iHeart Steve Jobs and the iPhone

The iPhone and “Hunk of the Month” Steve Jobs are the topic of conversation in many an email and podcast this week. Today is the BIG day – the release of the iPhone. My husband Nathan thinks that he wants the iPhone more than I do but I guarantee that’s not the case. (who’s the first to post a pic of Stevie on her blog? That’s right baby me!)

To see the iPhone mania sweeping the nation check this out -

Rocketboom from Apple Store in NYC
Cali from GeekBrief undercover in line for an iPhone
The old standby – Apple website
As of yet the iPhone is not available in Canada, I considered flying down to the US and waiting in line but thought instead I’d beg someone down there in our family to do it instead. Conor? Dad??? oh wait, they’re probably in line right now as I type.

Joshy's Last Day of Kindergarten

It seems like only yesterday that I was sniffling about my Joshy heading off to Kindergarten, and now he’s off for his last day of K! I was going through his backpack to get a few things together for him and noticed that his teachers sent home a beautiful personalized folder wrapped in ribbon. They took so much care in gathering Joshy’s precious work, printing, artwork and more throughout the year and lovingly held back on sending some things home so that he would have a great memory folder for his last day. Inside they had taken pictures of Joshy throughout the year, with many different hair styles doing all the things he loved in Kindergarten. And they also interviewed each of the children in his class. Here is his interview:

My Favorite part of our school day is: when we go outside to play
My best friends are: Zoe, Nathan and Carson
My favorite song is: Elephants have wrinkles (it’s hilarious, ask him to sing it for you)
My favorite trip was: When we went to Let’s Play
My favorite color is: Green
My favorite animal is: Elephants
If I had $100 I would buy : A game for Me
When I grow up I want to be : an explorer

I am so proud of my big grown up Joshua. As a Mommy I’ve noticed him develop in many ways this year, he’s expressive, thoughtful, sensitive, and kind hearted. Joshua loves to have things a certain way, prefers to be called Joshua by everyone and has boundless energy. He loves to tell you facts about things he knows, sings “I can’t believe I can FLY” loudly while he’s riding his bike, he doesn’t like to wear socks very much, and tells Nathan and I daily how much he loves us. Joshua is learning how to sit still and pay attention, it’s sometimes a struggle but he’s getting much better at it. He is a very good printer, and loves to color hearts on a page for me. I give Joshua an A+ for all his growth this year and I can’t wait to see him as an awesome first grader.

What do I need?

I’ve done some reflecting recently about the things I need in my life to keep me motivated, keep me rolling, cause me to smile and make me want to be a better person. I’ve come to the realization that honestly I crave praise, in any form. It’s like candy but better to me. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Now maybe you’re all thinking that this is a good or normal thing, but is it really? Can we really reach our full potential by boosting off of kind words, or do we need to build an inner strength that goes beyond niceties and can hold up through the tough times?

I know that I feel a deep desire to be accepted, to be acknowledged and to feel noticed. I’m trying to be honest with myself and discover if this comes from insecurities that I should work on, or if I’m just an addict. LOL!

Now, maybe I shouldn’t be putting this out there on my blog for all to see. It’s just scary to share one’s inner most reflections on the web, but I owe you all a post so I’m going for it. Here’s the catch though, if you reply I’d love for you to share one of your own inner vices so we can have our own little therapy group right here on my blog. :)

Here goes…publish

I Cut It

After a failed attempt at the hair salon (I even tried bribery with cheerios) Noah would not cooperate with poor Lydia. I had no choice last night but to whip out the scissors and start chopping. I have no real hair cutting experience aside from the Barbie’s I mangled as a child, wanting to give them a hot new look. I’ve dabbled in the art of the electric razor with other kids but not Noah, I used scissors for his hair.

The long hair and curls gone. Ok I guess that’s all I will say right now. :) WINK HAHAHAHA

Noah's Hair

Noah’s hair is a popular subject of conversation these days. Since he was a little tiny baby I’ve hesitated to cut his hair many times. It’s actually become like his trademark, and every time I think I’m ready to trim off those adorable dark curls I soon feel sick to my stomach that I won’t recognize him anymore if I go through with it. It’s interesting having a boy with longer hair, either people stop me on the street to gush over his locks or they try to convince me to buzz it off and make him look manly. They love it or they hate it, there’s no half way it seems.

So I’m at the crossroads of deciding whether to give up his baby days and pull out the shears or hang tight for a bit longer and enjoy the babyhood of Noah a bit longer. I guarantee if the scissors break out I’ll be in tears so it would only be in a moment of feeling strong that I break down.

N O Frosting A Scrabble Letter H

Book Reading/Goal Setting

Nathan and I have delved in to the wonderful world of success and goal setting. We each purchased a copy of Jack Canfield’s Book The Success Principles (so we didn’t have to share a copy). For those who may be hesitant to read a book on goal setting, I assure you that you have nothing to fear. This is an incredible read and very simple to get through full of humor and truths. I’d say it’s like a good steak, you want to devour it quickly because it’s sooo good, but also savor the flavor and nuances with every bite. I have rarely read a book that gets me so fired up about attaining what I want in life and making it feel possible. I’m not all the way through the book, I’m currently enjoying chapter 7 and making lists of the goals I want to attain. My husband is perhaps even more pumped about it than I am, he’s blogged about wanting to run a marathon in the midst of the mountains (with bears nearby). Not for me, but I’m proud of him for wanting to put himself out there and tick off some personal goals. After all, why not do what we dream?

Bursting with Blossoms

For two brief weeks the tree in our front yard burst with blossoms in shades of pink and white. It was incredible and I was so surprised and thrilled to have the most gorgeous young tree on the block. It’s the first time I’ve seen it in bloom and I can’t wait for next year when it’s rich and full with flowers again, the smell was incredible. Isn’t is just yummy??

The Reconnect

Over the past week or so I’ve had the chance to reconnnect with old friends from Jr.High, High School and more. What a total treat and surreal experince to see a photo on Facebook of someone I knew and then within minutes be chatting back and forth catching up. It’s brought so many memories flooding into my mind, some good memories with amazing people, and some not so good memories. Mostly because I remember where I was at at certain times being unhappy or just lost in my life. Through this experince I’ve found a whole new apprieciation for the blessings that I have and the life that I’m fortunate to have now. Where would I be without my sweetheart and my lovely kids? Honestly it makes me love Nathan all the more.

As for the upcoming get togethers with old friends, I’m looking forward to seeing them in real life and reminiscing on old times. It’s cool to think that in a few days I could be sitting across a restaurant table from Rayna Becker, talking about the time we went to the theatre to see Pretty Woman. Or when we were in love with New Kids on the Block! I’m also freaking out excited about catching up with Jamie Robertson and his gorgeous wife Melissa when they come to town next week. So many great memories of crazy wild Jamie. I’ll catch you up on my little mini reunions in the weeks to come.

Call me Cookie!

Noah has really started to charm me this week. He now walks up to me and gives me a nickname when he sees me. “Hi Cake!”, “Hi Cookie!”, “Hi Baby, Hi!” he’ll say giving me the eyebrows and totally flirting with me.

He also calls me “Mom-ee” and “MiMi” depending on his mood. So what do you think? Wanna call me cookie? L!

That coupled together with Joshua’s emotive expressions of love to me each day are enough to melt my heart. Just two weeks ago we were in the backyard and Joshy exclaimed “Mom, you’re the Love of My Life!!” and he’s continually asking me to marry him when he’s older.

I’ve got it pretty good – what sweet boys (even the crankmeister) :)