Proud Mama

My son just rocked out his final report card, and now he’s headed off to High School in the Fall! Way to go Dylan, I’m so proud of you. You totally kicked it up a notch and proved to yourself that you could do it. I hope you can always remember what it took for you get here, I know you can continue to do that. You’re a smart kid (oops, I mean teenager!). It is fun to watch you investing in a goal, and makes me so thrilled to see you succeed at it (it’s better than a shopping spree to me!).


Can you say Feisty??

There are many moments that my kids just shine and I completely gush over how wonderful they are. This is not really one of those stories, but begs to be told!

Yesterday was Joshua’s end of the year class picnic at a lake near the school. Brigs and I ran over to meet up with Joshy’s class and to surprise Joshy. While we were waiting for the Grade 1′s to arrive we decided to play on the playground. Brigs climbed up on this tall wooden platform and was so proud to be up so high. He was having so much fun that it attracted the attention of an older kid who was also there. He climbed up next to Brigs and was likely double Brigs size! Then my little sweet voiced boy says to the huge child next to him “you’d better get off here or I’m gonna punch you in the face!!”

Ok I was totally shocked. The kid could have easily beat the tar out of Brigs with one swoop. Amusingly, I think he actually found it funny and started to laugh a bit, that this little mosquito of a kid was threatening him. I of course talked with Brigs at length about his behavior and delt with it on the spot. But the thing I wanted to convey with this post is how the size of his body does not even come close to the size of his spirit! He’s just my sweet little feisty Brigs (must be all the Scottish blood in him).

Everbody was KungFu Fighting

Get ready for the AWESOME-NESS!! We took our boys to see KungFu Panda and they were riveted (including Noah). Thanks to Carolyn (super dental assistant) from Nathan’s office who supplied tickets to the premiere for our whole clan! Nate has some pics of us in the theatre before the show, but they’re on his iphone so I haven’t grabbed them yet.

This is for Dylan:

Joshua's Advice

I don’t know what it is about little boys and bodily sounds but they think everything is hysterical! Today Joshy was priding himself on making some very loud burping and tooting sounds. I said “Joshua, please don’t do that. You’re teaching Noah how to do yucky things. I need you to be a good example.”

So Joshua turns to Noah and says “Noah, don’t do what I do!”

Jam Packed

My time has felt ultra Jam Packed lately with the addition of the revenue property to whip into shape, kids finishing their school year, wanting to beautify our yard for summer fun, and much much more. I also have alot of soul searching going on, it’s not stuff that I’m able to blurt out on my blog at this time but I have alot of internal things brewing right now. I guess that means that I’m sorry I’m not blogging and sharing more, I just am holding some things close to my heart for now and will SPILL later.

I am very happy in my life though, I feel richly and deeply blessed.

Parent Payday!

At lunch today we’ve been making paper crowns together for each of the kids. They LOVE doing this activity and making their crowns look adorable. During the process Joshua looks at me thoughtfully and says “Mom, you’re the best woman I’ve ever met!”

It felt like a huge parent payday to me. Thanks for filling the “Mommy Bank” Joshua, you have no idea how much I cherish the sweet things you say to me and the encouragement you give to me. You’ll be an exceptional Daddy and husband someday to be sure!

I made a big paper cutout of a heart to put on Joshua’s crown and wrote “King of Love” on it! He’s in heaven about it.