she is crazy about them and so am I!!

***We definitely need to take more shots with all of our children and their Grandparents. I’m finding that I’m a slacker kind of photographer and need to step up my game a bit. :)

Lola's New SPRING Dress, Update, and Lions

My parents came down for a quick visit over the weekend, and my Mom couldn’t resist buying this sweet Spring dress for Miss Lola. I think she looks like she’s three years old in these pictures!!! LOL! (she was wearing cute shoes but they were kicked off by this time) She’s still only 15 months old and the most darling girl in the world to me. I love being Lola’s Mommy.

Thanks Mom for the dress, Lola keeps bringing it to me to put on her again and again – even a night she wants to wear it before bed. She feels so pretty in it! She loves you and Dad so much, it’s hilarious to see the things she does when you arrive for a visit – like instantly bringing you your coat and pointing that she wants to go for a walk. HAHA!


**Quick Update on Lola:
says new words – Shoes, This, That, Yum, Nose, READ, and will nod her head yes during conversations – she totally understands what is going on when I talk to her. She can also follow direction to throw her diaper in the garbage. It’s amazing to me how smart she is, I love that she surprises me every day with cute new things she can say or do. We’re still working on the weaning, most of her sustenance comes from other food and drink now. And she continues to show signs that a new potty is on the way as well. She doesn’t like being wet and will pull at her diaper and proceed to pee on the floor to keep from having wet against her body. GO Lola!! Lola is CRAZY about books, and will bring a book to you while saying “Read”.

** One more cute story:
The other day I was watching a TV documentary about Lions, and she was enthralled with them. A few minutes later Lola comes back into the room carrying her little book about Daniel and the Lions Den and pointed to the lions on the page. I freaked out! Isn’t it thrilling to see your child connecting things? It’s never happened this fast with my other kids so it’s a treat to see such a tiny body wanting to soak in everything.