The Wait Continues…

I know that so many of our family and friends are waiting for any news from us regarding the adoption of Little Miss, and when she will finally be home with us full time. To this I must sadly report that I still have no news, no idea of when this might happen. Her case workers are bogged down right now and we haven’t heard a whisper of anything for 5 or so weeks. In the meantime, I’ve heard from her foster mom that she weeps at night looking at our family picture and calls for me.

Originally we thought she would be home with us in February, then March, then we were told in April. Now as May looms near and nary a word is getting through it’s getting tough (understatement) to stay positive. My hope is that they will just call us up and tell us to go get her, but I have no clue what will happen or when.

Thanks to each of you for your support and prayers for Little Miss and our family. Once she is finally home we will have a huge cyber-homecoming party for all of you to attend!! LOL! But for now, I am trying to keep busy and not get too emotional about not having her here. We’ll definitely have a story to tell once this is settled, there’s no question of that. Keep the Faith, I’m leaning on you guys to keep me postive. XO – Daria

Josh Hearts Barry Manillow

This is too funny not to post! We were playing music this morning while he is getting ready for school. Suddenly Copacabana by Barry Manillow comes on over the speakers, and Joshy starts grooving to it.

Then he says “Hey Mom, this song was in Madagascar 2 when they are all on the plane!” dance moves continue…”This song never gets old!!!!”

Lady Luck – She's All Mine!

Tonight I attended a Mix & Mingle event at our local Chamber of Commerce. It was really well attended and I was able to network with so many new faces regarding my new Business Boost venture in the city, as well as Boutique Cafe.

The coolest part of the evening had to be when they were drawing door prizes, and I won a free conference room at the Galt Museum! It’s a gorgeous facility, and since I’m coordinating monthly speakers in our area, it couldn’t have gone to a gal who needs this prize more!! Yay, thanks Lady Luck for helping my biz card stick to the fingers of the person drawing. LOL!!

A Birthday Party for Little Miss

So I have a quick moment finally for a little update on our family happenings. On April 10th our Little Miss turned two years old!! We were delighted to discover that she could be with us on her Birthday, her foster parents brought her to our home and she stayed for a fun filled weekend with us.

Never having thrown a girls birthday before, I relished the chance to wrap the house in pink! The only problem was that I only had about an hour to pull off this miracle before she would arrive. Balloons, streamers, pink party hats, pink drinks, delicious cupcakes, and a doorway covered with precious pictures of our little gal greeted her on the way in. She also needed a pink feather boa to wear. It worked out famously. For her gifts she received a little Dora the Explorer push car, and a Dora Ball Pit that required three adults to blowup (not to mention the myriad of clothing in her closet that still is awaiting her to get here full time). Our little family party was so much fun, and the boys were all into decorating with me. I love how excited they get just before she arrives, it’s adorable.

Huge Shoutout to Ebay Auntie Amy from Tote and Tee who sent Little Miss the most ADORABLE “2″ shirt for her bday! Amy you are awesome and I had tears when we opened that package to find the tee you made for my girl. Sniff! It means alot.

For our sweet Little Miss, I just want you to know that we love you so much. And even though we haven’t been with you each day of your life thus far, that will all change very soon. We continue to love and pray for you each and every day, and are so proud of the darling girl you are. Happy Birthday sweetheart! XO – Mommy