Drama Drama Drama

It’s morning, and moments before school starts. Joshua is still not ready. I say in a pleasant voice “son, hurry go get ready you’re going to be late.”

his reply…

“I don’t want to be your son if you talk to me like that!!” – in the most dramatic tone, he could have been on a soap opera. Oh my, here we go I guess. L!

I didn’t know whether I should be hurt that he came up with it, or laugh because he sounded just like me as a child. Ask my Mother, she’ll fill you in.

Really Sad Tonight

I wanted to be able to get on my blog tonight and share the experiences and fun that we had while in Florida this past week, that is coming soon but has been pushed aside as I learned moments ago the news that one of my cousins was killed tonight in a motorcycle accident. He was only 26, married with a young little guy. He had some trouble while out on his motorcycle tonight, lost control and ended up breaking his back causing him to pass away very quickly. There was nothing they could do for him. This is just beyond heartbreaking. When we were younger we spent some really fun times with their family, I have many found memories that are flooding my thoughts. I’m deeply sad.

When someone you know and love dies, it really puts so much into perspective about how fragile life here really is. We might have our own plans and agenda, but God has his own plans for us and we need to live our lives accordingly knowing that our days are really a gift. I believe more than ever, that means treating everyone with love and respect, healing old wounds, forgiving others, making amends if we have wronged others, magnifying our talents, giving service to those in need, sharing the best of ourselves with those dearest to us, sharing the sweet and profound truths of happiness that we have discovered in our lives, teaching our children as much as we can, not taking our loved ones/experiences/blessings for granted.

It makes me really ask myself, if this happened to me and I died tomorrow, what would my children have learned from me? What would my loved ones say and feel about the life I lived? Have I offended someone and not taken the time to apologize and make things right? What do I convey about myself to those around me? Will God be pleased with the life I lived and the things I have done with my time and abilities? How can I realize the true value of a single moment of time?

Bottom line, what is holding me back from being the person I know I could be?

I have alot buzzing around in my brain tonight and lots of emotion, thank you for letting me share this.

Insert Me Here

I’m heading on an adventure/second honeymoon/business trip to the beautiful beaches of Florida with my favorite person in the Universe…My husband of course! It’s been years (and years) since we’ve had a chance to go away just the two of us. And though the entire staff of his office will be along for the ride, I’m sure it will be romantic and fun as well. I’ll try to update with pictures shortly. This is highly needed, I can’t wait to revive myself and I’m excited to get back refreshed with great new memories. Watch for some pics coming to you soon!

I was Featured on "A Mom In Red High Heels" today!

What a treat to be featured on a blog that I read and admire. I felt very flattered to be invited as a guest interviewee, and to share my personal beauty regime. A Mom In Red High Heels is a site meant to educate Moms on how to look great and feel fabulous in her role as Mom! We Absolutely LOVE that!

In my feature on MRHH I share:
-my favorite beauty tip
-What my Mother taught me about beauty and fashion
-my time saving beauty tips
and MUCH more!

Check it out and be sure to bookmark them.

Read and comment on my feature here>>

Win With The Yummy Mummy Club

THE YUMMY MUMMY CLUB is a playful and cheeky site for modern mothers looking for adult stimulation. This site was created by celebrity Yummy Mummy, and fellow Canadian Erica Ehm (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the Calgary Women’s Show last year) in 2007 as a playful place for moms to come to celebrate and commiserate the realities of modern motherhood, while trying to balance life as a sexy mama.

This month, they are focusing on being a Healthy Mummy – and are giving away some prizes that I just had to share with you. Click and enter to win some spectacular gift baskets from Yummy Mummy Club >>

The Opus Movie

While in Calgary last week I was invited to attend the Premiere of The Opus movie. Many are calling this a follow up to “The Secret” but in fact The Opus delves even further into how to create the life and legacy you desire. The original cast of The Secret have joined in this amazing movie, including some new faces and the result was inspiring and uplifting. I was enthralled with the music, storyline and of course the bevy of motivational masters involved in this project (including: Douglas Vermeeren, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, Marci Shimoff, Mark Victor Hansen, Morris Goodman and many many more). The Opus was masterfully pulled together and produced by motivational speaker Douglas Vermeeren (who also is a long time friend of mine). The evening was a huge success and jam packed with a captivated audience. I spoke with several people afterwards and asked their feelings on the movie, to which my questions were met with enthusiasm and high praise. I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Marci Shimoff a keynote speaker and author who was a cast member in both The Secret and The Opus.

Watch on Boutique Cafe very soon for some special guests involved with The Opus, and be sure to check out the Opus website for a screening near you!

Enough about Kids!! What about Me?

Ok, this is turning into a brag blog about everything my kids do and say!! I must spice it up just a bit with a few pics of my dear friend Maja and I together over Easter break. We got together for a Savvy Organizer meeting at this place called Nellies. I was informed that they served killer Eggs Benedict (which they don’t anymore btw). So despite no sushi which Maja has been craving for months, and no hollandaise sauce to appease me we still managed to have a kick butt meeting and more! Hang onto your socks, there’s loads coming up on Boutique Cafe AND The Savvy Organizer baby!

Easter Hunt Recap

Spending the holidays at home with our families is always a fun experience. My Mom really went all out this year putting together a hilarious and fun Easter Hunt for the kids and their cousins Justin and Andrew (sorry to my brother Brett who is too old now for the hunt!). There was quite a flurry of activity, each child was assigned a color of egg and had to fill their little baskets with them (and many other items like underwear and socks) along the way. It was a total blast, excepting when my nephew Andrew could not track down his new Easter underwear. We looked all over and turned the house upside-down looking for it, my Mom could not remember where it was hidden at all. I felt so badly I grabbed my purse and threw my buddy a $5 bill saying “Here you go bud! Buy your own underpants!!” – the kid was in Heaven! (btw we did find them eventually, but of course he got to keep his $5 for something fun). After the sugar high died down, the kids piled on the couch and played video games…as you can see from the last pic its very serious business. Aren’t cousins THE BEST??!!

Meet Our New Nephew Finn

While we were busy with Joshua’s surgery, Nathan’s sister Nicole took it upon herself to add another member to our family! Sweet little Finn is our newest little nephew and we’re all over the moon in love with this precious boy. The girls were so full of excitement when we arrived, it was fun to see Freyja and Cora as Big Sisters to their new brother. We adore all those mini Larsen’s and they even allowed us to hold their precious little bundle of brother. Here’s some pics of our family’s newest reason to smile. Congratulations Nicole, Bjorn, Freyja and Cora – your Finn is Fantastic!

(*I only had the few pics from my camera so I need some of Cora, Nicole and Bjorn with their baby!)

Joshy's Heroic Tonsil Adventure

Well finally after many months of waiting our Joshy went in for his Tonsil and Adenoid removal last Friday. Joshua was diagnosed with sleep apnea and we’re really hopeful that this will allow him to feel more rested in the morning, as well as allow more oxygen to his brain and body. It’s been a whirlwind of emotion for me having my little man’s care in the hands of those other than myself.

He went into the hospital in great spirits, taking his Daddy’s hat and turning it sideways on his head. Then of course came the “cool” hand gestures that made Nathan and I totally crack up. When we got inside he quickly changed out of street clothes and into the CLASSIC hospital pj’s – loving the stripes!

The surgery took much longer than we anticipated and Nathan was even looking a bit worried. Thankfully, he came through with flying colors and after he awoke we were able to see him. After loads of Tylenol and Codeine the boy was feeling better and able to take on the mountain of juices and popsicles the nurses were throwing at him. He’s home now and still a bit sore and swollen, but the kid has shown amazing inner strength. He’s such a lovely child and we’re so proud of how he’s handled all of this!