Liberty of Lola


Lola’s sweet and awesome Auntie Katie made it possible for Lola to score some darling “Liberty of London” clothes from the US! She looks so adorable in them. Thank you so much Katie for all your work to coordinate, picking up and shipping for me. Lola loves her new clothes and can’t wait to see Holly again soon too. XO – Daria

My New Love

L12254874Meet my gorgeous new Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I am so ecstatic I can hardly breathe, she’s finally mine!! I’ve wanted one our entire married life (10 yrs in Aug), and this Mother’s Day Nathan and the boys gifted me one. The only color he could get his hands on was black in the store, but he knew I wanted a specific color so I was able to trade it in for the one I was dreaming of.

Isn’t she just beautiful? Vintage Martha Stewart Blue, Artisan 5 quart. Love Love Love it! I feel crazy spoiled now, I just about hugged the delivery guy. :) Thank you Honey for this wonderful gift, I am so excited to whip up yummy stuff for you with it!! XO – Daria

My Boy is 16 Today!

momdyl 16 years ago today I went through 23 hours of horrific labor to welcome my Dylan into the world. My little man was precious from the start with a wisdom that was evident from the first time I laid eyes on him. I knew that he was special. In the first 6 years of his life it was just he and I, two buddies in everything we did. Being a single Mom wasn’t easy, but thankfully I was blessed with an angel boy who was just easy to care for, and a true delight.

I can’t believe my baby boy is 16 years old, I still think of him at the stage in this picture (one of my faves of all time). I wish I could still tote him around the house on my back, he was so cute and fun as a little boy. Now he’s much much taller than I, with gorgeous looks, loads of muscles, and cool hair…but to me he’ll always be my little buddy.

Happy Birthday Dylan – I love you immensely
XOXO Mommy


Josh has struggled for a bit with finding his niche in school and finding good friends. He’s actually quite shy in the school environment, which may come as a shock to any family members who know our energetic and dramatic boy! Well he’s recently discovered the true joy of making friends, and is so excited that he’s suddenly become quite the popular little dude.
Today I asked him what the change was, and if he had done things differently. He replied “Mom I’m just BORN to do this. I’m build for danger and born for speed!!” ROTFL

Oh Josh how I love you and your humor. You make me grin kiddo! It’s pure joy for me to see you happy! – XOXO Mom

I'm Epicurious Now

I have a new goal to try making great new dishes for my family more often. I stumbled across this easy and delicious recipe on for Italian Sausage Meatball Heroes! I made them last night and they were a huge hit with my family, oh so good.

I’m adding this to my recipe box and will definitely make them again…perhaps for Dylan’s Big 16th Birthday Bash this week. I know his friends would love them!