The Kid Pep Talk

Children are so amazing to me, I am awed many times by the sensitivity of my boys. Over the past week I had been feeling a bit down and struggling with a few things that were going on. Somehow Joshy sensed this in me and took it upon himself to boost me up with one of his awesome pep talks. He came up close, held my cheeks in his hands and said “Mommy, this is me Joshua talking. You’re pretty, you’re nice and you’re a good Mom!”
The tears started to flow down my cheeks, he knew just what I needed and he filled my cup in such a profound way. I’m so grateful for the blessings of being a Mother. It’s tough job somedays but the rewards are so beautiful. I’m immensely proud of Joshua and how tender his heart is.

Blog Envy for me too!

Elizabeth and I are on a campaign to win the blogging favor of Dad. We’ve noticed alot of posting from him on Katie’s blog, and we’re green with envy that those comments aren’t being spread around like little gems of wisdom on every family members blog. We can assume that either Dad simply likes Katie best (which I’d totally understand, we like her better than us too) or maybe Katie writes more about things Dad likes ie: food, cooking, recipes, baking, anything to do with yummy stuff.

So Liz and I are on a fishing expedition now, together we unite feeling as Lone Middle Children must do, to talk food and see what happens. I know she’s created a lovely post about meatloaf! LOL! I am not an expert in the kitchen however I made some pretty unbelievable chicken fajitas tonight with caramelized onions, peppers, chicken, avocado, cheese, sour cream, chicken and my family raved!! My mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious they were.

Did that do it? Will we hear from you? ROTFL!! Till that day, Liz and I will just have to comment to each other and long for your attention too. BTW Katie we love your blog, it’s irresistible to men and women alike!

Let me introduce you to Sk*rt

sk*rt! Are you the type of person that always finds the best stuff, but is never sure who to tell? Perhaps you have amazing news of your own that needs to get out there! Well SK*RT might just be the answer you’ve been looking for, plus it’s girly and fun!

Sk*rt is a social media platform of pure goodness. A plaza for the peachy. A portal to the pretty. A place to find cool things. To read smart scoop. To connect with fab ideas, exceptional people, useful information, excellent products. All of it. And more.

It’s like Digg but it’s for women and it’s spectacular! Try Sk*rt and let me know what you think.

It's Giveaway Time! Win an Apron!

Visit my new Apron A Day blog this week and enter to win this flirty Dorothy apron and matching Sweetheart rubber gloves from Carolyn’s Kitchen! They’ve been featured in oodles of publications for their “throw back to the 40′s” style, with a modern twist.

Winning is SO easy, and you’ll look pleasantly put together this holiday season wearing your own Dorothy apron in Red! We love it!

High School Musical 2

Last night all the kids and I piled on the couch so we could FINALLY watch High School Musical 2. I know we’re a bit behind the times, but due to our schedules just haven’t been able to time it to see it. We all enjoyed it so much, the kids were on their feet dancing and singing the entire show. It was adorable to see Joshua’s MOVES including floor spins and his own form of break dancing! Brigs dancing is a bit more subtle, he tends to just kick his feet out behind him to the beat! LOL

I love that my boys enjoy music so much, it’s always been a love of mine my whole life.
Who’s your FAVE High School Musical character? Can you guess mine? L

I'm a Betty! Are you?

Megan, our former Queen of Chat has just launched a new endeavor and we’re so thrilled about it! It’s called Traveling Betty and you simply must check it out and get involved.

Flat Betty is Megan’s alter ego who will travel the world spreading joy and raising money for charity.

Are you a Betty? We bet you are! Do you strive to make a difference – however big or small – and look for the beauty in others? If so – embrace your inner Betty and snag one too!

Visit Betty’s Blog for full details>>

Just a Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post today as I’m under the weather with a horrible flu that I’ve been fighting all week.

I had to go in for IV fluids yesterday and I’m still very weak.

For those who frequent my Boutique Cafe site, please bear with me and I will have new content and news up for everyone once I’m well. Thanks so much for your understanding!
- Daria

Handmade Holidays!

Handmade Holiday After the latest round of recalls of toys made in China, more and more consumers are turning to toys and gifts made in the USA. Of course we all knew that handmade gifts made by work at home moms and grandmas were exceptional in quality and creativity. Let’s make this year a handmade holiday. Try to buy or make at least one handmade gift for a friend or relative!

Boutique Cafe, Journal Modiste, Kiddlins and You Can Make This, have teamed up to bring you some Jolly Holiday gift ideas and places to buy handcrafted items. We want to promote the idea of buying, selling, and making homemade this year. Each of our sites will feature gifts you can make or buy this season.

For a quick and easy way to find each of our sites Stop by Boutique Crossing >>


N A T e I just have to blog-rave about my husband Nathan. Lately I have really noticed his efforts to make me feel loved and appreciated. He goes out of his way to do something sweet at the most critical time for me, whether it’s a big hug, a comforting word of encouragement or just cleaning the entire kitchen to ease my day.

I feel so lucky to have such an incredible man in my life who supports me in everything I do, and cheers me on all of the time. He rarely says “no” to me, instead he is just the poster child for Cheerleader when it comes to me. The biggest thrill for me is that lately he has really taken the time to notice the things I do and doesn’t just let it go by, but he makes sure I know that he’s proud. That has got to be the hottest quality ever, when your man thinks you’re a Superstar! :)

If I didn’t have Nathan there’s no way I could attempt to do anything close to what I am able to right now in life. He’s my rock, my safe harbor and my best friend. Now that’s not to say that he’s perfect, he can have the occasional “man brain blip” like most guys :) , but I’m so thankful for his efforts to show me he loves me. I couldn’t ask for more than what he is!

Aw Sweet Noah

If you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll spill it here. I ADORE my little Noah. He’s just the bright spot of my day with his cute little ways and gorgeous brown eyes, he has me wrapped around his little finger like you can’t believe.

Today my toddler child was getting out of the van and started to fall. I reached out and grabbed him mid air saving him from quite a tumble. He wrapped himself up in my arms and looked into my eyes. Then suddenly says ” THAT WAS CLOSE! ” (well I nearly fell over laughing. I love my boy!)