It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We have a new baby girl and still managed to decorate the house for the holidays! Yay for helpful husbands!! I’m super excited about our new tree this year, and a few special new ornaments for the tree (check out the yummy cupcake one from: GigiMinor on Etsy!)

Our tree is decked out in pink & red (with a hint of lime green here and there). It’s pretty and feminine, I’m crazy about it and so it Lola! The boys like the red parts of the tree, and think that the pink is tolerable. LOL!! Kidding, they don’t mind the pink at all.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours ~ Daria, Nathan, Dylan, Joshy, Brigs, Noah and Lola ~









Pure Joy – Lola Olivia Arrives

Lola Olivia
December 10th, 2009 brought me the happiest day – it was the day I finally looked upon the sweetest little face in the world. We welcomed our long awaited/highly anticipated daughter Lola Olivia Muirhead to our family.

Born at 9:52 pm and weighing 6 pds 5 ounces, 20 inches long. Lola has beautiful dark hair (it curls a bit when it’s wet) and gorgeous long fingers that are so dainty. I’m quite tickled that my girl has my hands! But that is where the comparison to me stops, she is SO much like her Daddy. She has his cute ears, his coloring, and we’re thinking her eyes will be brown too. The jury is still out on what her eye color will be.
Mommy & Daddy with Lola

The boys have been utterly in love and adorable with Lola, they are so tender when holding her and speaking of her. I feel beyond blessed that after all these years my little girl has come to us. I love the precious days after having a new baby, there’s nothing more perfect than feeling that love all around you. Nathan and I are so in love, I just adore him so much and feel lucky to have him as the amazing father of my children that he is. He’s been my rock through these long 9 months of HyperEmesis, and with daily sickness he has not only braved having a sick wife but has been loving and incredible in his constant support of me. Now that Lola is here the sickness has instantly disappeared and I’m reveling in the joy that I can eat without being sick, it’s awesome!! Finally a full week without throwing up many times a day, my body is happy and so am I.

I’ll share more about Lola’s birth later, but right now I just wanted to shout from the rooftops that I have a gorgeous little girl who lights up my days with happiness.

Christmas Care Package

When I was a little girl each year my Grandma S. (who lived in Saskatchewan) would send a big box in the mail to us a few weeks before Christmas. Inside would be all kinds of magical treasures that she had collected through the year (nothing expensive) necklaces and cheap jewelry, treats, holiday tea towels, fun dodads she’d snagged through the year and put it all into a box for us kids. It was the most exciting mail we ever received, I can remember Brett and Courtnee and I bouncing off the walls excited that Grandma had sent us her famous Christmas Care Package.

Grandma is now gone, but the tradition of her Christmas package lives on thanks to my own Mother. Today was Christmas Box day, it arrived in the mail on this cold blustery afternoon and my own children got to experience the sheer thrill of this tradition from my youth. True to Grandma’s formula my Mom filled it with salt water taffy, butterscotch candy, play dough, holiday tea towel, a battery operated candle, pens with the kids names on them, and the list goes on. It was a virtual treasure trove for my boys to enjoy and discover, and the best part is that it was all inexpensive and has no real rhyme or reason – it’s just stinkin’ fun!!!!!

Thank you Mom for carrying on one of my most cherished memories of my childhood for my own kids. I told them all about Grandma S. and the Christmas Packages we received when I was a little girl, and they thought it was so cool that Nan would do that for them too! It makes living in another city just a bit more bearable. :)

What Holiday Traditions do you cherish from your own childhood? I’d love for you all to share them here.

A Nibble of Noah

When Noah was sitting next to me cuddled up just now, I snagged his cute little pinky finger and pretended to nibble it.

“Mom stop eating my finger!” he said
“Sorry Noah, you just taste so yummy?!” I said
“I don’t taste good Mommy, I’m not Chicken and I’m not Cereal. I’m NOAH!!”

ROTFL I love that kid.