Christmas 2007

Well after all the planning, shopping, wrapping, traveling etc. it’s all done. Christmas this year came in a blur of activity and haste, but I have to tell you that I think it was one of my most favorite holiday years since our married life began. How could this be? So many lovely Christmas events over the past years, they were all special and magical (isn’t it great how that just happens?).

This year I felt like our “little” family hit our stride, we were able to drift blissfully between two extended family households with the grace of a Prima ballerina. I felt non-stressed most of our mini vacation, simply content to lap up all of the love and attention of our families, and not feel the distressing heart palpitations of punching the family time clock. This is what made the holiday for me, just feeling that whatever was best for our family was A-OK! The children were overcome with a Christmas morning of abundance (far more than I recalled buying or wrapping). It was so enjoyable to hear their laughter, their anticipation and surprise. One of my favorite moments was when my brother Brett was laughing hysterically about how totally overboard I had gone on Christmas toys and exclaimed “I want to be your kid! Adopt me!”. I think alot of this might have been brought on by the resurge of Transformers on Christmas morning, this was a huge throwback for Brett and Nathan to their childhood’s too, so seeing Brigs overcome with joy at opening Optimus Prime sent them back to their youth in an instant! I wondered if the Transformers would actually make it back to our home or if my bro would secretly sneak one to his house to keep. LOL!!

We have the most adorable Nieces and Nephews on the planet! We loved being able to hang out with each and every one of them. It was hectic, noisy, and throughly entertaining to see them playing and sharing (sometimes voluntarily). They have all grown so much, it’s really too much fun to watch their expressions and demeanor to see so many similarities to their parents. Let me indulge for a moment by mentioning that Liz’s baby Seger (your youngest Nephew at the moment) is this solid little chub of a baby. I could take him home with me in a heartbeat and tried to convince Dylan to replace him with a stuffed animal in his carseat as they were leaving, just to trick his Mom and Dad. LOL!! Um… yeah I’m in total baby love with him. Freyja, Cora, Evan, Vienna, Seger, Justin and Andrew – we love you kids so much!

Now to the food, which was so earth shatteringly delicious that I dare not begin to describe it in detail for fear the words themselves would carry too many calories for human consumption!

My husband also had a Birthday over the holidays, he is catching up to me finally and I’m most eager to allow that to happen. In fact, I’m almost willing to bypass Birthday parties for the next few years just to allow him to catch up fully. Happy Birthday Honey.

Thank you so much to both sets of parents for welcoming us home with so much warmth! We had a very Merry holiday. It’s now heaven to be back in our own home however, we really like being “us” too. I’ll share some Christmas pics when I’m able. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and felt the joy of the season.

Indulge my weepy nature

This holiday season I’m finding myself in the curious state of contentment/homesickness. I have so much to be thankful for this year, we’ve been truly blessed in our family and lives. This year has held no shortage of changes however, including a move away from our dear families, new schools, new starts. I find it tough right now to be away from them, it’s a struggle and so I try to keep myself ultra busy.

But as the holiday set in, rich with color and memories I feel flooded this year with a whole host of feelings I don’t know where to put, or what to do with. I have sweet thoughts of my Grandma before she passed away, our last few moments with her spent singing Christmas carols to her in her hospital bed. I also think of friends I’ve shared the holidays with, dear friends who have been such a blessing to my life and many whom i miss terribly. And of course all the family memories and traditions I grew up with as a child. I still cling for dear life to those traditions, hoping to eek out another year of that magic that my parents so expertly created for us. There were PROS at Christmas and that’s a fact.

With pressure mounting from all sides on me this week. I needed to step away from the hustle and bustle to just take a deep breath and say thank you. Thank you to each person who has touched my life, for each family member who loves unconditionally, for God and his rich blessings, and for those I work with and have the pleasure of knowing. I know this is going to be an emotion filled Christmas for me, I can feel the tears swelling already in their delicate balance of happiness & overwhelm (and the kids aren’t even out of school yet!!).

That’s one of the things I love best about the holidays. I always feel a renewed love for those around me. I want to huddle you each close to my heart and just say – I cherish you. I know it’s mushy as can be, but there it is. I’m throwing it out there.

Proud of Me

Each year around this time I think to myself, “why are you producing The 12 Days of Christmas shows again this year?”. And each year I forget the huge amount of time, effort and editing that it takes right before the holidays. I only think of the momprenuers I’ll be featuring and how their businesses will get traffic for months and months to come. I think about the fun I have talking with 12 amazing women about their businesses, projects, websites and designs. There’s nothing more fun than interviewing these creative women and supporting them in their passions.

So as we launched our first holiday show of the season yesterday, I felt a huge sense of pride. I’m proud of me, for sticking it out for our third year of holiday extravaganza shows. It takes so much out of me, but I can’t picture the season without doing this now. I know that it helps so many of my interviewees, and when I talk with them it reminds me of how far we all have come. I know many of these ladies through the boutique design community and now they are branching into so many new areas of interest, the creativity and talent is unmatched. So as I grumble the next few days while editing hours of audio and adding images and links to enhance each of the next two shows, perhaps I’ll grumble a little bit less this year because my listeners look so forward to it. It really is such a huge privilege to be able to showcase so many in such a short period of time. Thank you for tuning in this year – I hope you really enjoy them all!

Gingerbread Train

gingerbreadtrain.jpgOn Monday evening Nathan arrived back home, after an excruciating absence for another Dental Conference. We were so happy to see him! His presence was even more of a thrill when the children discovered that their Nana had sent along a Gingerbread Train for our family night activity!! They were boundless sources of energy, covered in green and white icing and snuck many a treat into their mouths before the structure had even gone up. We laughed, some cried, some fought over who got to place whichever candy where they wanted. It was gingerbread madness at it’s best. At the end of the evening we had a beautiful little train with candy missing and side panels half eaten.

Ok, on to the “Bad Bad Daria” stuff. I didn’t take pictures. Yes it’s true, I’m sorry Mom. Nathan had killed the battery in Las Vegas and the kids were dying to get going – I just couldn’t put it off till the battery recharged or we would have been train making late into the night. But enough of excuses, I owe you a picture. So here’s what’s left of the gorgeous gingerbread train you sent – as you can see we LOVED it! And it was delicious. LOL!!

Another Lost Tooth

Joshy accidentally knocked out his bottom front tooth tonight. It was slightly wiggly already but he hit it on the tap while brushing his teeth (he was acting a bit wild!). Needless to say he was thrilled to lose that tooth. As he climbed into bed tonight he exclaimed “Come on Tooth Fairy!! Show me what you got!!” ROTFL

The tooth fairy has three bucks! :)

It's Potty Time!

Extra Extra! Noah has been using the potty today. I have this cute one made by Boon (I love their products). He’s gone on it three times today and I just knew he was ready to get training. I’m so excited, the kid has been taking off his own diaper this week whenever he was the least bit damp. I can’t wait to have no more diaper duty in my life!! Wish Noah luck everyone, he’s had a great start today.