Captain Jack Sparrow

Dylan and I had so much fun dreaming up his costume this year and putting it together.

Everyone freaked out when he came to their doors, they loved it! My boy even had the walk down pat. We had so much fun together – I just love that kid!

Just had to share as it’s likely his last year to go out trick or treating. :)

The Amazing Spider-BRIGS!

Happy Halloween! I wanted to share the cutest Spiderman I ever did see. Brigs was so excited to get to school wearing his Spiderman costume (he’s been sleeping in it for the past 4 nights!). The boy was just over the moon to finally wake up and wear it to show his friends. All of his kindergarten teachers dressed as pumpkins, and one kid had an outstanding Optimus Prime Transformer costume.

They get a little class party and a parade around the school to see all the costumes!

It Finally Happened…the hair story

I shudder as I write this post, knowing my Mother-in-Law will cry when she hears the end of the tale. It all began with a busy Joshua boy who decided he needed a haircut, and took measures into his own hands to accomplish his goal. Let’s just say, some of his hair looked like astroturf it was so short. Yes my boy grabbed the scissors and chopped not only his bangs to the scalp, but his troublesome crown area (which should always be left a bit longer due to pesky hair growth direction). He proudly walked into the room where I was and exclaimed “Aren’t I Cool? I cut my own hair!” what could I do? I gulped, smiled and talked to him about never cutting your hair and always asking a grownup to help you. Then I mustered a laugh and packed him quickly into the car for an emergency trip to the salon. There are no pictures for evidence, I couldn’t bear it – my kid looked so strange.

At the salon the ladies all stood around trying everything they could to ease my mind, it wasn’t happening. Especially when one of them said “Um….I think we just need to start over” oh boy, here come the clippers. Now I’m not a big fan of the buzz cut, it’s not my fave. I like my boys faces framed a bit with hair, so to see her shearing my kids head like a lamb in the spring was heart wrenching to me.

During the “Shearing” I tried to keep Joshua happy as he watched his beloved hair fall down into his lap. “You’re going to look so cute Joshua!! It will look like you just enlisted!” The hairstylist laughed and kept buzzing. A few minutes later and my boy was REBORN and sporting a very close shave. He still is cute as a button, he’s still my Joshy, but man he looks older! (just what he needed, he’s already the tallest in his class). The best part for Joshy was his Daddy’s reaction, Nathan didn’t even skip a beat – he immediately gave his excited voice and wrapped Joshy up in his arms “You Look SOOO Cool!!!” he said. (yes I know he’s the better parent).

We had fun this morning getting ready for school and laughing that no matter how crazy he slept at night, Joshy’s hair wouldn’t be messed up. He’s on cloud 9 about his hair, and trying to see if anyone knows who he is at school. So that’s the tale of the scissors and my 6 year old. Read it and weep.

Transitional Time

I’m going through alot of transition right now, the kind that comes from moving to a new city and getting your family settled/organized/happy/adjusted/rested. Add to that the fact that after several years of feeling crappy most of the time, my health is improving and I’m feeling stronger (minus the past day or two from migranes). This also means that I feel the need to take on more, do more while I’m feeling able. So the basic things that I struggled with only a year ago are meaning alot to me right now.

I’m having fun dreaming about meals I want to make for my family, and how I can maximize my time by cleaning at certain times each day, and then having free blocks of time to work on my podcast and of course spend time with the kiddos. Fall is just a delicious time to refocus and regroup.

I’m happy to report that I’m making it to church, making meals, driving kids to school and back, establishing bedtime routines, reading with my children each day, doing homework with them, and getting dressed myself each day. These sound like the basics, and they are – but I wasn’t able to do the basics that long ago. So I’m grateful for my new found energy and excited to continue adding more of the things that matter to my days.

Super Mom snags Paper Route for my Kid!

Oh yeah, I’m good! I must share my delight in being able to snag Dylan a shiny new paper route right in our area today. Yeppers that’s right, my boy will now be inducted into the Muirhead Men’s long standing tradition of early morning paper route detail. I can’t wait to see my boy get his first paycheque. :)

Dylan really wanted to get a route when we first moved, but everything in our area was taken so it dropped off the radar. Well I got this notion last night to call and ask if anything had changed, so I left a message and crossed my fingers. Happily the coordinator called me right back today and Dylan has his choice of two routes right on our street. He can take both if he wants to, which we’re going to encourage so he can rake in the dough from his first job. Needless to say my boy is over the moon and going to meet with the coordinator tonight to get everything underway. I won MAJOR points with Dylan today, but mostly I’m just super proud that he’s my amazing 13 year old kid.

A box for Brigs

I walked downstairs to find Brigs had unpacked a box with all the parts of our old ceiling fan. I quickly made him help me clean it up and put everything back, while telling him that he couldn’t do that because it was a box I needed.

He sweetly looks at me and says “But Mommy, it’s my box. I need it for my Situation!”

Boutique Cafe Joins "MommyCast & Friends" Family Channel

Member of the MommyCast and Friends Family Channel
Big Announcement! News broke early last Friday morning at the Podcast & New Media Expo in Ontario, California that MommyCast would be partnering with Podango, to develop a family channel of podcasts. We are honored to announce that Boutique Cafe is a New & inaugural member of the MommyCast & Friends Channel, of family friendly podcast content. MommyCast & will be launching soon with content that will entertain, educate and uplift today’s moms and parents. Thank you for supporting Boutique Cafe and for cheering us on in this huge opportunity!

Watch for our show later this week, where we explain what all this means for Boutique Cafe and YOU our listeners!

Pics from the Podcast & New Media Expo!

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