In a Jam!

Last night I took my very first foray into the mystical new world of homemade jam making! I’ve put off this experience for far too long, believing in my core that it would be utterly far too time consuming. It was surprisingly easy to do, and I found myself enjoying the task so much. I felt like a “real” homemaker!! :)

Since my Mom and MIL are both out of town, I relied on “old faithful” to walk me through the steps to jam making success…ie: YouTube. Thanks so much to legourmettv for your awesome and easy to follow directions on making strawberry jam. And thanks to my Mommy for being home last night when I needed advice about how to prepare the jars.

I must say that I am quite impressed with myself, it’s a beautiful feeling to see all of those gorgeous jars of jam full and lined up along my kitchen island. I am giggling so much tonight as more and more people have heard that jam has been made, it’s like the Lottery, every one comes out of the woodwork and wants jam!! HAHAHAHA!! No worries, I’m happy to share and excited to hear what my dear friends and neighbours think. I just dropped off a few jars to my next door neighbours tonight and the delight on their faces was priceless. Yummy!! Have a SWEET summer everyone – Daria

Sorry I don’t have pictures to share, my camera is being repaired so I don’t have shots of my jam project. Trust me though, I’m awesome! :)

Almost 7 months old!



Baby girl is now inching her way to 7 months old. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing and changing! Now she can sit up on her own, and even pull herself into a sitting position if she’s on the bed. She wants whatever we are holding in our hands, and wants to put everything in her mouth. She LOVES…I repeat LOVES food. Oh and our genius child has also been able to drink from a cup for the past month- SUPER STAR!!

Lola has a hilarious voice, she’s currently trying on all kinds of new sounds. Her most popular sound of the moment is her Darth Vader chunky throat sound. It’s hilarious (especially when compared to her cousin Holly’s sweet as sugar sounds). Haha our baby is just funny!

Current nicknames from the peanut gallery for Lola include:
Lolee Loo
Lola Bola
and Lola Magnolia