27 Weeks – 3rd Trimester has begun

I can’t scarcely believe that I’m now 27 weeks pregnant, and have entered my third trimester. YAY!! So happy to be in the homestretch of my very last pregnancy…ever!

The next few months have a plethora of things going on to keep this mommy busy, so I’m not too concerned as yet about feeling “done”. I haven’t done much to get ready for baby girl, a bit of shopping, but being an experienced mom now I know that babies don’t need a whole lot from the get go. So I plan on getting things for her as I need them and not going totally product crazy ahead of time. At least that is my story this week. :)

I’m not sleeping well these days, I wake up alot during the night and never feel like I’m getting the rest I need. I also have the joyful experience of waking up at 2am with excruciating leg cramps. I hate leg cramps, I had them with all of my pregnancies and them seem to get worse with every baby. Honestly though, I’ll take the leg cramps over the horrid afterpains anyday – I’m not looking forward to those again. Not at all.

I’m wishing that Nathan and I could agree on our daughters name now, I want to be able to refer to her as something other than baby. It would be lovely to talk about her as a person with a name, instead of a fetus without one. :) The odds are not good on this yet, we both have different ideas as to what she should be called so the days tick by and she remains a little generic child.

It’s exciting and scary to think about raising a girl after all of these boys! I wonder if it’s going to be anything like what I envision it to be. I’m sure that she’ll whip us all into shape pretty quickly. I know without a doubt that she’s going to be doted on by her big brothers, they are getting so excited to meet her. It still feels totally unreal to know that a girl is on the way, I find myself dreaming about tea parties, ballet classes, and even wedding planning and she’s not even here yet!

26 weeks Update

Well we’re at the 26 week mark with baby girl, and according to the internet that means she is approx. 1 2/3 pounds and is 14 inches long head-to-heel (about the length of an english cucumber). I am keeping very busy and this is speeding the time by for me, I know that before I know it Christmas will be here and she’ll arrive shortly thereafter. I have LOTS to keep me hopping these days so thankfully I’m not sitting around counting the hours till I’m not preggo. (at least not yet) LOL!

The nausea is still really bad, whomever created HyperEmesis… well it’s just wrong! The belly has definitely popped out there, suddenly I awoke last week to find the belly had shifted forward. My hips feel all out of whack right now, kind of like the first time you wear high heels out in public and realize that you had to get used to the new positioning.

Baby girl has a definite preference as to where she kicks me. Mostly it’s against the bone of my right hip, she LOVES that spot for some reason. I swear I’m going to bruise there pretty soon. Nothing new to report on the cravings front, I just want what I want. However on the emotional side of the spectrum I’m a total emotional hodgepodge. The hormones are playing tricks with me and I find myself in tears and weepy several times a day. This is so frustrating when you can’t attribute a specific thing, person or situation that has triggered your tears, they all just happen in a flood of confusion. I’m stuck there wondering why the heck I’m crying, and yet I can’t get myself to stop. I assume it’s pretty healthy to get your emotions out this way, so I’m allowing myself to have a few crying outbursts (it may not be pretty but it burns calories). :)

I don’t have any belly pics to share right now, and honestly I don’t feel like taking them. It’s a big effort just to get up and dressed these days, so adding pictures on top of that is too much for this busy mama to think about. Liz will shoot some for me in a few more weeks and I’ll share those for sure.

I’m laughing looking at my blog because it’s turned into Romper Room! Posts about babies, pregnancy, nieces, nephews, kids kids kids. I do other things too, I promise! I guess you can tell where my brain is though.

Holly Is A Hit!

This just in! Last week Conor and Katie brought their baby girl Holly up to visit for the first time since her birth. Our family was lucky enough to get first glimpse of precious Niece/Cousin Holly since our city is first stop before Calgary. YAY us!

They arrived late at night when the boys were in bed, but that didn’t stop the three older ones for jumping up to meet her. Seeing our boys greet Holly was just pure sunshine, and made us all laugh thinking of how our own little baby girl will be spoiled by them when she arrives this December. It was a total KICK to see Conor and Katie as parents! I can now testify to the fact that Holly IS in fact real and no longer think she might be a stunt baby. :)

Brigs Reaction (the observer):
“She has a little nose, she has little eyes, she has little hands, she has little feet! Mommy look she has little hair!”

Joshy’s Reaction (the Play-by-Play):
“She’s sucking on her soother…she stopped sucking on her soother…….she is sucking on her soother again!”

Dylan’s Reaction (the baby whisperer):
Just scooped her right up like a pro, thinks she is adorable. Likes when she sticks her tongue out – LOL!!

Noah’s Reaction (the tentative lovey):
“Can I kiss her????” then slowly goes in trying to get just the right spot to smooch her on because she was wiggling.
(sorry I missed getting a pic of Noah with her)

On Sunday we were all able to be together for Holly’s Baby Blessing. It was a really special day to have the entire family together in one place. As I said to Conor yesterday “Thank you for procreating so we could all get together!” :) We sure love you little Holly-Bo-Bolly!

How's it going? Time is Ticking Along!

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

According to Baby Center, our baby girl is now approx. a pound in weight and about the length of an ear of corn! She definitely is a mover and a shaker, she loves to be in motion right now. Lots of kicking and rolling going on.

This morning Noah told me “Mommy I LOVE that baby!” but when I asked if he would help take care of her once she comes out he said “no, you can do it!”. Oh well, at least he’s agreed to let her sleep inside the house, progress from his garage suggestion a few months ago.

I’m still sick each day, but my attitude has been much more pulled together. I’m really working on getting up and ready, getting as cute as I can and proceeding with my day. It’s tough, but has made a BIG difference to our kids and our home to have Mommy up and at em’. I’d love to be able to have a “kick butt awesome 3rd trimester”, that would be a lovely little gift for sure. But whatever happens, I’m excited to know that we’re getting a little baby girl to join our family.

Still haven’t decided if I’m going to let anyone hold her for the first few days. LOL!!! Maybe Nathan, if he bends to my baby name suggestions.

Super Noah is staying home

After discussion with Noah’s new Kindergarten teacher, other parents, and family, both Nathan and I are feeling really good about keeping him home one more year. He’ll be attending pre-school as well and I think that an added year at home will give Noah a better foundation for K next fall.

I want my boy to feel ready and excited to venture out and into the wonderful world of learning. I was worried about starting him so young. His teacher gave me some great advice, and basically told me that she tells parents if they are questioning it then to go with your intuition, he’ll be so much more ready to learn if he’s not pushed into conforming to expectations.

I feel really at peace about it, I was going over it and over it for so long in my head. I really think this will be the very best thing for my Noah, and I’m excited to have him with me just a little bit longer too. Now I’m sitting down to write out some goals for things we’ll work on together this year at home, I know that I can give him some things this year that will benefit him for next fall and I’m excited to have that opportunity.

And here they are

My little darlings on the 1st Day of School. Brigs and Joshy wore special t-shirts made by their Nana for the occasion! Aren’t they awesome?! If you want a tee let me know and I’ll hook you up with her, they ROCK! (Noah has a “N is for Noah” tee as well, but he opted to wear a familiar shirt this morning along with his WINTER jacket and hood!!! LOL!) That’s my boy!

Sorry no Dylan picture, he’s in 10th Grade and off to school before the morning light. :)

Tees made by Nana!