Lola in her Jaybird Designs Crochet Hat

Our baby girl has recieved so many lovely gifts since she was born! I am going to try to feature her wearing them as quickly as I can. This darling hat was made by Jennifer Cirka of Jaybird Designs. Jennifer and I have known each other in the boutique community for many years, and I was thrilled to have something special that this talented gal has made for my little girl. It’s definitely going to be a treasured heirloom for Lola. Thanks so much Jennifer!




10 Things I Have Learned about Lola

1. Her eyes may not be turning to brown afterall, they are looking mighty blue these days. We’d love her to have what we call the “killer combination” of dark hair and blue eyes.

2. When she is hungry she snorts like a little piglet until she gets nursed. It’s hysterical and the kids laugh so hard when she gets hungry – it’s pretty obvious that it’s nursing time.

3. Lola has the most gorgeous long fingers. Her hands are lovely and slender. I’m tickled that she seems to have my hands, but hers might be even more feminine than mine if it’s possible.

4. She knows me. She already knows my voice and the instant she hears me she starts squawking for me to pick her up. Even if she’s content in Nathan or Dylan’s arms, if she hears me it’s pretty much all over.

5. She can produce gas like a trooper!! LOL! Funny but true, the kid has pretty loud emissions. I’m just sayin’

6. Lola loves to touch her face. I knew this about her when I was still pregnant with her. I could always feel her little crazy hands in constant motion. She LOVES to touch her face, and needs her nails filed down frequently because those tiny nails are sharp.

7. She’s already a SPA girl!! Yes Sir, That’s my baby – Lola revels in bath time and the moment she feels the bath water touch her toes she tries to sprawl right out and relax. She’ll shoot her legs out to try to get in the water as quickly as possible. She also is crazy about getting massages with baby lotion. Rub those tiny feet and she totally calms down.

8. She likes music. I play music for her on the iPhone at night and I also hum to her right up against her cheek when she’s upset. The humming works to calm Lola down and she listens intently to whatever is going on musically. It’s awesome!

9. She has power over men! I can’t believe how quickly this little lady has whipped our entire household of boys into mush. That includes her Daddy who is wrapped around her little finger. I’m already picturing him singing to her at her wedding someday (be there!).

10. And last but not least. Every day of nauseousness, 9 months of puking all day, IV’s, bed rest, hospital stays, late nights, and worry was all worth it to have her in my life. I’m so happy she’s mine and she finally made it here.