Happy Halloween 2009



IMG_6625 This year we had a pretty low-key Halloween since Brigs exhibited flu symptoms earlier this week, we mostly hung out at home. They did get dressed and had candy, along with a family party – we watched The Wizard of Oz!!

Noah was his hero Buzz Lightyear, Brigs dressed in his “dream costume” as Sonic The Hedgehog (I ordered it to be specially made for him), and Joshy couldn’t decide until the day before that he wanted to be an Evil Wizard. Well as it turns out Joshua doesn’t like face paint, he wanted “his own face” for his costume. LOL! I thought they were pretty stinkin’ cute.

Happy Halloween to all of you – I hope it was safe and full of fun!

Excited to be 31 Weeks

Woo Hoo! I’ve made it to 31 weeks pregnant today. I can’t tell you how happy I feel to be here with only 9 weeks (+ zero days) to go. I’ve been super uncomfortable lately with severe pelvic floor pain, but I figured out yesterday that it’s because baby girl has decided to rest head down most of the time. She wants out so we can go shopping!! LOL! My belly is still looking high, so I’m anticipating seeing it drop and knowing I won’t have much longer to go.

Yesterday I laughed as I realized that I was waddling a bit. I corrected that one right away! Hoping and praying we can keep the H1N1 flu at bay in our home. I’m pretty concerned about it right now, especially being pregnant as I’m at high risk. I want to wait for the non-adjuvanted immunization to be available in a week, hopefully I won’t regret waiting that long. I’d prefer the non-mercury method. In the meantime I’m Lysol, Pinesol, and Purell-ing my life away to try to keep germs out of our house as best as I can.

The boys are restless about the baby, they want her out right now. Noah keeps telling me that “it’s taking so long!!” – he’s going to be a darling Big Brother. I can’t wait to see my boys holding their little sister, it makes me teary just thinking about it.

Holy Smokes – I'm 29 weeks!

Time is ticking my friends, the weeks are flying by, thanks mostly to a very hectic schedule with my kids. I’m happy to be getting closer to my due date, I’m pretty uncomfortable and sore alot of the time. It’s getting harder to get motivated and get around…and I was doing so well!! LOL! The Braxton Hicks have been horrible this pregnancy and started so early, you can tell that things get worse with more and more pregnancies. Glad this is my last one!

Liz my SIL, is going to be taking some preggo shots for me really soon so I’ll be able to share the belly. Baby girl is a crazy kicker, she loves to move and kick and spin and roll. I think she’s going to come out already crawling!!

Gotta run today, the nausea has taken it’s Kung Fu grip on my stomach again.

Nie Nie on Oprah Tomorrrow!

Photo+4915_oprah_lg Oprah is having darling, amazing Nie Nie (Stephanie Nielson) on her show tomorrow. The PVR is set! Pardon me while I applaud Oprah for having her on the show.

I’m so happy that Nie will be telling her inspiring story to the world. Everytime I read her blog I am personally renewed by her deep faith and strength. I absolutely love her (did you know she even commented here on my blog once? Yeppers! It’s one of my favorite things ever). Now I have to go buy a bunch of tissue because I know that I’ll be weeping.

Good luck Steph, we love you!

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You have a Birthday Shout Hooray!

IMG_6467 Guess who turned 19? ME!! LOL – I wish. Actually I have a 6 and a 3 in my number, but not in that order. I’m not claiming that age quite yet.

Who’s the most lucky and loved Mommy? Well my boys certainly show me daily that it’s me. I love them dearly! (thanks also to my Mom and Dad who watched the boys while I was away with Nathan in Phoenix on a Birthday excursion, and for the awesome dinner/cake/decorations that greeted me when I came back).

Being Showered – a Girlie Day

While in Phoenix last Friday I had the awesome opportunity to get together with some of my Boutique/Facebook buddies at Cafe Rio! Amy from Toteandtee.com, Spendy Wendy, Jona from Fabritopia.com and Kristie. I’ve known these gals for years online through the boutique world. Little did I know that they were plotting a surprise baby shower for me, I was so totally touched by their kindness. I can’t even describe how thrilling it was to open all those beautiful PINK packages!! EEEKKKK!! (Having a girl is going to be so much fun). Here are some fun shots of our afternoon together. Click on them to see the full image. XO – Daria