Christmas and Little Miss

My apologies for not blogging more over Christmas, it seems like life was just so full that we had to grasp and live it rather than write about it. This however presents me with the dubious task of trying to convey after the fact how utterly blessed I feel about things in my life right now. First on the list is Little Miss who we have been able to spend almost every day with since coming home for the holidays. She has latched onto me in a serious way, I can feel her immense love for me already and she makes it known that she really is my girl! What could be a greater Christmas gift than that? The fact that our transition time is going so well and she is fitting in without major trauma is a real blessing. In fact, she looks out the window for us to come now each day and is eager to come along in the car with us for our dates. I loved the first time I was able to put her hair into little pigtails – oh how I love her curly little hair!! She also will allow me to comfort and lay her down for naps. We’ve cuddled up together with her snuggled right in for naptime, and she grins with glee when she wakes up and sees that I’m still there. The boys are loving her and I’m peppered with questions from them about when she will be in our family forever, when she will sleep over, when can she come to live with us…etc. I’m so encouraged and know that once she’s finally in our home 24/7 that’s when the True Magic of bonding will fully take effect. But for now, our short lovely visits and time with her is joyful and I’m loving each moment of it.

Our Christmas has been full of family time with all of our amazing extended family on both sides of the coin. It’s so nice to be home and to be around those who know you so well (and still seem to love us anyway). Christmas Eve was our traditional event at my parents home with amazing food, attending the Nativity Pageant, and a white elephant gift exchange. The Christmas morning was with Nathan’s parents in their home, also joined by Conor and Katie who iChatted in and were able to share a bit of Christmas morning with our boys. It was fun to hear their voices and see their faces on Christmas since they are so far away. Christmas dinner was UNREAL – delicious beyond words. In fact, I’m hungry again just thinking about the amazing spread of serious holiday fare. Yummy!

I’ll write a more detailed breakdown of Christmas later, complete with cute kid stories and reactions. But for now I’m off to bed to rest, I need a good nights sleep at some point – my sleep has been lacking to say the least. Merry Christmas to all! – Daria

Ok so I'm packing

It’s a crazy feat of dexterity and skill to pack for 6 people! The rule before leaving for a few days is always that you leave the house clean, right? So I’ve been desperately souring the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, throwing out garbage, doing laundry, and now I’m starting to pack.

I think by the time everything is ready to go, I’ll be dead. I loved you all!!! LOL

A Holiday Kick in the Pants!!

I need a big Holiday Kick in the Pants!
Gotta get moving, gotta finish shopping, gotta get wrapping, gotta do some baking, gotta thank teachers, gotta pack clothing, gotta finish podcasting, gotta instill christmas spirit, gotta visit family, gotta write holiday letter, gotta bond with little miss, gotta quality time with kids, gotta get some sleep, gotta get rid of cold, gotta pass out!!

KICK ME!! :)

CPSIA – The Sky is Falling Article

I asked Heather Flottman, designer and owner of Liliputians NYC to write an article on Boutique Cafe regarding the new CPSIA regulations that threaten our entire boutique community and handmade toys in America. Please read, comment and pass along.

The result can be found here: The Sky is Falling – CPSIA article on Boutique Cafe

And also an article written by Emily Hill owner of georgie tees and freshly baked blog Help Save Small Business

Don’t forget to cast your vote for this issue!! We’re getting noticed:

Why you DON'T want us to Draw your Name for Christmas

Each year, Nathan’s siblings and spouses draw names for who we will gift on Christmas. This year we drew Conor and Katie who just recently headed back to Denver for school. My intentions were to get together their gifts far in advance to send back with them in their car, well that didn’t happen. So, after much hoopla I finally took their parcel to the UPS outlet last night. As the girl was helping me at the computer she gulped and said “are you ready?”, “hit me with it!” I said.

The parcel was going to cost over $200 to get to them in time for Christmas Day!! I broke into tears right in the middle of UPS, seriously, real tears. There is no way that I could afford that much to send a box, I was so upset because having a gift ON the special event day is very important to me. I was just so crushed. I opted for the cheaper $60 option to get it to them by Dec.29th, but the guilt has been eating me alive. I just can’t stomach that they are so far from home, with only a few little presents to unwrap, and no family near by. They deserve better and I totally dropped the ball. Conor and Katie, we love you guys and I’m so sorry that your gifts won’t be there for Christmas morning. I hope you will both be comforted knowing that next year another sibling couple will take good care of you two!!

I ran out of Fruit Tea and now I'm sick!

Here’s proof positive that my MIL’s Famous holiday fruit tea fights colds and wards off sickness. When she breezed through our town my Mom in Law made up a gigantic pot of mulled cider/tea for us, it was amazing as always. I drank tons of the stuff and felt fit as a fiddle, it’s just delicious. Jump forward to a few days ago when we finally ran out of Mom’s batch and I decided to crack open the recipe book make it myself.

Well now I’m sick with a cold and sore throat!! Ummmm that’s not supposed to happen. Obviously Mom has held back with her published recipe, and has a super secret ingredient that she adds to the concoction we don’t know about!! LOL!

Now it gets tough

I’m really starting to feel the distance between Little Miss and us. It’s so hard to be away from her in another city, when all I want to do is have her home with us. I can’t just pick up and run over to be with her, or take her out to the park on a whim, so my next meeting with her will be next weekend. I wish it was here already, I just want to know her better and for her to know me.

On the bright side, I talked with her on the phone tonight. Every time she hears my voice she totally lights up and flashes a huge cheesy smile!! I love it because I know that she recognizes me. She was full of giggles and wild laughter on the phone tonight and even blew me kisses. I love her so much already, it’s magic what is going on here.

Moments to take your breath away

Can you see why I’m totally “little girl crazy”?? Moments like this one make life worthwhile. I can’t wait to have more of them!! This was taken on my very first outing with Little Miss, she just totally wrapped me around her little finger that first day. She would keep coming up and hugging me, it melted me.

I know I’ve said it before, but seriously look at those curls!! (of course I HAD to bring a tutu for her to wear to the park, it’s me, that’s how I roll).

The Bedding I love

I’m trying to decide on how to decorate a bedroom for Little Miss. I have fallen in love with this set from Serena & Lily! I love the blue with the melon stitching (it reads pink in the pics but they say it’s melon), and I’m really loving the little ladder in the picture too. Have you found amazing girls bedding that I should see? Please leave a comment and link to it! I need your help to get her room all ready for her Gotcha Day!

Little Misses Closet

I found some adorable stuff at Joe yesterday!! Just have to share this because they had screaming deals on dressy cute clothing for little miss.

First (pictured on the left) was the drop waisted shift dress with a poufy bubble skirt, the bubble skirt has box pleats and it’s satin!! It’s way, way cuter in person than in this picture. It came in Hot Pink and Black for only $16 so I snagged the pink one in a 2t AND the black in a 3t for her to grow into! But a girl needs shoes!! So I snagged these sparkly dressy mary janes in black for her as well for only $14! Now all she needs is an invite to a party and we’re set. Mmmmmm what will I possibly wear? Maybe I need to work on my closet too!