Lookie – I'm LOVED!

HeartFlower700 I’ve been struggling so much with Postpartum Depression since Lola was born. My amazing sister in law Nicole sent me this email, I can’t tell you how much this meant to me. I highly recommend having Nicole in your family, she always knows how to bring a smile to your face. Thank you for loving me and letting me know why. I love you back! XO

Top Ten things i love about Daria

1. Your glamming it up throwin a shin dig skills… so impressive
2. Your Loyalty
3. Your teary face that you get when you are feeling mushy or loved or happy..
4. Your strut.. nothing like your strut
5. Your ability to be fun when you do not feel fun
6. Your generous and giving nature
7. Your cyber world savvy
8. Your Mommy skills
9. Your Married to my brother skills…
10. Your courage for perservering the hard stuff every day… and looking good while doing it.

love you

{Date Night} – Taj Restaurant

Last night Nathan and I broke with the typical mainstream restaurant, and decided to try out a fun little East Indian place called Taj for our date night. I’ve only had Indian cuisine once before with Bjorn and Nicole in Calgary and we loved it, it was about time we tried it again.

As we entered the establishment I must say we were both saying how much Bjorn would be in heaven. The restaurant isn’t the Ritz, but because it’s so offbeat that is it’s charm. It feels like you’ve discovered a fun treasure of culinary delight. This quaint little place boasts the BEST Butter Chicken ever! Oh my goodness it was so delicious you want to lick the plate – and it’s RED (not orange, bright bright red). Basmati rice = happiness and yummy yummy Nan bread. We will definitely be going back for more! Bjorn and Nicole, you are officially invited down for Butter Chicken! XOXO – Daria & Nate


Another Cute Josh Story

Last week I took Joshua on a special shopping trip to buy a brand new suit for him for his baptism day.

When he emerged from the fitting room with shirt, tie and suit on he excitedly exclaimed “Mom!! I look like I’m famous and like I have a job!!”

Joshy – you are precious!