Lola's Workout

The next time you are bored waiting for a doctor to see you, think of Lola. The girl may be a CHUNK, but she has abs of steel and she’s willing to break out an ab workout just about anywhere too!


If You Can't Take The Heat…come on over

The water is COLD!! We’re working on a heater, but in the meantime we are most happy to have wetsuits. It was so hot today the boys couldn’t wait to jump into the pool and Nate was hot on their heels. (isn’t he dreamy??!!)

PS – Brigs had his haircut last night and they sprayed it red for fun, that’s why he’s got the red color. I don’t want anyone thinking he had a head injury!! LOL!

Crafting up Teacher Thank you Gifts

“DIY Daria” came out to play for a few brief hours last week, in order to make some stellar thank you gifts for my kids teachers. If you like mine you’ll love the original idea from the blog eighteen25 – her tutorial on this was so awesome I just HAD to do it! I had the most delightful time scouring the shelves at Michaels for all kinds of cute little clips, magnets, glitter, stickers, punches and much more to fill up their kits. I hope they enjoy them and find them useful too.

Happy I shared??? You’re Welcome!! LOL!!

Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers

Lola's {6 month cupcake}

Lola is 6 months old today!! Can you believe it? Man it’s going by fast.
We had to snap a few pics of our 6 month old cutie today, and of course she needed a special girly cupcake to boot! She brings us all so much joy – we love her so much.

Bring It ON!!

Yesterday was Lola’s first experience with real food!! I’ve been holding off giving her solids for awhile now, mostly for selfish reasons, but our little girl is SO interested in what everyone is eating I couldn’t resist any longer. I made up some rice cereal for her and the girl went WILD!!! It was amazing to see that she knew just what to do, she even pulled the spoon right into her mouth, and kept shovelling. She stuffed herself so full of rice cereal and then passed out for hours. ROTFL!!!!!!!

I snapped a few pics on my iPhone while I was feeding her, I think I was lucky she didn’t swallow my hand up to my wrist! :)