Touching Apple Story

My iPhone external speaker suddenly fizzled last night, with crazy distortion. It shocked me because the 2G never really was loud enough to blow a speaker, but it happened.

Anyway I called Apple Care today, and they informed me that I was 7 Days out of warranty and they probably couldn’t help me. I told him that my family was crazy for Apple and we basically decorate our homes with their products, he laughed so hard. Then he said hang on, and left for about 5 minutes. When he returned the product specialist granted me a CSCode, which means I can run in to the Calgary store tomorrow and they will swap out my old iphone for a new or refurbished one! SCORE!

This touching story has been brought to you by Apple and Boutique Cafe :)
- Daria

I remember reading Adoption blogs…

I have frequented several amazing adoption blogs over the years. I always admired the courage and strength it must have taken those awaiting parents until their precious child was finally in their arms for good. Now I am experiencing this first hand, and I must admit how much more I admire all those who do this, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced bar none. To know our daughter and spend time with her, but also have to say goodbye to her and hand her back to her foster family so often, well it sucks! (there is no pretty way of saying it)

I can’t describe the joy I feel when she is with us, it’s like our family is complete and safe and together. And just as I start to relax into the beauty of having my children all around, well time is up and we’re saying goodbye again. I don’t know how many more goodbyes I have in me, it just kills me to continuously walk away when all I want is to scoop her up and have her home with us forever. I worry that Little Miss will begin to see us as inconsistent, with the comings and goings, and no end in sight as yet. I know that she loves us, but I don’t want to feel like a glorified babysitter who drops in and out of eyesight. I want to be Mommy, who she can count on and who will be her safe haven. (I’m crying as I write this tonight).

I guess I never realized how tough this would be, but now I know. I can only imagine the immense joy we will feel when the judge finally says “yes, she’s yours!”. I am holding that image in my mind because all the waiting and little communication from case workers is unbearable.

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented, sent emails, called, consoled and prayed for us. I’m in your debt, your encouragement gives me strength each day and hope that soon we’ll get the call that will change our world.

My Twitter Family Portrait

Aren’t they precious? My Twitter family portrait! It took so long to get us all looking in the same direction. LOL!!

I’m crazy about Twitter for business and pleasure. I can’t shout it from the rooftops loud enough that if you have a business and you want to get your message out there to the world, Twitter can be a valuable tool to make that happen! In just a few seconds you can reach out to your network, and the results and replys are instant. It takes awhile to build a following, but keep at it and have fun. I use my Twitter account to promote Boutique Cafe but also to connect with friends, and network with people who have similar interests.

Add me to your network of Twitter Buddy’s and I’ll be most pleased to follow you. I love to read my friends tweets and see what they are up to.** It can be a time suck, just be warned. But with a cattle prod at the ready, I can easily be tempted away from the screen. LOL! Enjoy and I’ll see you guys on Twitter. – Daria

No News!

Yes that’s right, no news yet on our impending court date for the adoption of Little Miss. I’m beginning to feel very insignificant in the eyes of the system, and am worrying to the point of needing Botox injections to smooth that forehead again. Sigh.

For anyone who’s considering the adoption process, just be warned…it’s SO not for sissies. I can hardly believe the range of emotions, and comings and goings that we have been through in this journey. It’s coming up on a YEAR since we first met our daughter and she’s not with us yet. Gut Wrenching to know her and love her, but not have her at home with our family. I’m missing her Babyhood. I admitted to Liz my SIL today that it’s to the point now, where I’m so anxious about it all that I just need to know if there’s any chance it won’t happen. I’m subconsciously starting to feel my heart going into self-protect mode, because we haven’t received any reply or word in weeks.

If anyone has gone through this, please throw me a bone here. How did you get through without starting to feel some despair?

The bright spot I’m clinging to, is talking with Little Miss on the phone and hearing her call me “Mom-ME”! There is no better medicine than hearing her darling voice so happy to talk to me.

The Quilt

I haven’t posted about it yet, but I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! My talented sister-in-law Liz is creating the most amazing original quilt design for our Little Miss. Tomorrow she is revealing pictures of the quilt top on her blog Pigtails and Snails, so if you want to pop by to “ooohhhhh and ahhhhhh” at her talents please do so.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think. I commissioned her to do this for Little Misses room, but gave her Full Creative Control once I purchased the Tanya Whelan Fabrics I wanted. I’m just so thrilled and can’t wait to see what she has come up with for my little girl. While we are waiting for the post to go up, I figure I have time to rave about Liz. She designed a quilt for Patty Young last fall at Quilt Market that was literally a show stopper! You can view that past design here at, and you can even order it there too. I’m sure you’ll agree that there are Big Things on the horizon for Liz, with talent like that she’s sure to be the next Martha Stewart (but she’s way cuter!).

A few moments to myself

It’s Sunday morning, and the light is streaming in our bedroom window. Right now I can hear the sounds of happy children playing, and not just our 4 busy boy sounds…but also the sound of sweet Little Miss who is here for her second sleepover weekend. The kids are all topped up with delicious pancakes and are now laughing and sharing toys. I can’t believe how lucky we are!

Her first sleepover was on Valentine’s Day, and dare I say that honestly it could not have gone better. She was so delightful and pleased as punch to be here with us. She took right to her Big Girl Bed with no difficulty whatsoever. I just couldn’t believe that she had no transition issues of changing to a double bed from her usual crib. SWEET! We of course were loving the chance to have her at home to ourselves, it was so adorable seeing her enjoy the boys and she and Noah even had a tea party together. At church on Sunday, Little Miss and Noah naturally just took each other’s hand when they were walking down the hallway together. It melted my heart so much, especially since I have worried a bit about how those two would get along and share everything.

Now flashforward to this weekend, she’s here for two nights this time. It’s been pretty much a dream as well. I can’t complain at all, she is just a funny little girl. Sensitive, full of laughter, and totally a dancing machine! If any music is playing she gets right up and starts to move. Yesterday she was a bit more picky about food, and had one tender moment of tears when she didn’t want to eat something. But that’s the only tears I’ve seen with her in our visits thus far. Little Miss is just delightful most of the time. She has graduated this weekend from calling me “Ma Ma!” to “Mom ME!!” which I love hearing. She totally knows how to use it too, because she did it at Walmart yesterday in the toy section followed by the cutest “Please” you’re ever heard. LOL!! Needless to say she is now the proud new owner of a little baby doll. I caved, but it was worth it! :)

It’s getting so tough saying goodbye to her at the end of our overnight visits. I wish that she could just stay and adjust full time. But we’re getting closer and closer to that now. Our home assessment is complete and went so well. I had a rush of joy fill my heart when that part of the process was finally done, I just knew that we had done everything we could on our end of things and now it’s all up to the courts and God as to how quickly this all moves. I’m hoping that my constant prayers will usher in an instant court date, but I know that things happen for a reason and on the Lord’s time and I’m ok with that. As much as I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it happen on my own.

For now I am just indulging in the joy of feeling that all of my children are safe, happy and under the same roof. In a few hours her foster parents will be here to wisk my babygirl away again, and I won’t see her face for another week or so. But right now she is cuddled up next to me while I type, and brushing her little hand against my arm. Her hair is all wild and crazy, and it feels like real life. It’s a good morning.