Move Over Betty Crocker

Mama’s makin’ cupcakes! :) My buddy Elizabeth and I baked up some fun little cupcakes the other day. It was fun to mix up some sugary treats while she’s here staying with us. They weren’t perfect, but man were they yummy ! (P.S. isn’t Elizabeth super cute in my red apron? Love it!)

Friendship + 1 box of cakemix = fun!


Sharing Brosie

My friend Elizabeth and her baby girl Brosie (7 months) have been staying with us for a few days and having a blast together!! I snapped a few pics of Brosie bug and thought I’d share. Love taking pics of babies, it’s the best! Her eyes are so amazing, and she’s just full of love.


Lola's Pen Pal

Lola’s cousin Holly is the cutest thing! Our baby girls are only a few months apart in age and Katie and I have been so excited, thinking of our girls being best buddies and doing tea parties together. We’ve already decided that Holly and Lola are destined to be pen pals. Won’t that be fun?!! Do you have a cousin that you’re super close to? Spill their name here.

Together Again! Time to get reacquainted :)
“Psst! Holly, I have a secret to tell you”…”We’ll just keep it between you and me.”
“What do you mean we don’t live in the same Country??!!”

Easter Break Rewind

For Easter Break this year we decided to travel across the border to Washington and visit the lovely city of Spokane. Partly because we hadn’t ever been there, and mostly because the iPad was being released in the US and we wanted one for our very own. It’s always sweet to coincide our family trips with an Apple launch (you laugh but it actually works out fairly often for us). While in Spokane we shopped, took the kids to the children’s museum, viewed the IMAX 3D version of “How to Train Your Dragon”, swam in the hotel pool, attended an Easter play downtown at the convention centre, enjoyed the beauty of Riverside Park and all the amazing bridges/waterfalls, took in an arena football game with the Spokane Shock, and ate at SONIC drive-in twice…YUM. On our drive home we stayed at a cool hotel in Fernie with a killer waterslide – the kids loved it.

There’s just nothing like being able to get away together as a family. I am always so impressed with the kids, they travel so well now (even Lola – her first road trip and she slept the whole way on both legs of the trip). Sweet baby. Here’s just a few pics from our family getaway, I have most posted in my Flickr Stream too.


She is 4 months old!

Princess Lola is now 4 months old and time is flying by far too fast! I can’t believe how inquisitive and social she is, it’s awesome to see her trying so hard to communicate. She has rolled over a few times now, and tries to scoot ahead with her legs while lying on her belly (she’s advanced and a genius I’m telling you!). Lola loves to clutch onto your hair and clothing when you’re holding her, kind of her way to let you know that you’d better not put her down. She has definite opinions about things now. I can’t imagine my days without her in them! I love my girl so much!!


Piggy Tails and Giggles


Yesterday Lola laughed a REAL big girl laugh for the first time. It was a magical moment. At first I thought I had scared her, and I jumped back from chopping on those awesome cheeks. Then I realized she was laughing deep in the pit of her stomach. A real belly laugh at me. Oh how I adore her! Check the piggy tails, we’re rockin’ hair bows and clippies now. LOL!!