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My buddy Emily co-owner of georgie tees and her partner in crime LeShan have baked up some bloggity goodness that can’t be missed. Sharing “fresh ideas, tasty treats and a good dose of humor” – well sign me up for some of that! If there’s something Emily knows about, it’s all the yummy stuff you all want to indulge in. Trust me, she’s always talking about chocolate, caramel and more. :)

Not only are they successful business women, but also super mommy’s with 8 children between them. This blog is sure to bring fun and laughter over the coming months.

Hurry off and share their link with your friends and family, then have your friends post who referred them. You could WIN big with freshly baked – they’re giving away a gorgeous Modern Union diaper bag filled with products from littletwig, baby star and of course georgie tees. (hint…tell em’ Daria sent you!) :)

Click here for a little freshly baked fun >>

It's Official – I must be moved in

I’ve finally accepted that fact that I don’t live in Calgary anymore. Yes, all my family who read this will cry and say – “wow we thought she’d dwell in self denial for much longer than this” but no. I’m to the point where I have to branch out and accept I’m in a new city and with that comes the biggest transition known to woman kind – finding a new hairdresser! I thought foolishly that perhaps I could just make weekly trips up to Lydia over the next few years, she was amazing with a round brush and could beat my hair into submission like none other. Sadly, the odds of this actually occurring are much like that of my winning the Lottery and not buying a ticket. SLIM baby SLIM!

I’ve even tried holding off and focusing on my children, not allowing myself to realize the rats nest atop my head. It’s looking shabby and I feel my energy level sinking low whenever I look in the mirror and behold whatever my hair has become without Lydia to guide it.

So I have an appointment at a new salon today with Kevin (don’t tell Lydia), who the lady assures me will whip my hair into a round brushin’ frenzy. We’ll see after I take it for a spin how I feel. For now I’m only allowing a shampoo/style and we’ll take it baby steppin’ from there. No cutting or coloring if you can’t straighten my hair properly, that’s my rule. It’s a good rule. Pray for me as I attempt to revive my sex appeal, or at least not repulse passers by with my crazy locks. I’m scared and I want my Mommy! Why Lydia, Why?

Headin' to the PME Baby!

Yipee!! I’m so excited to be able to attend the Podcast & New Media Expo this month in Ontario, CALIFORNIA! I’ve wanted to go for the past several years, but it just was never convenient or I had vertigo. LOL. Well there’s no vertigo in sight so Nate gave his nod of approval & I’m off.

If you are in and around the Ontario, California area Sept. 28-30th and are a BC listener I’d love to meet you. The conference is free, so drop in and say hello. Be sure to email me if you’re coming so I can watch for you moms and designers! Click here to register for this hoppin’ event! >>

Toothless Josh!

We have a very excited boy this evening! He’s the proud and peppy one you’ll see, minus his first baby tooth. Last night Joshy bit into something and it was instantly loose. He and Dylan worked on it tonight, twisting and bending when suddenly it popped right out! I don’t know who was more excited, Dylan was so proud and they were hooting and hugging each other. What a fun moment to see them loving each other and so thrilled that they did this together.

He asked me to email all of our extended family with the news, and to let them know that it’s under his pillow tonight in case the tooth fairy needs directions!! ROTFL

And Then There was Brigs!

Today was the BIG day for Brigs – his first morning of Kindergarten, and a whole new world opening up for him. What a treat to have a little guy so excited at the wonder of what school would bring. He awoke with a smile on his face and ran for his backpack within moments! Joshua was thrilled to walk him up to the big school and insisted on holding his hand as we crossed the street with the patrols. You can see how proud he is of Brigs in the picture!

Brigs and I went to the classroom and he was immediately swept away with one of the teachers assistants. While he was hanging up his backpack I got to speak with his teacher and grab some forms. I looked over and expected him to be a bit timid, when I laughed out loud that he was hugging the lady and saying “Hi, I’m BRIGS!!”. He then came over and hugged his teacher and they were so impressed with him. I was able to shuffle off without any scene of crying or anything (aside from my own). When I came to pick him up he had a big SUPER KID sticker on his chest and some artwork to share. Apparently he had one outburst during the morning when asked to do something he wasn’t quite ready to do, but they were patient with him and feel like once he understands the routine he’ll do great. So now I have 3 in school and one left at home, let the chaos begin!

And He's Off!

Joshua awoke bright eyed and energetic to greet his first day of Grade 1. He was a bit timid when we got into the classroom, and told me “I have to do this SLOWLY Mom!”
So we hung up his back pack and talked to his new teacher. Then he saw a little boy that was around his height he got more excited, the kid had on a Spiderman shirt so Joshua went over and introduced himself and shook the boys hand. In fact he shook hands with several of the children by the time I left the room. He had a tearful moment thinking about his old friends, (especially Zoe who he adores) but got over that fast and enjoyed the singing of Oh Canada with all the parents in the classroom. I was holding back some tears today, I always get choked up on the first day of school – I was really proud of my big boy and how he handled going to a brand new school today! What a trooper.

Watch for further water works on Thursday when my Brigs starts Kindergarten – or as he calls it “Kinger-garden”
Here’s Brigs sending off Joshy on the steps of our new house. He wasn’t too thrilled that he couldn’t go to school today with his big brother, but Thursday will come faster than I can handle! :)

Meet Seger

I’m an Auntie Again!! My gorgeous Sister-in-Law Liz gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week. Pardon my tardiness in not showing him off sooner. Meet Seger James, my newest little nephew. The boy is perfectly precious and my children have been plotting to steal him away, “Liz can have another baby” is the phrase I hear often.
Congratulations to Liz, Kent, and Big Brother Evan, Big Sister Vienna!! I’m in love with your beautiful new boy.