P.S. I Love You

psiloveyou.jpgLast night I had the fun opportunity to go to a good ole’ chick flick with my new friend Carla (who is also my hair dresser). It’s funny how I seem to always become close to those who do my hair, LOL!! Nathan laughs all of the time at how I bond to my stylists.

Carla and I went to see P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler (he played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera Movie). The movie has us both bawling within the first few minutes. I wish I had brought a box of kleenex along with me. It was touching, sweet, funny and made me think of my amazing husband the entire show, I’m so lucky to have Nathan as my husband. I can’t imagine my lifetime spent without him by my side, he’s my champion and my best friend. And that’s the part that gets you while watching this movie, because you seriously put yourself in the shoes of Hilary Swank’s character and feel the loss, and the rebuilding of her life right along with her. Gerard Butler is irresistable in this film, I can only imagine that every woman who sees this show will smack her hubby next to her and tell him “that’s how I want you to love me!”

Nathan didn’t want to see this movie, in fact he was pretty vocal and resistant about seeing a weepy girl movie – but now that I’ve seen it I’m going to MAKE that boy watch this movie when it comes out on video. You hear that Mr. ??? You’re watching it.

Oh, and P.S. I Love You!!!!

Daria the Walking Zombie

I’m feeling like a freakshow today. My kids have come down with the stomach flu (especially Brigs) who spent the night waking and crying. Fever, throwing up, sore muscles and Brigs even got canker sores in his mouth! YUCK! We’ve been hit by the plague!

I was up and down the stairs at least 12 times last night, and the moment I’d finally fall into a blissful sleep I was shocked back into “mom mode” again. It’s times like this when I just want to curl up in a ball in the corner, I’m just dead on my feet.

So if I seem cranky, irritable or off for the next few days please forgive me, and know that I’m just experiencing complete and utter exhaustion.

Kicking the scales butt!

Ok, since so many are sharing their New Year’s Resolutions I’m going to publicly mention that one of mine is to lose the weight that I’m unhappy with, and tone up. And officially after two weeks worth of drinking water, running treadmill, using hand weights, walking to pick up kids from school, eating healthy, cutting back on the carbs, and not eating after 8pm I’ve lost 6 pounds so far. YAY!! Not bad at all for only two weeks worth of working on it.

Thanks go out to my darling husband who’s the best support ever! He constantly is cheering me on and telling me how radiant I look. I love that man!

I’m excited to reach my goal in the next few months, and then have my scale self destruct! LOL

My OWN Label Maker!

4vnvt2qtpcsnqpxlja2dlgaenlrnreot.jpgI have finally broken down and purchased my very own, handy dandy Dymo Label Maker. Previously I have borrowed my MIL’s label wonder machine, but she remembered that I had it, so I HAD to give it back! :)

Now with my own Dymo Dynamo I can organize and label our home to my hearts content. There’s something so sweet about having the cool tools to start on big projects like Spring Organizing for my home. It gives me a boost to have the ability to stick lovely labels everywhere I organize, and it gives my family hints as to where things should go.

My friend Maja, The Savvy Organizer swears by Label Makers for your organizing needs. Here’s her recent review of why they are a must-have for your girly tool kit Click to read review >>

This is the Labeller I chose >>. It’s just like Maja’s, but offers several font options (hee hee).

Joshy Conversation

After picking Joshy up from school for lunch today, I trying to engage him in discussion about his morning at school. This is what transpired:

Me – “Joshy, I missed you this morning. What did you do in your class today?”
JJ – “I can’t remember”
Me – “Well honey, just think about it for a minute and tell me something that you did”
JJ – “Mom…when I forget something then that means I can’t remember it. It’s never coming back!!”


eatpraylove.jpg To kick off the New Year I dove into Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now reading any book as a mommy to four children is quite the task. Thankfully my husband adores seeing that I can in fact, read, and he ran interference for me so that I could indulge in this book.

As for the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It whisked me away right along with the author through her travels. Honestly, I just really needed a little escape and this offered that luxury. If you’re sensitive to bad language, there is a bit of that in this book. I read my copy with a white out pen in hand so I could pass it along to my family members later with the swears edited out. :)

I feel such a sense of accomplishment at getting through a book right now with my hectic life. Thanks for letting me share.

Fresh Sugar


Good morning. I simply have to share this photographers website called Fresh Sugar Photography

Located in Calgary,splash_logo.jpg Alberta (yes that’s in Canada). I haven’t personally had the pleasure of working with her on photos for my children, however when I came across her pictures I fell in love with her style (especially with infants).

Enjoy a fun little break and check it out today…Fresh Sugar Photography

Everyone is having babies

foot_coming_out_of_pregnant_belly.jpgOK what the heck is up? It seems like everyone I talk to is pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or just finished being pregnant these days. It must be the water (either that or it’s the people I hang out with, you crazy party people!!).

So here’s my question for the week: What age is your cut off for having children? Do you have a cut off age for yourself? If not, then how do you know when you’re finished adding to your family? Is it by number of children you already have? Would you consider having more children if you had complicated pregnancies in the past?

I can’t wait to hear your perspectives. Let’s have a little dialogue. Perhaps the old clock of mine is ticking really loudly now but seriously, everywhere I turn I notice people are going baby crazy. Well who can blame em?!`