It's Lola Day!

One year ago today the most beautiful little girl entered my life. For so many years I waited for the chance to have her, and after many heartaches and struggles I almost gave up…but God had another plan. My dream came true on a cold December day last year. Now one year later and she has brought me so much joy, a fulness to my heart, and changed me forever. Not only a change for me, but for our entire family. We adore our Lola Olivia so much, in fact we often say that her name should have been LOLA JOY, because of all the happiness she trucks right along with her. This year has gone by far too quickly, but I can honestly say that I have been throughly present for and enjoyed to the fullest Lola’s first year in a profound way. I fondly miss her tiny infant days, but these walkin’ talkin’ splashin’ laughin’ bigger baby days are pretty great themselves.

Lola my love, Happy Birthday precious girl. With all my heart MumMum


Toot Toot!

I’m taking this opportunity to Toot my own horn. It’s December 1st and I have our tree up and decorated, our Christmas letters printed-addressed-stamped and Mailed, a batch of fruit tea at the ready 24/7 on the stove, and I’m working on plans for Lola’s 1st Birthday Party.

Now on the other hand, I have barely anything ready as far as gifts go. But our home does look festive, the kids are happy and excited, and Mom’s Fruit Tea recipe is helping me kick this horrible flu.

In other news, I neglected to mention last week but I officially have a “WALKING BABY” now. Lola has taken off and nothing gonna stop our determined little girl now! I’m very proud that she started to walk while 11 months old – GO LOLA! I’m in trouble though because she basically thinks she can do anything she sees her brothers do, and she’s a fast learner she picked up on how to clap the other day with her Nana and only two demonstrations.

I’ll have some pics to share later this week. Now take my advice and cheer yourselves on, there’s something you’ve done that is Fantastic – Celebrate it!! – XOXO Daria