I'm NOT at BlogHer and I'm bummed!

This weekend mommy bloggers from all over are descending on Chicago for the annual BlogHer Conference. Emily and I (Boutique Cafe) were set to attend this year with our tickets in hand, however due to several complications things didn’t go well and we ended up selling our Blogher tickets to some very stinkin’ LUCKY gals.

Now we’re both at home, watching the #BlogHer09 tweets roll by on Tweetdeck and pitying ourselves for the missing of this great event. Even though it couldn’t be helped, won’t you join in our little pity party?

I just tweeted my affirmation for today: “Even though I’m not at #BlogHer09 I’m still darn awesome!” Follow me here–>

The World's Biggest Truck!

On Saturday we took a drive out to Sparwood to show the boys “The World’s Biggest Truck”. We didn’t mention that it was the biggest in the world to them, instead we just pointed out the window as we drove up and said “Look at that HUGE truck!”, suddenly Joshy pipes up from the back seat and exclaims “I’ve seen bigger!” ROTFL.

Oh Joshy you delight your Daddy and I with your hilarious observations and funny comments!

A Jolly HOLLY-day

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some Josh-ism’s but this one begs to be blogged today, and has to do with the birth of our new little niece Holly! Congratulations to Conor & Katie (the super cute parents) who brought Holly Antoinette safely into the world on Friday. We’re so delighted that this sweet little girl is a part of our family. In sharing the newborn pictures of her with our boys, Joshy exclaimed in such a darling way:
“she’s so beautiful I can hardly stand it!”

We all Agree! :)

Who Inspires You?

Want to know who inspires me? That’s easy for me to answer, Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie). The mom blogger who survived a nearly fatal plane crash last year and manages each day to see each and every blessing in this life. This incredible mother who cherishes her husband, counts motherhood as her sweetest blessing, and has no problem crediting each lovely thing in this world to a loving God.

Yes, each time I log onto Nie Nie’s blog I am transported into her world of uncertain physical limitations, daily pain but an unfailing enduring spirit. I don’t know her personally, but I know her heart (a mother’s heart).

Thank you Nie for the gift of your words, I can’t tell you how many times I have felt discouraged by circumstance and visited your blog only to be refilled by a touch of your strength. I admire you and pray for you and your family. Thank you for all you share – Daria

FINE!! You win – belly shots at 16 wks

I can’t take the pressure, I threw on some makeup to hide my chalky complexion, ditched the bucket, and hammed it up for you! Enjoy the burgeoning bump – it’s WAY bigger at this point on baby #5 than other pregnancies (**heads up to my sis-in-laws adding more kids to their collections)

Keep in mind, I am not Liz the photographer who is talented at taking self portraits during pregnancy. It’s HARD to do, I kept shooting pics of the curtain rod and the bathroom faucet instead of the belly. Enjoy the crazy! :) – Daria

16 weeks and we've got belly pop!

Oh little baby, I guess being #5 pregnancy has some fun consequences. My belly has definitely got some IID “impending infant definition” already – LOL yes I made that up! Maybe since I’ve lost my hips and butt, the belly will assist in holding up my pants as they swim on me with all the weight loss.

Today I swear the little one was amusing themselves by pushing on my bladder. Dear little one, that’s real funny, but please come up with some other way of entertaining yourself. It’s just not that funny to those of us on the outside.

And one more milestone, I am feeling the little butterfly-like flutters so I know our baby is active and ready to get kickin’ sooner than later. I can just picture the darling climbing cupboards and hanging off the fridge door like it’s predecessors.

The Hormones Have Kicked In

Red Alert!! The preggo hormones are in full force this week, I’ve been a weepy mess. It seems like anything can set me off, commercials, Nathan getting home a few minutes late from work, Joshy cutting his hair because it had silly putty in it. I’ve been so emotional that I’ve discovered a new talent that I never knew I had…when I cry I can shoot my tears STRAIGHT out from my eyes. Isn’t that crazy? My eyes are like their own strange version of a water gun, LOL!! Anyway, it’s new for me so it must be blogged.

I’m also noticing how sensitive I am about circumstances around me. I feel jealousy at an alarming rate these days, not sure what exactly is happening to me but I long for the days when I was just Daria. I don’t know who this girl is, but I’m annoyed that she lives in her bed most of the day, can’t eat anything that I used to love, constantly needs a bucket nearby, and cries at the drop of a hat. The only saving grace for this “new” preggo version of Daria is that she is losing alot of weight. Like ALOT of it, my jeans will not stay up and I have no hips anymore!

So word to the wise, I’d love your acknowledgment and hugs (although they may annoy me too, depending on my hormone level at the time I read them). LOL!!

This baby had better be adorable is all I can say!