I have Finally earned a name

For the past while Lola has been quite content to call me “Haaaa!!” whenever she wanted to be picked up. I have laughed at this so hard, but hearing her clearly call Nate DADA has made me a little jealous for her to realize I’d like a name.
In big time news, I have now earned the privilege and she sweetly or desperately calls me “Mum Mum”. I absolutely LOVE it, but let’s face it Lola could do no wrong with me. At least not yet. ;)

“Mum Mum” out

Vintage Lola

Once upon a time, two sisters were dressed the same for a little photograph. Since that time my sister Courtnee and I have hung onto this dress in the hopes that one day there would be a girl in the family to continue the tradition and wear the little yellow bib dress.

Lola you made a dream come true for both Auntie Nee and Mommy. We love you punkin! You’re so pretty in your vintage dress. XOXO Mommy (or “HAAAA” as you like to call me)



Summer please stay


ALL of my boys will be off to school in two weeks and Fall is creeping up. I’m irritated, I will miss their cute little faces and their loud voices during the day. I have loved this summer and want it to stretch on much longer. Trying to eek out the last few days of warmth and heat before the leaves start changing color and the snow finds it way to my front yard. Snow. The thought of it makes me angry, I’m so not ready for anything white and cold. I love the color and warmth of summer and early fall.

There’s still so many things I wanted to do with my kids this summer. I’m making a new updated list today and seeing what more I can sneek in before the bell rings. Noah will be starting Kindergarten this year, I know he’s so excited to go to school because he asks me daily if he can go. Joshy and Brigs aren’t quite as eager as Noah, Josh is turning into quite the little social man though and I know he’ll get back into the rythym of it in no time. We have been sending the boys to Sylvan this summer, and I can’t think of a better thing that we’ve done for them than to help them keep learning throughout these few months off.

Lola is 8 months going on 18! I swear has no clue that she’s a baby. She is the poster child for the word DETERMINED, and fully believes she can do whatever her big brothers are doing. I can see the wheels turning and her mind trying to figure it all out – how they stand and walk and run and talk. I’m sitting at the computer popping Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts into her mouth. We both are addicted to them since I discovered them while at Target this summer. YUMMY!! Why don’t we have them in Canada yet? Arrgh! Why don’t we have Target for that matter. I love Target!

Brigs is turning 8 years old on Saturday! I can’t believe he can possibly be 8. If there’s one of my children that would want to stay home with me forever it’s my Brigs. He is such a homebody, and truly loves to be home with Mom. I am working on his party for this weekend, my sister and her kids are going to come down for the party along with my parents as we have my Uncles birthday on the same day and will head off to that in the afternoon. It’s going to be a huge day full of lots of cake and people. I pray for the energy to get through the entire day.

We spent the beginning of this week down in Montana at Echo Lake, at Bryan and Janet’s amazing cabin. Each summer they host a grand event for all the office staff and their families to enjoy. It’s SUCH a treat to be able to go out there. We all had such a wonderful time eating, laughing, playing in the water, eating…oh did I mention eating? There was so much good food it was sick. LOL!! Joshy knee boarded for the very first time and was AWESOME!!!!!!! Nate and I are so proud of him we could burst. Dylan broke out his mad skillz on the wake board as well. I’m longing to be back on the lake, the views are so incredible with the mountains all around. Mmmmmm

Well have I downloaded enough random information for the day? Hee Hee. Love to all of my readers – AKA “Mom” XOXO Daria

8 Month Old Lola

Lola turned 8 months old today and I can’t believe how quickly she is growing and changing. Our little chubbins loves the attention of people, and will flirt and tilt her head to the side in a coy manner whenever someone talks to her. She loves her Daddy and last week on vacation she came out with some very clear sounds of “Hi Dada!!” – not bad for 7 months old I would say. GRIN :) I’m now furiously interjecting the word “mama” into conversation with her, hoping that she’ll decide I’m good enough to chat with too. For right now when she wants my attention she yells “Haaaa!” – if she still calls me “haaa” when she’s 16 I’ll be so ticked.

Lola has decided that crawling isn’t where its at, she sees everyone else walking and figures she can surely do the same. She’s already pulling herself up into a standing position, and then moving her feet a bit trying to shuffle along. Not to leave an important skill behind, she is currently toying with crawling as well but NOT on her knees (that’s so beneath her) she likes to push up so her legs are extended and “crawl” on all fours like a horse. HAHA!!

Our whole family is perfectly enchanted by this darling little girl, we just love her to pieces. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday of my life for sending Lola to me, I can’t imagine my world without my baby girl. To celebrate her 8 month milestone I bought her this cute as can be little Tankini – she looks so summery and precious in it. Great way to show off her new standing moves.

PS – she loves to bounce and dance. Put on “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston for a good giggle