Into Everything

Little Lola has quickly turned from a pleasant little baby into a stealth weapon over night. She finds immense joy in opening the cupboards and taking out everything in sight. This past week I felt like all I did was follow in her wake and pick up, pick up, pick up. Thank goodness my little busy girl is so much fun to be around, I’m grateful to have such a happy sparkly baby. She definitely has personality and keeps us all giggling around here. I’m afraid though that she doesn’t realize that she is in fact a baby, she seems to notice everything that others are doing and thinks she can do it too. I can see the wheels turning all of the time, it’s a real privilege to be her MumMum and get a front row seat to her life. I Love my Lola – XOXOXO



NOW I'm excited for Christmas

Forget Halloween, I’m all geared up to start working on Christmas projects/presents and plans. I’m feeling so happy today because I found the PERFECT Christmas dress for Lola!!! EEEKKKK!!! Now I need to book her beautiful Auntie Liz to take some holiday pics of her asap!! Liz??? Liz!!! Wait till you see this dress on Lola! :)

I’m giddy just thinking about her tearing into presents around the tree this year, it’s going to be so much fun. I don’t need anything at all for Christmas, I’m just so overjoyed to have my Lolabug.

Joyful Josh

Here’s a few pictures of my darling 9 year old Joshua, the boy who keeps me enrobed in hugs and laughter. I love my little freckled nosed funny man. I constantly am looking at him in “awe” these days, he is growing and changing so much. I’m lucky that he still reminds me how much he adores me. When I drop him off at school he has no problem with hugging me and saying “I LOVE You MOM! Have a SPECTACULAR Day!!” – he’s just beyond scrumptious right now.



The Sweetest Sound

The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard is the sound of my children speaking words for the first time. Sometimes it’s Mama, or MumMum – sometimes it’s Dada. Lola knows both of those now. I had no idea that a 10 month old baby would know her own name however. I was on the phone with Nathan this morning and as I took a few steps away from her playing on the floor she looked up and sadly said “LOLA!” clear as a bell. It was beautiful, she wanted me to see her and I do.

Lola is right on the verge of taking her first steps. She can pull herself up into a standing position with nothing to grab onto, just using her leg muscles. I keep seeing that look that says “I’m gonna get going now” – it’s sooo close. She’s a genius you know!

I’m so very proud of my beautiful Lola Lou. I love her immeasurably and can’t believe she’s my own little girl.