Baby Quilts and Super Talent

On the weekend my MIL and SIL kidnapped me in the early morning. Mom had woken up early to run to the fabric store for the 50% off stamp that day for me. How incredibly kind is that? The night before I mentioned that I’d love to hire Elizabeth my SIL to sew a quilt for my friends new baby girl. I won’t name my friend as I’m not sure if she checks in here or not, but she was totally on board and called me on-route to my house saying that I’d better get dressed cuz she was 5 mins away. We went to a swanky fabric store and drooled over many a pattern, there was just so much to choose from. I started to tell Liz about my friend and she immediately took me to a certain fabric and started matching others to it. I love it! She has such an eye for things to go together. Once I was fully convinced and ready to pull out my credit card she and mom both said “Hold it!” Now that we all know the feel you are going for with the quilt let’s check out Fabricland and see if they have something comparable but a bit less money. So reluctantly I dragged my pouty lip out the door and away to the other store. I have a tendency to get attached to an idea RIGHT AWAY and so leaving all that beautiful fabric was killing me. As it turned out we were able to find some GORGEOUS fabrics with the same chic, bold feel of the other stuff but at a fraction of the price – plus it was just great quality fabric too. The colors were different from the first choices, but the feel was so similar I couldn’t pass them up. I’m just jazzed for Liz to make this quilt and can picture my friends new little baby all bundled and sweet in it – looking OH SO Chic! Liz is so talented in many arena’s, but the girl makes her own quilt patterns and everything she touches is gold! I can’t wait to share some pics once it’s not a surprise anymore. :)

Fashion Forward Friday – "UP tight" Challenge

The most recent Challenge from Amelia on Boutique Cafe’s Fashion Forward Friday is to share your favorite up do with your hair. Now admittedly, I don’t typically pull all my hair up, I find I like the look of longer hair on me so I rarely pull it up. I’ll do the occasional pony tail but I’m not super creative. However, I often clip the front of my hair back in a cute barrette or clippy. Here’s the evidence on our recent vacation, taken on the side of the highway in Montana when the kids needed a stretch break.

The second part of her weekly challenge was to show off an adorable hair accessory from I found these darling bobby pins that might just have to be mine.

They are crafted using vintage buttons and I love the red and blue colors with vintage japanese flower pieces. click here to view the listing >> the seller is sakurakittycreatives.

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Joshy's Autograph

The other day Joshy asked for a pen and came back to me with this sweet little piece of paper. He handed it to me and said “Here’s my Autograph!”. Nathan and I totally gushed with how cute it was that he did that. Well this morning, Joshy saw the piece of paper laying on the counter and ran it directly over to me. “Mommy!” he exclaimed “You want to hang onto this!” ROTFL. I’m taking his advice, he seems to have big plans for the future and that piece of paper might have a nice street value someday. :) GO JOSHY GO!!

Help me Name my new Bag!

Ever since my friend Amelia nick-named my green van “John Cusack” I’ve been busy giving out my own nicknames to things I own! L! I splurged late last fall and purchased a gorgeous red Baci purse which I secretly deemed “Anne Hathaway” because whenever I carry that bag I feel like a million bucks, much like Anne Hathaway looked in The Devil Wears Prada. Well, Anne Hathaway is back up on the shelf as I set out on a new adventure with my espresso colored Butler Bag that arrived today. I’m wrestling over what to call her, she’s deep rich espresso with the most organized inside you’ll ever find. I just put all my purse treasures inside and it’s just SWEET to be able to touch whatever I need to within seconds. I’m liking her sooo much! She’s the perfect color for me, and will keep me pulled together and on track with all the built in organizers I can easily utilize.
I’ve raved about the Butler Bags before on Boutique Cafe, I’ve given a few as gifts and they are a winner! This one is mine – all mine!

So please, help me nickname my new bag – I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Why I hate Ikea

Looks can be decieving, what seems to be just a typical metal framed bed is really the cause of much heartache for me. You see, all you Moms will understand. You have your little ones and tuck them in at night, you have a routine. For me it’s backrubs and special songs for each child. When we moved last year it was time for Dylan to get a new bed and we took him to Ikea to find one. He picked out a super tall loft style bed with desk underneath. Now don’t get me wrong, the bed is nice and it’s functional. But I have to tell you things changed when he switched to this bed. Tucking him in at night just ceased because the bed is so high up I can’t comfortably hang on for dear life while rubbing his back. It took something from me, and now he thinks he’s too big to be tucked in. I wasn’t quite ready to give that up. The fun songs just for him, now I still get a hug in the hallway but it’s just not the same. I want my little boy back. So that’s why I hate Ikea now, that loft bed made my boy grow up a bit more quickly than I was ready for. Sniff sniff