And we're Back to School

Tomorrow morning marks the first day back to school for Dylan, Joshua and Brigs. Where did our summer go? I haven’t even had a moment to blog about our vacation to Palm Desert and it’s already time to send them off with shiny new school supplies, and cool duds to wear for their first day back.

I’m still deciding on whether Noah will be attending Kindergarten or continuing Pre-school for this year. I registered him in both, because if he heads to “K” he will definitely be the youngest in his entire class. He still just seems so young to me, and I wonder what this year of pushing him to do Kindergarten will do for him compared with what I can give him at home. I hate to rush him when I’m not sure he’s quite ready for it. So on Tuesday am I’ll take him to Kindergarten and observe for a bit, I feel like I’ll be able to know what’s best to do for him this year. I’m leaning towards waiting for Noah to mature a bit more, it certainly can’t hurt.

Dylan is starting…wait for it….Grade 10! Um yeah, I’m THAT old. I can’t believe my kid is 15 and in 10th grade. It seriously makes me half laugh and half choke on my gum. Thankfully I’m still met with shock when I introduce him as my son, many tell me that they think I am his big sister. HAHA!! When that ends someday and I indeed look old enough to be his mother I may have an identity crisis come on. I’m so excited for him to stretch even more this year, he’s got some goals set which I think is fantastic and he’s more and more social all of the time. It’s hard to begin letting go of him and watching what he does with that added freedom. I prefer giving it in small doses because frankly he’s an amazing kid and I want to protect him for as long as I can.

Brigs is going into Grade 1 this year, and he is excited to have Joshy’s past teacher. He knows her and that should make his first day a bit less intimidating. I know he’s going to struggle with full days of school this year. I’m planning a few fun things to reward him for when he gets home at the end of the day.

Joshua is going into Grade 3, big man on campus that he is. It makes me laugh that his teachers think the boy is quiet and shy. He is NOTHING like that at home, but at school he’s very reserved. We’re excited for him to connect with alot more kids this year and make some strong friendships. He’s such a darling boy and full of sensitivity and delight. I’m eager to see who his teacher will be, and hope that he can really love his teacher this year. 3rd grade is so rich with new things and I want my boy to enjoy it all.

So now I’m off to bed, it’s late and I need some energy to haul everyone out of bed in the am. I’ll post some 1st Day of School pics tomorrow too.

It's Please

Noah just doesn’t “get it” yet. He seriously believes with all his little 4 1/2 year old heart that if he says please whatever he desires will be his. He’ll often come up to me and ask permission for something, then he looks at me with those big brown eyes and sweetly admonishes “it’s please Mom, it’s please”

The expectation is just there, you say please – it’s the MAGIC word afterall and all your dreams come true! Well until you run into a parental figure who tries to pull a fast one on ya, and crushes your whole belief system.

I love your earnest trust in the “please” system Noah. Don’t grow up just yet, I’m not ready for you to. It’s please Noah, it’s please. :)

My Dream Post – and it's REAL!

I’m SO excited! A whole new world is opening up to me, a club I thought that I’d never be able to join. And yet, here I sit – about to be a Mommy to a GIRL! I have always dreamed of having a girl, and yesterday in a whirlwind of amazement we found out that our current pregnancy is undoubtedly producing PINK! We’re having a baby girl in December!

As the realization sets in I’m just so grateful. I wondered for years if I’d ever get my turn to shop the pink aisles, sew frilly sweet things, plan a wedding. Now with all the butterflies in my stomach I’m also feeling a huge sense of humility and thankfulness for this little baby. I can’t wait to meet her, she is so loved already. Our four boys are ecstatic, they wouldn’t accept any other option, to them it was a girl from the get go. But having four little men in a row jaded Nathan and I a bit and we were unsure whether to even entertain the idea of a girl. Now we know she’s on the way and Nathan is so jazzed. Last night on our way to Target he says “I think we need to make a pact, that this baby will not wear any “mediocre outfits”. Each outfit needs to be incredible!” – (um let me insert how much I fell in love with him at that moment, that’s like the DREAM statement for a girl to hear). And you all thought that I’d be trouble finding out a girl was on the horizon, Nate is going to be just as bad as I am! grin :)

So now with the synopsis: we decided to go to a 3D/4D ultrasound place while we’re on vacation in Palm Desert. We chose 3D Angel Babies and boy am I glad we did. The place we incredible, beautiful, relaxing and peaceful. Each ultrasound room is decked out to the nines with gorgeous pregnancy & baby photography, huge comfy couches for your family and friends to attend. In fact you can bring up to 10 people to view along with you, on a few giant screens. It was AWESOME and I highly recommend the experience. The tech was sweet and showed us all of the gorgeous baby expressions, everything you could want to help bond with your child. We found out she was a girl within the first two minutes, they do it right away for you. As soon as we confirmed it was a girl Brigs was happy and started to head out the door! He got what he needed, and he was outta there – LOL it was so funny. Noah jumped up on the step stool beside me and patted my hand reassuring me “you’re going to be ok, you’re going to be ok”. And Joshy’s famous quotes of the day were “This is a Great Moment!” and “This is Joy!”. Dylan sat in amazement that he was actually getting a sister, he is so happy and facebooked the news right away for his friends to hear. And Nathan stood right up next to the screen examining all he could, grinning from ear to ear.

What can I say? 5 times the charm!! We’re having a girl!

9th Anniversary

My sweetheart and I have now been married for 9 years as of August 12th! He surprised me on our day with a gorgeous delivery of dozens of white and red roses (on steroids). They were the most beautiful roses I’ve ever had, exquisite and they are still flourishing! I’m so lucky to have Nathan, I marvel often that we found each other and fell in love so quickly. Ours was a fairy tale courtship and it continues to this day. I can honestly tell you that I love him more and more with each year, and as I see him with our children I smile and know that I made the best decision of my life to marry him.

I love you Nathan, thank you for being my partner and friend. Can’t wait to make it to “10″ next year!


Time to talk about cravings now that I’m 20+ weeks along. I am noticing a huge shift in my “normal” preggo cravings. Typically with my other pregnancies I craved savory, salty things and protein. NOT the case with this little baby, I’m seriously jonesing for sweets at all cost these days. This is so not like me, I usually am wanting sandwiches with pickles and cheese whiz or potato chips. But baby #5 has a mind of their own and is nudging me for cupcakes, chocolate, fruit and anything with a sweet taste.

What did you crave when you were expecting? Did it differ from the normal cravings you tend to be drawn to? And do you think you’re cravings were at all related to whether you had a boy or a girl?

The Sun is Breaking Through

It’s been a dark and dismal few days around here, the rain and overcast skies have been kind of depressing. Each morning has felt more like a Fall day than summertime, and in Canada you really hang on to whatever sunshine you can get because our winters are so long.

I can definitely tell that I’m getting more and more wimpy in my old age! LOL! I am also more convinced that Nathan and I need to pack up the kids and move for a few years to a tropical paradise. I know that my husband would be thrilled to buy a trailer and live like Jack Kerouac educating our kids in the school of life, and having no real obligations. I don’t think I could ever go quite that far, but living somewhere warm and sunny might be something I’d consider for a period of time. I admire my friends who have packed up their family and are living in Dubai – what an amazing experience their children are having living on the other side of the world. I would like our children to be able to see and experience new things, people and cultures. With all the ties we have to our life in Canada I don’t know if any long term relocation would ever be a consideration, likely we’ll just try to travel with them and save the living stuff for home in the bosom of our family.

In any case, I’m so thrilled to see some sunny skies peeking through the grey clouds tonight. I have missed the sunshine this week. We only have a precious few weeks left of summer break before the kids are back in school, I can hardly bear the thought of them going back. I love having my kids home with me, they are wonderful children. Here’s hoping the Hyper Emesis can take a back seat so that I can do a few more summer activities with the kids. I hope that despite my illness with this pregnancy they will have fond memories of fun times this summer break. I’d also like to crack out the camera and have some pics to share of my kids – I’ve been severally lacking in the picture department of late.