Prepping for High School

This morning Dylan and I routed through his entire closet and drawers, in prep for him starting High School on Tuesday. I can’t believe we moved to a city where 9th graders go to High School, I’m soooo not ready for this!!

On the bright side we organized his clothing together and have a huge donations box of stuff he had outgrown. The kid is totally growing right now and it’s crazy to see how few pants he had that actually fit him (even though there were mounds of them in the closet, all too small!).

His closet is now fit for a king, he even has a “shirts I look hot in” section!! (but I named it that). I’ve purchased a few shirts for him for the new school year, but the boy is in serious need of some great jeans/socks and maybe a new hoodie. We still need to grab him a backpack and his school supplies, but it feels good to have his closet ready for him and fully stocked with clean apparel. BooYah! Super Mom is on it!

Lash Attack

picture-82.pngWhile I was in Calgary this weekend I was able to quickly wisk my way over to Sephora with my MIL. It’s such a fun and girly place to shop, and their products are out of this world awesome. I snagged some Dior mascara and have been using it since I got back. It’s the most amazing mascara I’ve ever used!!

Confession: I have puny, blonde eyelashes hence my lash envy with certain people who have killer lashes that I know. Surprisingly with the DiorShow mascara I can sweep them to new lengths and with no clumping. Definietly worth sharing because I’m not regretting this purchase at all, it’s all sunshine and lashes around here.

ModGreetings Change Lives!

I was feeling sorry for myself today, my son Brigs is celebrating his 6th Birthday and it’s been emotional for me. I guess it’s just because he still feels so little to me, and the number SIX just blares out how truly grownup my kids are getting!

In the midst of my mid-morning Mommy Grief, I opened the mail to find this deliriously beautiful card with “I LOVE YOU” on the front. Only to discover that my dear friend Patty has sent me the sweetest note inside one of the cards she designed!!

There’s something so special about having someone take the time to handwrite you a thank you card (something I fall short on often). As I opened it and read her words I felt so happy. Thrilled that she thought of me, but even more that she saw so much positive attention and traffic from the surprise feature I did on her new line of greeting cards called ModGreetings. It’s so rewarding to know that the small things I do on BC can have a big impact for the ladies in our community that I adore. I just want to sing about you talented gals from the rooftops and thankfully a few people enjoy listening in and subscribing to my joyous tune! :)

Thank you Patty for being a darling and wonderful friend to me, your thoughtfulness touched my heart today. I might even allow Brigs to turn SEVEN next year because I have such a great support system of friends.

*now everyone go buy some of Patty’s greeting cards – they change people’s lives! Daria

pt. 3 – The Living Desert

As I said to Nathan after trekking through the entire Living Desert Zoo, its more like Desert of the Living Dead because man was it scorching hot! I have never experienced such blistering temperatures, luckily we toted water everywhere we went and plied ourselves with sun-block! (yes we’re the wimpy Canadian tourists). By the end of our excursion I was certain that I had heat stroke, I felt so gross!

Aside from heat exhaustion we totally loved checking out The Living Desert exhibit. The animals were cool, they had a petting zoo with little goats, a village with native drums and a shop with mediocre slushies (they can’t touch our Canadian Slurpees in the US, I’m sorry but slushes in the US are weak and way to air filled) . The zoo was really well done. The baby giraffe was the ultimate favorite among us all.

Hang in there with me people – I’m nearing our Disneyland pics I promise!! :) – Daria

Palm Desert pt. 2 – settling in

OK so I slacked off yesterday and didn’t continue with the run down, that’s only because I feel soooo run down! :)

Easing into vacation life was pretty easy for us, we stayed at the gorgeous Club Intrawest Resort in Palm Desert and had a two bedroom lock-out type of room. It was nice for us because the kids were on one side and we were on the other. We just had the doors open between our suites most of the time. Each room has a kitchenette, we found this IDEAL for our situation with four kids and needing frequent meals. We decided that we would eat breakfast and lunch each day in our kitchen, and then take the kids out to dinner each night. They loved going out to dinner and so did we!

Noah our youngest has had a track record for being pretty scared of the water. When we first arrived our room wasn’t quite ready so they suggested we take a dip in the pool. When I walked out onto the pool deck I fell in love, Palm Trees swaying in the blistering hot breeze, a gorgeous pool, mist spraying from areas around it. Dylan, Joshy and Brigs all jumped in and were having a blast, but Noah started freaking out. I knew we had days of scorching heat ahead of us so I persevered with him in the water and within a few minutes he had calmed down and was splashing too. In about thirty minutes he was fully prepared to be carried around the pool by someone other than me. And then Dylan was able to get him into a floating tube and kick around on his own!!

Now onto the BIG news of the trip. I relaxed enough to wear my hair curly the entire time! This doesn’t happen very often, I usually straighten it. There was no way I was going to spend 2 hours a day straightening my hair on vacation!! Thanks to some sweet remarks from my darling hubby I decided I had to let it go and just have a blast.

Dylan and Joshy were quite the pair, they had frequent “holding our breath under water” contests. As I look through our pics I’m shocked to see that I have none of Nathan playing in the pool!! Sorry honey, it sucks when you’re the only one taking pictures!

Back from California Paradise

We have arrived back to our home from our 10 day vacation extravaganza in Palm Desert California, and a three day blissful time in Anaheim at Disneyland. This has been our first major family vacation ever, and by that I mean that typically for holidays we pack up the family and drive to visit our parents and family. So going away to some new land “just us” felt perfectly decadent and thrilling to us.

I had no gage at all as to how the kids would travel on a plane, handle all the waiting in lines at Disney, brave the 100+ weather, airports at 5 in the morning, and enjoy each other 24/7….I just didn’t know what to expect. I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by my sweet children who did so very well with the heat, upheaval, and change and were able to sink into vacation mode along with us without many issues at all. They LOVED it, and I found my love for them expanding throughout our experiences together. You just can’t beat the wonder in your child’s eyes when they discover sometime new, its precious. I feel so very blessed that we were able to go all together and share in many memories. That’s what it’s all about to me, giving my children great experiences together because I saw so much interest, excitement and hilarity in them experiencing new things they’d never done before.

While on our vacation, Nathan and I also celebrated our 8th Anniversary on Aug. 12th! I must say that I feel so lucky to have Nathan as my companion, he is my rock and my supporter in everything I do. I just love him so deeply and love him far more 8 years later, even though I have discovered a few minor flaws over the years! LOL! He’s my prince and my dream guy all rolled up into the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. Thank you Honey for the best 8 years so far of my life – as we have always said “The honeymoon never ends, now we just take more little people along with us!” I love reflecting back on our wedding day and get butterflies at all we felt then, and all we have gone through together since. (this pic was taken at Newport Beach, see what I mean?? HOT!!)

I’m just going through our holiday pics right now and will be sharing shortly. For now, it’s nice to be home and I appreciate that the weather is almost comparable in temperature to what we’ve been dealing with in the desert! Nice not to have a shock to the system with snow or something crazy.

Boutique Cafe Hits Disneyland!

Our dreams are coming true, Boutique Cafe is heading to California!! We’re going to be taping a Video podcast for Boutique Cafe at Disneyland next week!

I’ll be at the park next Tues, Wed, Thursday. If you’re going to be there with your kids, dress them in Boutique, we’ll be watching for you – I’d love to get them into the segment! If you’re a designer this would be a great way to showcase your designs in the happiest place on earth!

We hope to meet several of our Boutique Moms there, and your Disney-kids too!! If you’re going to be in the area, please leave me a comment below and I’ll email you my cell number so we can hook up at the Disneyland park.

See you there! – Daria

***Shhh!!! Don’t tell my kids, they don’t know we’re going there yet!! hee hee