A girly room for Little Miss

Our Little Miss isn’t home with us quite yet, but thanks to my “Wonder” sis-in-law Liz she has a gorgeous girly room to come home to! I commissioned my talented sis to create an original quilt for Little Misses room (little did I know that she would plan much much more!!). Liz not only created a drool worthy quilt with such stunning details I can hardly stop looking at it, but she also added all of the finishing touches for me including drapery, pillowcases, bedskirt, and three darling little accent birds! The entire ensemble is created with Darla Fabrics from Tanya Whelan’s line, I’m such a fan of Tanya and when I saw the Darla Fabric I knew it had to find a home in my sweetie’s new room.

I can’t take credit for any of it!! LOL! The only thing I did was pick fabric and let Liz’s imagination flow, and boy did it. I’m not sure I can ever properly convey how totally blessed I feel to have a haven for our Little Miss to come home to. Liz is truly one of a kind, and I totally scored in the sister-in-law department. I doubt that many people would give so willingly of their time and talents, but she did this all while expecting a new baby of her own later this month. Liz I can’t rave enough or thank you enough!

**This quilt is a One of a Kind creation for my little one, but Liz has designed a baby blanket version that she is giving away on her blog! That’s right GIVING AWAY!!!! Scoot on over to her blog for full details of how you can win your very own Lizzy Anne Quilt (+ patterns from Tanya Whelan herself too!!)