Sleeping Beauty

Little Miss and I piled into the van with her Auntie Liz this weekend and took off to the vintage antique store. What an amazing place they have up there, it made me quite green with envy that she has such a great resource for unique finds to close to her home. We discovered a precious vintage ironing board for Little Misses room, it’s her size with green legs. A total FIND! I’m thinking of putting little picture frames on it with faces she loves. It will definitely be a welcome addition to her room. Little Miss was so happy to be on an outing with Mommy and Auntie Liz, (she will try to say “Liz” but it comes out more “ZZZZZiiizzzzz”).

As we pulled up back at Liz’s house, this was the view we saw. Just pure beauty all rosy and asleep. I of course didn’t let her sleep that way for long, she was so tired and floppy. LOL!!

On a happy note, I am really feeling like her Mommy! Everything with our bonding has been so beautiful and I’m sure we’ll have bumps in the coming weeks and months once she is transitioning over to our home, but for now its so lovely to spend this time with her and see her love for us growing with each visit. When we dropped her back though yesterday she had a very hard time letting us go, she did her normal kisses at the window but when Nathan and I started down the steps to leave her face changed and she screamed and kicked and cried. It took all my will power not to go back in there and scoop her up, but I knew that if I did it would escalate the goodbye later. So I stuffed all my motherly feelings deep inside my throat and walked to the car (crying of course inside). We are trying to keep our goodbyes fun and light with her, but she’s a smart little cookie and has put it all together now. At this point we’re hoping that they will move things along quickly for her sake, we don’t want her to be confused and upset all of the time. So say a little prayer for Little Miss, that she’ll be with her family soon – we’re ready and waiting with open arms!

I have more to tell about our weekend, but I’m rushing out right now. Back with more later…Tater!

So, my blog is freakin' Famous!

I kid you not my friends, I apparently am one popular little blogger. In the past week I’ve literally had three people stop me, and reference my blog to me! HA! These are people in my church, or nearby who I would never guess would read my blog…but they do! Good reading huh?! You betcha!

Thanks for peeking in on my crazy life, and for letting me know that you’re here doing it. I LOVE comments, so lurk no more!! That’s right, jump up and down and comment “I’m here! I’m here!” because otherwise blogging is just a glorified version of talking to one’s self, and I do enough of that already!! LOL! ~ XO Daria

Baby Girl's Closet

I’ve been “working on” Little Misses Closet quite a bit as you can see. I still need a second bar installed below, because we NEED that extra hanging space. Gotta have room for all the cute, frilly, gorgeousness that she’ll soon be sportin’ around town. LOL!

Most of her wardrobe is currently Gymboree, with splashes of boutique customs I’ve picked up for her. I can’t wait to have her home and get proper measurements so I can buy from the indie designers I’ve been watching all of these years!

Thankfully the girl will have a whole host of shoes to welcome her home as well. She’s made it known that she’s a “shoe girl”, and will drop down to the floor at the hint of a new pair so she can instantly put them on. She is currently toddler size 7, but I’m thinking I’ll need to start snagging her the next size up because we have alot alot alot of 7′s kicking around now. She’s got to get here before she outgrows her wardrobe! Hurry home Little Miss.