Lip Smacker Challenge

Boutique Cafe’s Fashion Forward Friday Challenge last week was to pucker up and share a post on our own blogs about our fave lipsticks. If we were brave enough to share a shot of our lips Amelia encouraged us all to do! So here’s my pic Amelia – smoochy smoochy!

I love lip products: My fave color right now is MAC satin lipstick in “CAPTIVE”, I also line my lips with MAC lip liner in “pink treat” – then I use an amazing gloss/plumper by Dermaglow in pink to top it all off.

I took the little online quiz that Megan had shared on Boutique Cafe and discovered that my lipstick habits share alot about me:

Sharp-angled but curved tip

Loves attention
Falls in love easily
Needs schedule, but dislikes one :) – I know Megan will laugh at that one!

A quilt for Olivia

**EMILY – if you’re reading this overt your eyes and move on! LOL!

Here it is! I’m finally posting pictures of the quilt I mentioned in an earlier post>>. This gorgeous creation was made by my amazing sister-in-law Elizabeth and it’s perfection! I can’t wait to send this off to Emily and her new baby girl Olivia Gail this week – I’ve held off because I wanted to know the baby’s name before I sent it off. Now I just have to write the card for her and it’s ready to go.

Thank you so much Liz for your tireless efforts in creating this masterpiece, you are so talented. I dare say, it’s killing me to let the quilt go, I love it so much. The best part will be thinking about the fun we had in picking the fabrics out together, and the magical way it all came together. I know Liz had many stressful points along the way with this blanket but you’d never know from the sheer gorgeousness of her stitches. She doesn’t have a long arm machine, all the circular top stitching was painfully done with a template and her walking foot. I’m still in awe that she whipped it all together in what seemed to be record time, though I think I may have ruined her for any future baby projects! LOL! Kidding, I know she loved it.

I hope baby Olivia cozy’s up in her new blanket and feels all the love that was infused into it, and that Emily will feel chic and beautiful carrying it when they’re out on the town.

Baby Girl!

I’m excited to report that though my own body cannot produce female offspring, there are in fact baby girls being born in the USA! My dear friend Emily (Daily Dish Contributing Editor) and her husband Nathan just welcomed their gorgeous new daughter into their family last night at 9:20 pm. It was a quick labor and the baby is beautiful, pink, and brilliant with an APGAR score of 9 (Nathan was proud of that!). 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 19″ long – she’s stunning. Emily sounds great on the phone, maybe a bit tired but very happy. And the report is that the other kiddos are thrilled with the new addition, aside from young George who says “Don’t want it!” :)

Congratulations Emily and Nathan – love you guys!!!

Daria embraces change in 3/4 time

I’ve got alot on the brain these days so thanks for bearing with me as I deal with alot of internal conflict and decision making. I’m missing my hubby, missing my Dylan, crazed by the three younger kiddos, swamped in Boutique Cafe, and feeling the need to connect individually with each and every friend I have in town. I’m feeling alot of upheaval, and yet I really can’t share why at this point – at least not on my blog. Our lives have been chalk full of change over the past several years, and this time of year always throws me a bit into a whirlwind. I like things to be set (a clear picture) and at the moment they are not, I also have yet another son ready to get into Kindergarten. It’s going to be an interesting year, and though eventually I embrace changes I find that I resist it initially and can think of nothing else. Can I be more vague? LOL! Well it’s more than one specific thing, it’s many little things all totaled together that cause such an outburst of vague ambivalence. Don’t worry this isn’t some strange cry for help, mearly the sensation that comes from spilling something out on the floor and stepping back to look at it before you clean it up.

I’m happy, and healthier than I’ve been in about 8 or 9 years so that’s a bonus. But my kids lives are changing before my eyes and I want them to just stay put in their cuteness. I’m grateful, and I’m feeling there’s something that I’m supposed to do or be doing that I’m not right now (no not the laundry although that’s a really good guess). I think I have a purpose that I have not yet discovered, it freaks me out to think that, as I’m often content to immerse myself in what I’m already doing. Why do I consistently find myself in situations that push the boundaries of my comfort zone? Dang it I hate growing, I won’t do it, you can’t make me…and then I give in and grow just a little.

PS – thank you to Nicole today who called at an opportune moment to remind me that emergency procedures need to be reported via phone call! ROTFL I love you Nicole. Thanks for bearing with my scatterbrain, somedays I forget who I tell things to. I did call Bjorn from the hospital when we were there waiting to see if he could do the stitches instead, but you guys were out and then I lost my mind. L!

The Lake, Sandcastles and poor Noah

Yesterday we packed up the kiddos and headed to the lake with my parents and my brother Brett. It was such a glorious day, not too hot but the water was warm and perfect. Brigs and Brett had a blast splashing and playing in the water, Brigs was quite the little buddy to him. Nathan brought a big metal shovel and began digging a trench in the sand down to the water’s edge, I was laughing at him for being such a big kid. It was cool to see what he created as he and Joshy started carrying buckets of water up to the top of the sand river bed and poured them in. The effect was incredible! We made dozens of little sand castles along the make shift river and the kids had a ball – though Brett, Nathan and I had the most fun. My Mom was in pure delight watching “her kids” play in the sand, it must have brought back some fun memories for her. We laughed and played as each of the adults tried to make the best sand castle, Nathan however took another approach and decided that he was a developer and created a mass of look-alike townhomes in the sand. ROTFL!

Noah was quite content to sit on the lawn chair in the shade and snack on chips and watermelon watching us giggle over how cool our sand village had become. Then he decided enough was enough and he took off for the park. Nathan was in hot pursuit and they went over to swing and play. Not long after I heard shouting, Nathan was running with Noah in his arms and there was blood everywhere. Noah had smacked his forehead on some of the play equipment and since it was a head injury it was bleeding like crazy. We grabbed a few things and left the other boys in the care of my parents and rushed Noah to the emergency care centre. Now I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but here in Calgary our health care system is stretched to the max. We ended up waiting in line for what seemed like forever just to see the triage nurse, then spent several hours (upon hours) waiting to be called in for stitches. Noah was quite good considering all he had gone through but I think the wait was getting to him, I know that I was getting anxious. I went up to ask the triage nurse how long it would be since I was concerned that after 4 hours they couldn’t do stitches anymore, and at that exact moment Noah ran down the hallway and rammed smack dab into the protruding water fountain with his head yet again! Oh my gosh, I was dying at this point. He was screaming so I just stood in front of the triage desk with him and wouldn’t you know it…they took us in right away. I guess the crying was more than she could take but I was grateful to just be in the room finally. They had to wrap Noah up in a big sheet to restrain him and he was hysterical while they cleaned the wound. They decided to glue it instead of stitching as the actual cut was quite small after all that. By the time we got back to our other kids it was well past dinner time and I was so exhausted. Noah had icecream for dinner and I don’t mind saying it, he deserved an icecream for the day he had. He’s happy and peppy this morning, cuddling next to me on the couch and looking pretty beat up. So what did you do for your Holiday Monday??!! LOL