We're Renovating

Well not our house that we live in. We purchased a revenue property this month (we took the real estate plunge) and got a house at a fantastic price! Now we have the task of doing reno’s to make it fresh and ready for university student renters. Our rental market in the city is virtually non-existent right now so we’re confident that we can find good renters as there’s no where for students to go.

I’m learning alot about myself in the process of overseeing work on the house. I really don’t enjoy being the go between, sending messages back and forth between Nathan aka: “the money” and all of the contractors. What I do like…spending the money!! LOL! Bad I know, but not entirely a surprise.

I’ll share some pics of the house soon!

More Market with The Apron Lady

Have you been wondering where I’ve been? It’s been a long little break but in that time I managed to attend the Portland Quilt Market and cover it as media for my podcast at Boutique Cafe.

I was drooling over all of the gorgeous apron designs and patterns at Market this year! You would have loved it too. Today I wanted to share an interview I had with designer Jan Lutz from The Apron Lady Designs.
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CLICK here to view the interview>>

I Loves Me a Little Geekery

I’m a geek, I admit it. I loves me a little technology, and that’s why you should check out my buddy Chassy Cat’s show…Technogeekery. She fills her episodes with a combo of geeky information and her own “special” brand of humor. :)

Oh and another reason to watch her new show #30 is because I’m in it! I’m THAT cool! L

watch Daria break loose and goof around>>

Only pure love for The Chassy would make me share this with anyone!


A bit about Anna Maria Horner

A big big thrill from my trip to Market in Portland was the time I spent with fabric designer extraordinaire Anna Maria Horner.

The first thing you notice about her is how lovely she is in person, dark gorgeous hair cut shorter in the back and tapered forward to show off her stunning features, beautiful eyes and a tremendous smile. Then when you speak to her you feel so at ease, Anna Maria is just so real and full of life. It’s impossible to be nervous around her! (though my nerves attempted it at first)

Her booth at market won first prize and it was easy to see why, a total visual feast of the most delicious fabrics, textures and patterns. Everything holding true to her unique sense of style and movement. When we sat down in the beautiful wing-back chairs en-robed in “Drawing Room” fabric, it was the perfect place to hold our little interview for Boutique Cafe.

What I didn’t expect from Anna Maria Horner was how entirely funny she is! She had me cracking up so hard at the start of our interview that we literally had to pause and start again (something about the size our our large microphone made us all laugh uncontrollably).

I hope you’ll take a peek at my Boutique Cafe interview with Anna Maria and leave a comment for her. She really was a wonderful guest and just a total thrill to be around!

(Photo Credit: Intimate Photography by Amelia for use by Boutique Cafe)

MORE Quilt Market NEWS and INTERVIEWS Coming on Boutique Cafe.com – Check in often!!

Portland Quilt Market – Teaser!

For the past few days I’ve been immersed in the creative kingdom of International Quilt Market (in Portland). Boutique Cafe was given special access within the show to videotape and interview a plethora of our fabric and designer heroine’s and (heros). Taking along my amazing team of Megan from Brassy Apple and Amelia from Intimate Photography we worked the showroom floor interviewing, capturing and photographing, drool worthy textiles and admirable creative geniuses. We also had the opportunity to meet up with several members of the boutique designer community, it’s been the most spectacular meet and greet!

We’re on our way home tomorrow, and can’t wait to share it all with you! Now the fun begins as we edit video tape and photos to share on Boutique Cafe. Watch for our coverage of 2008 Portland Quilt Market…coming soon!!

Pictured in this photo (L to R): Amelia, Amy Butler, Daria, Megan

Sk*rt is Out, Kirtsy is IN!

kirtsy! A few months ago I shared a super cool website called Sk*rt that I adored. It was started by three women, moms like you and me!

Well long story short, they needed to change their name… Now Sk*rt is called Kirtsy and truthfully I like the name even better now! So check it out and support these creative women who’ve designed a “Digg”-like environment for women and women’s issues.

Pardon me while I Kirtsy now!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms and moms to be in our community, and in my circle of family and friends. You have a tough job, but it’s the most important one in the world! I honor each of you today and say thank you for all you do to nurture your families and raise fantastic children!! Feel special today (and everyday).

Boutique Cafe nominated "Best Parenting Podcast"

Best Parenting PodcastsTeens Today with Vanessa Van Petton has held a recent contest for the Best Parenting Podcast and we were informed that Boutique Cafe is one of their choices! What a thrill to receive a nomination from one of you, and to hear such high praise from Ms. Van Petton herself about Boutique Cafe.

Teens Today is a website that showcases a teen’s perspective on parenting today, from her “net” generation view of the wondrous world of young people.

Please check out the fantastic list of “Best Parenting Podcasts” mentioned on Teens Today website (we’re in the Parenting with a Twist category). And be sure to leave a comment for Vanessa about why you love Boutique Cafe – we really would love you for it!

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