Long Lasting Blonde Moment

Ok, here’s the scoop! The other day I finally went to get my highlights touched up (the roots were showing in a mega huge way). I rarely do this because it’s hard to get away for 3+ hours from my house and the kiddos, so I was thrilled to finally get touched up.

Apparently I didn’t voice my desires very well because the highlights I was hoping for turned into an ALL OUT BLONDE experience. I didn’t realize that she covered up my base color. OH boy! I don’t think I’ve ever been this blonde before, and though the colors are pretty I’m scared that it’s just too much for my skin tone.

Dylan seems to really like it, Nate’s out of town so I don’t have his opinion, Joshy wants “your old hair back”, Brigs and Noah could care less. I don’t have my camera but I’ll post a pic once my DH is back home. Can’t wait to hear what you all think – if I’m just destined to be a blonde bombshell, or if I should send it packing! LOL!

Holiday Savings with a Smile!

We’re so excited about the new 2008 version of our Holiday Gift Guide. This years guide is jam packed with promo codes, discounts, gift wrapping and deals. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and inquiries, and we have some outstanding companies/sellers and shops involved this year! (with many more on the way)

Please visit our Holiday Gift Guide on Boutique Cafe by clicking this cute little banner. Once you’re through shopping, be sure to snag our banner and place it on our blogs. Your friends will thank you, and you’ll look so holiday savvy!

Thinking of Nie Nie

dsc_7008-filtered.png I posted about Nie Nie back on Sept. 8th. She’s the beautiful blogging mom who was in a horrific plane crash in August, along with her beloved husband Christian. I’ve followed her story very carefully, praying and hoping that their surgeries would go well…that her skin grafts would take. Along with thousands of families all over the world, we’re all praying for miracles for this family.

I don’t know Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie) in real life, I have merely followed her blog travels through motherhood and feel very connected to her through our commonalities in life. I had a dream about her last night. In my dream I was visiting her in the hospital, the room was like a haven of beautiful soft music and cards, flowers and love notes strewn all over. A cocoon of healing, a safe and spiritual place where she could heal and regain her strength. In the dream I sat beside her and whispered how loved she is, that the prayers of thousands of people were with her, and that through her sharing the tender experinces of Motherhood on her blog she has inspired us all. I wish for her to know what a difference, what a priviledge it is to read daily from a woman who treasures the honor of being a mother, wife and child of God.

In my observations throughout my life, I’ve noticed that it’s often the purest, the strongest and the most amazing people who have trials such as these. In some ways I’m sure that it’s because of Stephanie’s incredible spirit and love, that her story touches us so deeply and makes us think beyond ourselves. For me, it makes me want to reach out and give more. It also focuses me inward to my inner circle of family and appreciate all that I have.

To continue to follow Nie Nie’s Recovery story keep watch here. Also on my daily reads is Nie Nie’s sister Courtney (aka CJane) found here, who is keeping everyone updated, caring for the Nielson children, and reviving past segments from Stephanie’s blog posts on the Nie Nie Dialogues.

What can we do to help? Pray, Remember, Send Good Healing Thoughts, Blog, Share, Support ongoing Nie Nie Benefits, Donate.

Little Joys of Motherhood

img_7174.jpg There’s something deliciously sweet about being a Mommy right now in my life. I’ve been deeply touched by the bond that I have with my boys, I feel so blessed to have them as mine. I started thinking about just a few of the treasures I have daily right now, and it somehow has worked itself into a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, somedays are tough and I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s only natural in a home so full of testosterone, however I am looking at my role as mommy differently lately. Please indulge me as I try to capture a small amount of what I feel.

Dylan – I can’t believe the blessing it is to have a relationship like this with my teenage son. I marvel and wonder what I ever did to deserve such an amazing child. You and I have been constant companions since the day you were born, my little buddy who was my one and only happiness in my life at one time. We went through alot together and now I know that all of it was worth it. I wouldn’t change a hair on your head kid! At this moment in life you are full of such humor and keep me laughing. I adore each moment that I get to spend with you, you make me feel so valued and respected. I know that many mothers do not have the joy of being truly respected by their children. I hold this as blessing from God, that you talk and share with me and that you still allow me to kiss your cheek and hug you. Thank you for being mine.

Joshy – You are growing up before my eyes, tall tall kid! Each day you are so full of vibrance and life! You make me giggle, you notice things that nobody else would (like when I wear a new pair of shoes, paint my toenails or wear new perfume). You always tell me that I’m beautiful, but it’s you who is beautiful in your loving and tender heart. You try to impress all the girls with your muscles, but I know you still think that “I’m your girl”. You are the KING of comedy around here, with the best one liners I’ve heard. I’m proud to be your Mommy.

Brigs – My little Tiger, my feisty little man. I’m so proud of the things you are doing! I know you are going through alot of changes right now, change isn’t easy for you. And yet I see a light and happiness in you this year as you try new things. I’m so encouraged by your happy face when I drop you at school in the mornings. I want everyone on the planet to know how darling you really are, you’re a sweetheart. I am also proud of the bravery you showed while going through your surgery and recovery this summer. At times I didn’t feel brave but you did so well son. You have so much determination and strength, I love that about you.

Noah – Little ray of sunshine. I could just eat you up, you darling! I sometimes feel near tears when I look at you, my little baby boy. I know that you are not a baby anymore but you still afford me the luxury of cuddle time and kisses. I love that you always want “Eyelash Kisses”, and that you’re talking a mile a minute about everything interesting to you. I love the inflection of your voice when you say “So Mommy! What do we do next?” and “I’m hurt, I want to talk about it”. I love that we get time together in the morning when the other boys are off to school. It’s sometimes the best part of my day because I feel like I really get to know you. You dazzle me with those brown eyes, and I can’t imagine loving you an ounce more than I do – I’d keel over! :)

Thank you for being my children, I love you and I’m so happy to know how fortunate I am. It’s like the heaven’s opened up and poured down the four most adorable children into my home! I am one lucky, lucky mom. XOXOXO!

Paint Me In Your Sunshine

I’m totally in love with the Marié Digby album “Unfold”. Every song on the album is so well done, it’s rare that I love an entire album – this one I love!

One of my favorites is – “Paint Me In Your Sunshine”
Paint me in your sunshine
Wake my sleepy eyes
Round me in your comfort
Stay with me for all of time

Reach your hand,
I’ll follow
Darken clouds for your rays of hope

So paint me in your sunshine
Walk with me, stay by my side
Fill my head with stories
For love and war and glory

Reach your hand,
I’ll follow
Light the path that will lead me home

Oh, oh, Home [x2]

One day the world will grow colder
Everything we’ve come to cherish crumbles
And only then will we turn back and remember your glow

Paint me in your sunshine
Leave the part of you behind
Tell me where I’ll find you
And send me off to another day
Till we meet tomorrow

Reach your hand,
I’ll follow
Hold me close till the day that I grow old

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh [x2]
Mm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm [x2]

Here’s the iTunes linky to go check it out >>

The Domestic Diva on The Big Idea

Domestic Diva Many of us know Lisa Carroccio and her beautiful daughter Marielle from the eBay Boutique design world. This amazing and inspiring mother, designer, and hostess extraordinaire, is being featured tomorrow night Sept. 17th, 2008 on The Big Idea – with Donny Deutsch, talking about her current business emergency for her new boys clothing line Downtown Joey. Advising our “Diva” on the show will be experts from the company Chip and Pepper jeans, a multi-million dollar company sold in 42 countries! The show will air on CNBC at 10pm EST (check your local listings). The Big Idea

Lisa worked as a Boutique Cafe correspondent back in BC Show #15, in 2006 covering the Children’s Club Show in NYC. The Diva, generously hosts a massive yearly BBQ for boutique designers and their families at her own home. She has a huge reputation for being the Hostess with The Mostess and gives tirelessly to many causes. Now it’s our turn to support her.

Please tune in to cheer on our girl who gives so much to our community, her family, and especially her daughter Marielle who is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. Please pray with us for a speedy match for Marielle.

We love you Lisa – good luck tomorrow! We’ll be watching and cheering you on. XO – Daria

**For a link to Lisa’s personal blog visit The Domestic Diva’s Disasters.

Boys at Play

Being the Mommy to four boys certainly has it’s perks. First and foremost being that they really treat me like I’m their princess! But another perk is definitely being able to overhear their imaginative play. It’s in these times that I always kick myself for not being more on the ball and having our video camera on non-stop record, the dialogue is just too hilarious. This can be evidenced by a recent conversation that Joshy and Brigs had on our trip to California this summer. They were playing in the back of the van when all of a sudden little Brigs pipes up in his sweet voice:
“Joshy I’ll be the good guy, you can be the Perpetrator!”

I’ve got my own little comedy channel going 24/7 around here, and the good news is that I rarely have to beep out bad language! LOL!

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