Staff Appreciation

Last night I was honored to tag along to Nathan’s big Staff Appreciation dinner at The Keg. He took his three wonder-assistants and myself out for a spectacular dinner. I must say that I was so throughly impressed with Nathan as he shared with each of them what he felt their individual strengths were, and how much he enjoyed having them on his team! It was so lovely for me to see my husband in this situation and how eloquently he thanked them each for their hard work. I know that they couldn’t help but feel his sincerity, and who wouldn’t want to bust their butt to work for someone who actually appreciates them??!

Nathan loves his profession and I constantly discover him talking in his sleep about dental procedures! I’m thrilled that he can be passionate about his career and find so much fulfillment in what he does daily to provide for our family. He is my hero!

It's Like Spring Cleaning in July

I’ve been bitten by the bug to get my entire kitchen cleaned and organized again. Last night I did floors, counters, and cleaned out the fridge and all the refrigerator shelves. Today I’ve been working on organizing the massive pile of junk that I had piled on top of my fridge and giving everything a home. I also cleaned out my spice cupboard and threw out old spices that had been kicking around for a long long time. It’s starting to come together but I still have a long way to go…pantry, dish cupboards, cook books etc. But I must admit that it feels really good to be getting somewhere and might actually inspire me to use my kitchen to create a culinary masterpiece…or at least some chocolate chip cookies for my kids!

What I’d really love to own is a Kitchen Aid Mixer, that’s been on my list of desires for about 8 years now. I have complete jealousy over Katie and Mom owning them now, but perhaps it’s a good thing I haven’t got mine yet because I just can’t decide what color I want. (Red, White, Black, Silver – uggh!! so many mixers so little time)!

cookitblogit-logo.jpgAnd on another yummy note:
some good friends of mine have put together an awesome thing called Cook it Blog it. It’s a group that makes up delicious dishes, baking etc. and takes pics of their yummies, then blogs about it. Joining in is easy and you get your blog listed in their blogroll when you participate. I can think of several people I know and love that would be awesome additions to this fun club. Go for it!!

Summer F-U-N with Cousins

2686860855_23cb5702811.jpg Yesterday was an exceptionally fun day for all of us. My Mom, Sister and her two boys headed down for a visit to enjoy our new pool and have a blast. It was certainly that! We had the best time yesterday playing in the water with all of the kids. Nathan had prepared the night before by running out to purchase a few essential floating water toys (ie: a huge water Sea Saw!).2686792755_c32242b2ff_m.jpg

The weather cooperated perfectly for us, in fact my Mom actually purchased a wet suit at Costco and got in with us. Our favorite new water game is “Whirlpool” where you have tons of people in the pool and you all run in the same direction in a circle. With all that activity it produces a current and when you yell “whirlpool” everybody lays back and enjoys the ride! It’s a total blast and something I hope we’ll get to do with all of our extended family this summer. (don’t miss out!)
The Sea Saw is a fine addition to our collection of water paraphernalia. Nathan and Dylan were the first to try it and man they were intense! They totally got air when they were on it. The kids played on it most of the day, but finally my Mom and I gave it a whirl. I’ve never laughed so hard, my mom was hilarious!! (way to brave it mom).
Later we had a marshmallow roast in our new fire pit. The kids were all standing around cooking theirs when Noah comes outside with a little plastic clothes hanger and a marshmallow on it!! ADORABLE! He just saw that everyone had a hanger and figured any kind would do. 2686859027_6f11390652.jpg

All in all it was a wonderful and wild day. Andrew has stayed a few extra days to play with the kids and they’re having a blast being around each other. This is shaping up to be quite the fun summer for us! 2686812773_52508054b8_m1.jpg

Finally Sharing it!! Quilt Market Pics

I’m FINALLY getting my butt in gear and am presently uploading pictures from our visit to International Quilt Market in Portland! I’ve been dying to share them all with you, but it takes a long time to upload that many pics – whew Flickr is laboring away as we speak.

In any case I hope you enjoy, I’ll be adding tons so check back tomorrow and there will likely be more. Don’t forget to subscribe to my flickr feed, or add me as a friend on your own Flickr account. – XO!! Daria

Click on the Badge to see them all:

Boutique Cafe's Quilt Market Portland - Spring '08 photoset Boutique Cafe’s Quilt Market Portland – Spring ’08 photoset

Old Red Barn does it Again – Quilt Giveaway!!

A few months ago Old Red Barn Co. did an awesome Quilt Giveaway on their popular blog.

Fast forward to present time and they’re doing it again!!! This time it’s a quilt made with Ginger Blossom fabrics from Sandi Henderson! Talk about beautiful, I can’t tell you how much I am coveting this quilt. The fabric designer is a good friend of mine and I can’t think of anything I’d love to snuggle up with more than this gorgeous quilt in her fabrics!

Pick Me Dana, Pick Me!! (I’m working on my video to convince you of my dire need!! LOL!)

Sweet new babies

I was out running errands today and right next to my “errand” store was Payless shoes. I had to run in and check out the sales, they have a big one going on right now and I’ve been on the hunt for a new dressy pump. Check out what are now in my closet!

They are super comfy platform pumps, even with a 4″ heel and I love that they cut lower on one side (you can’t really tell from this pic). I might need to go back and get them in brown too!

Brigs Surgery

Last week was Brigs long awaited Tonsil and Adenoid removal surgery date. He was very brave for the most part and came through the surgery really well. It’s taken a bit longer for him to bounce back than his older brother Joshua, but Joshy was lucky enough to be able to have the new Coblation method which has less bleeding, less pain, less swelling. Sadly they weren’t able to do that method for Brigs.

I was very proud of my little guy, but I never want to take him to a hospital again! The kid was climbing the walls to get out of there! (we both were). Thanks to our family members for all of their help! We couldn’t have done this without you all. XO

Don't you hate these catch up posts?

Guilty, guilty, guilty of not blogging stuff that should have been blog-worthy! So here’s a brief recap in a few seconds:

1. Joshua James turned 7!!!! We headed up to Calgary and hit the Calgary Zoo for his birthday. Nicole/Bjorn and family came along for the day. It was blistering hot, the animals were awesome (so was the slurpee/soft serve ice cream concoction). On the way out of town we stopped by to see Conor and Katie (and bask in the air conditioning at Mom and Dad’s house). Katie made us dinner and fed us all cookies – yum!!! It was a fantastic day and we loved being with our kids.

2a. Canada Day we woke fairly early and headed out to the Raymond Parade. The small town puts on quite the show, and we will definitely be back next year. In fact, I have heard whisperings of my husband wanting to BE IN the parade next year. Maybe his Mom can make him a costume!! :) The kids loved the miniature horses, motorcycles and all the tons of candy they throw out into the crowd.

2b. Canada Day Con’t – Nathan’s parents took our family to see Wall-E! Oh my gosh the boys were so in love with that movie. It was adorable. We braved the torential downpour and somehow made it to the theater without a canoe.

3. Did I mention that the kids are out of school? I was in attendance at a million farewell bbq’s, picinics and presentations. Joshua was a rockstar at Sports Day and showed off his coordination and energetic nature to all in the vicinity. He was precious!

4. It’s the afternoon…I have a migraine…and I’m still in my pjs. Gotta split but at least you’re caught up on what our family has been up to. I’ll be a better blogger soon. Promise!