If YOU Were Going to Florida…What would you bring?

Wink, Wink – yes I’m going to Florida! I need your help in figuring out what I need to take along. My hubby and I are so excited to get away together for about a week, its like a dream come true, this just doesn’t happen (we haven’t gone away together since our Honeymoon…um 7 years ago). Thankfully I have some time to prepare and plan, its not for a few months yet.

We’ll be traveling with his entire office and spouses, it’s a huge group. Nathan will be in courses till around 4ish each day, then well have time in the evenings to shop, dine, swim, whatever. I cant wait!! During the days I’ll be hanging with the lovely ladies from his office and the dentist wives. FUN! Likely I’ll get in some retail therapy – Oh let’s face it I will. So I’ll need to pack well and leave extra room to bring some stuff back.

So what would you recommend taking along as far as clothing? shoes? accessories? What do I need to bring along so I’m looking cute and pulled together?

Brig's Take on the Lunar Eclipse

Last night I was excited to share the Lunar Eclipse with our children. Once it had started, I asked Brigs to hurry downstairs to tell his brothers “we’re going to see the eclipse!”

But in his sweet 5 year old nature what he heard and communicated to the boys excitedly was “Dylan, Josh – We’re going to go see paperClips!” LOL!
Adorable isn’t he?

(By the way, we had an INCREDIBLE view of it from our balcony)

What's in YOUR Bag? – Boutique Cafe Challenge

Fashion Forward Friday Today I’m participating in the new Fashion Forward Challenge on Boutique Cafe – “What’s in YOUR Bag?”. We’ve all been challenged to dump out our purses and reveal through pictures what we’ve got in our bag! FUN RIGHT??!!!

As for me, my purse is always full to the brim with needless stuff! I can’t help myself. Once I cleared out the old receipts and note paper reminders to myself, this is what I found in there (oh and about $20 worth of coins!! LOL!). I’m so glad to have this challenge, it encouraged me to clear out the clutter and my bag is ten times lighter now.

Here’s the Contents:
Butler Bag in Espresso
1. Sunglasses
2. Gensoy protein bar in Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor
3. Red LG Chocolate cell phone
4. several bracelets
5. Canadian Passport
6. Bank and Credit Cards
7. little red measuring tape
8. eyeliner
9. polkadot notebook and pen
10. voice recorder
11. pink iPod Nano and ear buds – I’m listening to Boutique Cafe of course!
12. Blank gift tags, Thank you cards
13. $20 Canadian Bill
14. Hairspray
15. Visine – all mommies need this for our tired eyes
16. Gift Cards to dine out for FREE – yes I need to use them!
17. Boutique Cafe Business Cards

That’s it for me – What’s in your Bag???

** To join in our Challenge Visit Boutique Cafe for full details, then blog your entry and link back to BC. Don’t forget to share your blog entry link back in the BC comments so people can come and check it out!

Oh and Did I mention that there are PRIZES being given to a few who participate? It’s a surprise so get in there and join in the fun!

Valentine Love Notes – Call YOURS In Today!

Hello and happy Tuesday! This past week I have had several emails sent in to me, asking if we would be doing another Valentine “Love Note” type of show. Our Valentine’s shows are always very popular and fun. How could I deny you? My sweet listeners!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

-If you would like to leave a brief message for the one you adore, simply call our Boutique Cafe Voicemail line at 815-550-2434 and leave a brief 10-20 second message for your darling. (message must be received by dinner time Wednesday in order to be included)

-This will be a FREE service, I will include your message in my Valentines Day podcast. Be sure to have your sweetheart or kiddos listen in.

**when recording speak clearly and identify yourself. Have fun and thanks for sharing your loving thoughts on Boutique Cafe this holiday. (once our voicemail box is full we won’t be accepting more messages, so record yours right away!)

Happiness is…

Happiness for me is a kiss from Noah. He’s just recently discovered the fine art of the smooch, and loves to pepper me with kisses all of the time!

Previously he would just press his face and lips against yours. Now he’s graduated to the puckered pout, squinty smiled, smack when you make contact KISS! I’m so lucky, he’s a delight.

Speaking of Photography

picture-54.pngA long time desire of mine is to have a photography studio in my own home…someday when I master my camera and have time to devote to it. I want to capture the sweet chubby toes of a baby, preggo bellies, and little girls prancing in tutus. I have alot of work to do in order to get to that point, but in the mean time I find such a great joy in visiting photography sites of women actually doing this! When I found Urban Photo Studio I just had to share it. She takes beautiful photographs, rich in color and life! I could spend hours drooling over her photos. I’m especially enamored with her “Red Couch” family shots – Love it!!

A rare glimpse

I rarely feel brave enough to post pictures of me on my blog. I’m just super picky about them and can’t stand most of my recent shots.

However, my son Dylan took these shots of me at the park a few weeks ago and I was really proud of what he did. He might just have a love of photography brewing like his Grandpa Jim, Dad and Uncle Conor. Not bad for a 13 year old photographer! LOL! Thanks for indulging me.

Slick Sugar Sale!

yhst-50517385586162_1987_237908.jpeg It’s time for Fun! Slick Sugar.com is having their “End of the Year” sale on children’s clothing. Tees are 50% off! I just ordered a few adorable tees for my boys on their site, I can’t wait to get them.

Shop Slick Sugar >>

I also was seriously wishing I had a little girl because their Rockin’ I Got Soul tee for girls in black and hot pink is wicked cool. :) Oh and don’t forget to scour their Clearance section as well for some cute deals!

PS. if you belong to The Daily Stroll mailing list, you get great discounts and coupon codes. Today only use coupon “BeMine” at checkout on Slick Sugar for an additional 10% off your order (including sale items). Be sure to sign up for The Daily Stroll mailing list >

People with Tattoos

Strap yourselves in for another hilarious Joshua story. The other day he walks up to me (very serious, sporting his intense look).

Joshy -”Mommy you know what?”
Me – “What honey?”
Joshy – “People with tattoos belong in jail…never trust a person with tattoos…they can’t be trusted!”

Mmm, I guess I shouldn’t get that teddy bear tattooed on my thigh huh?

Hugs and Kisses Cookies

vdaycookies.jpg My friend Nikki has an incredible website called Gourmet Momma, where she shares easy and delicious meal ideas for busy moms. I had to share her Hugs and Kisses Cookies post because they are so adorable! What little kid (or love of your life) wouldn’t adore these made especially for them? I’m thinking I’ll make these with my kids for their school party on Valentine’s Day. They’re sure to be a big hit (and so easy to make!). I’m assuming that I’ll be able to track down X and O cookie cutters at Michael’s.
Take me to the cookies >>

Be sure to stop by Gourment Momma and bookmark her site. Go Nikki Go!