A Time to Wean

IMG_1130 Lola and I will be embarking on a new adventure as I introduce more and more beverages and foods into her diet. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start the weaning process with her and cut down on her nursing time gradually. This is a bittersweet moment in time for me, Lola is now almost 15 months old and I have nursed her for her entire lifetime. Nursing her has been such a blessing in my life, it’s taught me many things about motherhood and myself, I have loved the closeness and bond that developed so beautifully through this natural process. I also loved seeing her grow over the past 15 months knowing that I was providing her with whatever she needed to thrive, she’s beautiful and I’m so honored to be her mother.

I wasn’t able to nurse my first two children, my milk production and stress levels at the time caused me to bottle feed after they reached a few months of age. With determination, I have nursed the subsequent three children and have never regretted it, in fact I’ve relished the times when I was able to bring comfort to them through nursing. Now Lola is our last baby, so coming to the end of a long breastfeeding career is sad for me. I however do want her to learn that I’m here to comfort and care for her in many other ways, and always will be. I’m sure it will be most difficult for me to let go of this exclusive club Lola and I have had going, part of me is worried that she will feel abandoned by me and that’s why I am going to do this gradually over time.

Some of the most vivid pictures of my babies burned into my heart forever are times when I have been nursing them, and they look up smiling at my face as little dribbles of milk drip down their chin. Caring for another as their main source of food and comfort is the most beautiful and precious gift, I am so thankful for this chapter in my life. Now that Lola is non-stop motion I’m pushed to keep up with her pace, she is unstoppable and so I must be. I would love to stay enwrapped in her babyhood forever, I’m not quite ready to think of her as a toddler, she’s still my baby. She’ll always be my baby.


Can I be honest? I’m having a rough week, I’m emotional and have been feeling so sick, between sinus and stomach flu it’s worn me out. I feel on the verge of a serious emotional outburst, I’m not thinking nice thoughts, my thoughts are mean (I need a timeout). Lola is into everything, and I mean everything! She reminds me so much of Josh (who just about killed me at this age with his antics). I’m exhausted of driving 5 kids every which way, schedules and laundry. I want to talk about it all, but then I don’t want to talk about it all. Many will ask…PMS? No just pure and utter exhaustification coupled with the desire to be on a beach somewhere with the sun warming my pale white skin.

Mama needs a break, a hug, a nap, perhaps a shopping spree, and some serious understanding. Have you been there? I know you have!

My Little Sunshine

13 months old and Twirling is the order of the day. Lola loves to twirl and spin, she’s our little whirling dervish, I can’t help but laugh when she gets all dizzy. Her other loves right now are reading the same book over and over and over and over and over again (seriously, please come read it to her because I’m sick of it!). Lola also loves to flick on and off the light switch, she giggles and thinks its funny. I cherish my days spent with her, she’s my little Sunshine through and through. lolacrop 10-19-53

Dear Honey…For Valentine's Day I want this

I know you’re going to think this is crazy, especially since we own a beautiful digital SLR…however I have been pining away for one of these mini polaroid camera’s for a year now. If you’re thinking “what can I get for my girl this Valentine’s Day?” I have an answer for you darling.

Buy it here with lots of film>>

I love you crazy much, and have some fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day gift too! :)

Breaking News around our homestead

IMG_8063**A recent moment I was able to capture. I love seeing my boys play together happily. Dylan and Noah had so much fun that night.

We’ve had alot going on lately. Dylan got his 6-month braces on, Joshy busted one of his front permanent teeth again yesterday, and Lola has learned how to rip off her diaper and pee on my floor! (I’m thinking I might potty train her soon, even though she’s only 13 months old – she hates a wet diaper. Wow girls Rock!)

My parents have sold their home, my Mom has retired officially as of March, and my parents are moving to MY city (about 4-5 blocks away)! Talk about a huge change for them. It’s going to be so nice to have them close, we’ve been a bit lonely without family in our city and always having to travel to attend any family events. It’s nice to think about having them closer to attend my children’s events and to help me fold my never-ending piles of laundry. (hey, my Dad said he would!!)

Brigs and Joshua raced their cub cars last night, Joshy got a 1st place trophy for the second year in a row!! Brigs received 4th place and also got a cool plaque to put up in his room. They were both so excited. Noah attended the evening with them even though he’s too young for cubs, and he wanted a trophy so badly that Joshy said that Noah could have His trophy. I’m so proud of Joshua for doing that! What a great kid he is. Noah has the trophy next to his bed and has told me a million times that his brother Josh gave it to him. Yay Josh!!

Lola continues to be adorable/headstrong. I say headstrong because whenever she doesn’t get what she wants she’ll conk her forehead on the floor! Sigh…I remember my boys doing that but it’s not any less shocking to see them do that. Every time she does that I tell her that she’s just lost 4 new words from her brain!

Nathan and Dylan are working out at the gym together alot, it’s really paying off. You should see Dylan’s 6-pack! (in happy news several people lately have commented that they thought Dylan and I are brother and sister). I’ll take that! :)

Katie, Conor and Holly are readying themselves to welcome baby Greta any day now, we can’t wait to meet this beautiful new little girl! Praying for a smooth and lovely delivery for Katie. Jim and Catherine and Liz are prepping to head down to Denver to meet the newest little Muirhead Jr. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

I’m in the midst of making changes at my website www.boutiquecafe.com – it’s got me all jazzed and a bit stressed too. I want these changes to be a great thing. I’m also coveting all the gorgeous pictures of people’s homes and projects lately, I need to accomplish a physical project again so I can stop looking so envious at all of their blogs! Bad Daria…bad.