It's a Jolly Holiday with Noah

The kids and I are up in Calgary this week for Easter Break, and Joshy’s long awaited tonsil removal surgery. In the midst of family events, appointments and egg hunts Noah has really shone like a little beam of light! He’s truly coming into his own with his language and communication now, and it’s adorable to hear him chirping away – on and on about whatever is interesting to him. I have to admit that it’s pure sugar to hear the family falling more in love with Noah, and enjoying his little spurts of banter. I always want to shout from the rooftops just how darling my little guy is, without being too pretentious of course.

The other night we went to view Liz and Kent’s new home that is under construction (it’s beautiful btw!!!). Outside there was a large dumpster with huge letters spelling out a builder called CARDEL. Noah saw that and ran right over to it, sharing his knowledge of each letter and it’s accompanying sound. “The C says CCCCCC!” “The A says Ahhhhh!” etc. And then sounding out the word right in front of Auntie Liz, his Nana and his Papa Jim. (perfect timing to show off your skills buddy!! Way to go!)

Thanks everyone for loving our Noah and for helping me enjoy his progression from Babyhood to Beyond. It’s hard sometimes to know that your baby isn’t quite a baby anymore, but with the cool rewards of the next stages it’s all still pretty sweet!

Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone…

I admit it, I just can’t get through without my husband! He’s been off at the second part of his IV Sedation course this past week and I’ve been getting more emotional by the day. At first when he leaves for a dental course, it’s a bit like party time. The kids and I rent movies and have a little pizza party, trying to make the fact that Daddy is away less of a sad time. My boys love their Daddy and are quite sensitive about him being away.

However, after several days of little kid conversation, doing everything day in and day out, handling every tantrum and boo boo – well it wears on you, and you realize how awesome your spouse truly is. I’m so fortunate to have a husband who is willing to pitch in around the house, has no problem doing dishes or folding laundry – I LOVE THAT MAN! I love him being around to talk with, and even just to know he’s here and available is enough sometimes. Oh, and I adore that he’s so dedicated to Date Nights and takes me out weekly to renew our relationship beyond being parents together.

He should be walking in any moment now and I can’t wait to greet him. Separation sucks – I recommend togetherness all the way!

Awe Struck with Quilt Lovin'

Oh my! Strap on your safety belts and hold on to your socks – Old Red Barn Co. is celebrating their 200th post by giving away a Quilt! But not just any quilt, it’s absolutely jaw dropping yummy! To enter the drawing simply leave a comment on their quilt giveway post, and then agonize for the next few days hoping to hear your name called! It’s that easy and totally fun. Oh I hope they pick me, I LOVE that quilt!

Big News for Brigs Lovers

Yesterday Brigs was in the van after school and out of the blue said. “Mommy you know, you named me Brigs Conor”
I said yes and he said “I want you to call me Brigs Conor!”. So for those who know Brigs, please adjust the way you address him now and call him “Brigs Conor” as he’s really into it!! :)

(we’re sure that Uncle Conor will be thrilled!). Do any of you have children who like to be called a certain thing? For the longest time Brigs wanted to only be known as “Brigs” and not even be told he was cute! “I’m Not Cute! I’m just Brigs!” is all we’d hear. The times are a-changin’.

A Blast of a Weekend

Over the weekend we had the sheer delight to have Nathan’s parents, sisters and their adorable kiddos here for a visit. Being with them again made me realize just how homesick for our Calgary family members I had become. It was a wonderful weekend with trampoline bounding, head bumping, ladder climbing (and subsequent falling), water sliding, baby lovin’ action! I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews, they are so full of love and energy. I got so many hugs and kisses, nuzzles from cutie-pie Seger, and Cora really noticed and connected with me for the first time in a girly bonding sort of way. I was in Auntie Heaven!! Evan was all boy and ran around with our kids enjoying all the “guy stuff” we have around here. Freyja is my special little doll and we have a huge love for each other. I’m often treated to stories from Nicole about songs she makes up about me, peppered with frequent phone calls saying “I Lo-ff you Daria!!”. Then Miss Vienna was of course the life of the party, she’s so like her Mommy in looks and in spunk!! LOL!!

When they arrived on Saturday I had picked up a belated Birthday cake for Liz, thinking that it would be a blast for the kids to say that they came to a party at our house. We also had missed being with her on her Birthday and wanted to share the love. On Saturday evening Dad, Nathan, Liz, Nicole and Dylan took all the kids to the Ramada swimming pool and water slides. This meant some much needed visiting time for Mom & I (plus Seger)! We took him with us to Superstore and he was absolute delight in every way. I couldn’t get over what a happy, cheerful, bubbly baby he is…I want him!

On Sunday we went to Aunt Janet’s ward at church to hear Ashley’s homecoming talk from her mission for the church. It was a beautiful talk on sacrifice and I bawled through much of it, I was so touched by all she had learned. Then once that was over we all headed back to Muirhead Manor for some eggs benedict (Dad seemed to be in heaven over that). I was so happy to feed them all and the compliments were much appreciated! We later headed over to Bryan and Janet’s lovely home and enjoyed a delicious dinner. As we drove up to Janet’s house Joshua exclaimed “It’s a Beauty!!” and he’s so right, they’re home is gorgeous! Noah is fully in love with “BABY” (aka Seger) and found great joy in honking his nose and making a very Loud piggy snort. He bawled when “Baby” left and was very upset…mmmmm….that’s all I’m sayin. :)
Here’s a few fave shots from the weekend. True to form my older children are nowhere to be found when the camera comes out. I think someday they’ll be shocked to hear that they were in attendance at any family events at all. If any of you caught my kids on film I wanna know about it! Love you all!

Organizing Daria

Order has never been my strong suit, I tend to be creative by nature and unfortunately that sometimes leads to piles of things I need instead of a place for everything. I am taking small steps towards organization in my home and it’s really paying off.

In the bathroom we had this dinky, unusable space between the wall and the bathtub wall – it was annoying and felt like a flaw in the design. Voila! Now I have transformed this into a functional space with my new metal baskets ($5.00 each at Superstore), and I used my label maker of course. Now all my makeup and hair products are in one, towels, bath products/lotion and razors, and finally a toy bin for the little guys favorite tub toys. The baskets are perfect for all that bathroom clutter, and best of all I can quickly just toss my stuff back in and it’s out of view and off my counter. This makes me happy!

Has he been reading Shakespeare?

Today Joshua was in the van with me and this is the conversation that transpired – I swear!! I rushed home so I wouldn’t forget a word of this. You have to understand, this kid is the most hilarious creature I’ve ever met. The stuff that comes out of his mouth totally shocks me sometimes. He’s extremely sweet and sensitive, but also a mixture of energy and mischief. I love that boy!

Joshy – “Mommy I love you so much. If you died unexpectedly I would take a knife and put it in my chest so I could be with you.”
Me – “Honey no, you don’t ever take your own life. God gave us our lives as a gift and he doesn’t ever want you to kill yourself or anyone else. Dying is just part of life. I love you too, but there will be a time when we can be together again.”
Joshy – (audible sigh from the back seat) “Ok then, I’ll just kick back and enjoy the ride!”