Leaping Ahead

Well the big news baby wise is that my due date was officially moved up! I can’t believe it, how many pregnant women get that gift in their last trimester?!

Originally my date was set for the 30th of December, but since having a Biometric Ultrasound (oodles of measurements etc.) my doctor decided that I’m good to go anytime now. I’m officially considered Full Term already! YAY ME!

I still have many things I want to accomplish before she arrives, but thankfully Nathan has been so great at sensing that. He put up the Christmas tree last week, and on Saturday he initiated the decorating process, which I quickly took over so I’d get a tree that I loved – LOL!! It’s dreamy to have the tree up right now, it makes me smile and adds a glow to our front room. I love curling up on the sofa in the morning and taking it all in. Soon our baby girl will be napping by the tree and we’ll be feverishly taking pictures of her. I can’t wait!

True to form, I’m having loads of contractions that are painful and take my breath away. They however are not true labor contractions yet. Baby’s head down and ready to get outta there, I’m ready for her to be out too because most of the time her head is pushing down on nerves and causing me so much pain. Walking, sleeping and moving positions is so hard now – I have to think twice before going shopping and that is really saying something! On a happy note, my feet and ankles have not swelled at all with this pregnancy! They did with my others so I’m thrilled that they continue to look normal and my shoes fit.

The true blessing will be when my little doll is finally here and the HyperEmesis is gone. Oh I can’t wait to not throw up each day, several times a day – it makes me teary just thinking about living life without that continual sickness. I would never wish HyperEmesis on a single soul, it kicks your butt!

So loads to look forward to. I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking posting throughout my labor (whenever that happens) to keep all my friends in the know. When the time comes I’ll be holding tight to that iPhone. LOL!

My Love Noah is FIVE!

noahbday It’s Noah’s 5th Birthday today and as I try to wrap my head around the whirlwind years that have lead to this new age, I’m totally baffled by how fast the time has gone. It wasn’t long ago that this precious boy entered my world and went straight to the NICU unit for the first 5 days of his life. His lungs needed extra time and care when he was born, so off he went out of the delivery room. I remember feeling so cheated of those first moments with him, it was hard. Then going to visit him downstairs in the NICU and seeing my darling baby hooked up to tubes, his gorgeous hair shaved in a patch so they could monitor his temperature.
When I finally held him it was magic, my heart was his and has been ever since.

Noah is such a precious child, he’s in love with his Mommy and tells me constantly that he loves me and that I’m beautiful. I am so lucky to have him, the tenderness he shares and the delight he brings to both Nathan and I is beyond measure. Nathan often says that he wishes we could freeze him in time, he’s truly a blessing and a sweetheart at this stage.noahpic5yrs

Noah, I love you little buddy, you are my true delight. Each day when I get to see you discover the world it makes me grateful for amazing little you. I’m so happy you came to our family, that you are my boy. I know that my heart would have ached for you if you had gone anywhere else in this world but my arms. Happy Happy Birthday Noah – Love and kisses, Mommy