Brigs Wins Award!!

We knew it all along! Someday our Brigs would reach heights unknown, and snag himself a few fans on the way to greatness. Yesterday was that day, as he was called up in front of the entire school to receive a “Special Person” award. As far as I’m concerned that is the coolest award around, it says he has character, integrity, personality, and everything he needs in life to be successful.


Brigs I was so proud of you yesterday, your face beamed when your teacher called your name. Lola and I were there, and my heart was bursting with so much love for the amazing boy you are everyday. Your hugs are the best part of my day. I love you and I know you are indeed a “Special Person”, I’m just happy you’re in our family. We sure adore you! XOXO – Mommy

What She Said



So here’s a little update on our 13 month old baby girl. Lola is bursting with language, it’s truly remarkable. I’ve never seen a baby so eager to talk, my boys were all later to talk so this is incredible for me to witness. She can also use sign language to say “Thank you” and its beyond adorable to see her use it in proper application. I’m teaching her more sign language because it’s so good for her, and she’s picking it up quickly.

Words she’s currently saying include:

Dyl – Dylan
Osh – Josh

I know there are a few more, but I’m in a rush and will update later. Lola also uses signs and gestures coupled with sounds that she makes which are similar to the real words she hears. It’s so cool! My baby girl is brilliant :)

On the “stinker” side of things, Lola knows what buttons to push to get Noah upset. She stands right by him and screams loudly, until he freaks out, she thinks its funny. Noah does not. Lola likes pretty things (like her Mommy does), she’s very attracted to pretty bows, bracelets, and wants to touch fabric already. Oooohhh we’re going to have such fun together! The other day we passed a rack of shoes and she wanted to touch each pair and say “oooh”. That’s my girl!

Just a fun family dinner

We had the chance to have Sunday dinner with Nathan’s family this past weekend. I tried to snap some pics of everyone together. It’s fun to see the kids enjoying each other so much. This event was special because all of our guitar players brought their guitars and jammed out. Woohoo Freyja, newest to the guitar dynasty! :)

The Beginner’s – Uncle Nathan and Freyja with their guitars at our Family Dinner

Cute Cousins Laughing together – Brigs, Cora and Finn

Lola – setting and then Un-setting the kids table many times over

Liz, Felix and Lola – a totally cute moment. Felix and Lola discovered each other that night, I have several cute shots of them standing right next to each other throughout the evening. So cute!!

The Big Guns! – our more seasoned players Bjorn and Dylan strut their stuff and put on a great show for the family

Where Can You Find Me?


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There, that should tide you over. Now you’ll all be sick of me. :)

Alright Boys, it’s kissy time!

Lola made the boys all lay in a row on the floor. She grabs their hair to make them sit still

Then she gets some upward momentum and starts down the row

Noah is first.

And is easily conquered

Back again for a little hair pull

and then a BIG Smooch!!

Who’s Next??

alright Josh, you’re on my list


More Smooch!!!

Ha, Brigs you are next!! She got him too but my camera didn’t snag that moment. Shoot!

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!

Joshy Lightens My Heart

(* Picture of Joshua and Lola having a great laugh together on Christmas morning 2010)

So the past several days have been a stressful time, I won’t go into details in public about why, but I have been praying harder than I ever have in my lifetime. I’m guessing the worry has been evident on my face because my Joshy came up to me and said in his own hilarious way…

“Mom what’s wrong? Are you sad, depressed, lonely? Were you misunderstood in College?” The laughter that ensued after that was therapeutic.

I’m grateful to have children who can see when someone is in need (including there parents) and reach out with support and a smile. I treasure you Joshua and when you read this blog later in life I want you to know that you couldn’t have had better timing or a more grateful Mom. I needed that!

2010 Wrap Up

This past year our family experienced so many things. We entered 2010 with our new little daughter Lola in tow, and her growth and personality has been a source of immense happiness to all of us this year. I’m proud to say we did travel alot together as a family unit and enjoyed many of the blessings of togetherness. Spokane was our first jaunt for a little mini-vacation. We hit a stadium football game (new baby Lola was there too), shopped, swam in the pool, visited the falls, and enjoyed a little break away.

In the summer we had lots of excitement with the Muirhead Family reunion in Magrath, Nathan’s Dental Office Getaway at Bryan and Janet’s beautiful cabin at Echo Lake. And of course our huge two week adventure in our new tent trailer heading down along the Oregon Coast (the tip top of California, stopping to see the Earl’s at Moses Lake Washington on the way down, and my Uncle Mike & Aunt Lila in Kennewick on the way back). Nate’s parents were able to get away with us for the first leg of our trip and we all squished into the tent trailer together. It was hilarious to have so many bodies crammed into that little space but it totally worked out we would love to do it again in a heart beat. (Blue Lake, Silverwood Theme Park, and the Earls were all taken in with Nate’s parents). FUN!!

Besides running back and forth up to Calgary, we had several big events hosted in our own home this year. Lola’s baby blessing, Joshua and Brigs Baptisms were all wonderful events that we were so grateful our family could attend!

Christmas was a bit different this year as for the first time in our married life we celebrated at our own home. We then traveled up to Calgary and enjoyed all the post-Christmas festivities with our huge extended crew (even though many many were suffering with flu and colds). It was a great holiday!

In 2010 Dylan turned 16, Joshua turned 9, Brigs turned 8, Noah turned 6 and Lola turned 1 year old. Nathan turned 32 to end of the year, and I of course turned……:)

I have learned alot about myself this year. It was an emotional one for me, battling some serious post-partum depression and finding my groove again. I have a renewed spirit these days. My heart is very full with love for my family, love for God, and Hope for a beautiful new year in the making.