The impossible day of sickness

My day yesterday tested the resources of my extended family and the happy scale of my children. I awoke feeling ultra dizzy like the world was spinning (reminiscent of my vertigo days last year I’d sooner forget). Then through the spinning feeling I wound up being sick to my stomach all day, clutching a bucket and praying that I could just pass out. I deteriorated quite quickly and was so emotional on the phone, to the point that my worried and wonderful husband called in the reinforcements. First my own Dad popped in to check on me, the children sensed that Mom wasn’t able to control the situation or even lift my head from my pillow and took charge of the house. When my Dad arrived Noah had dumped a fruit tray on the kitchen floor and proceeded to decorate it all with a bottle of cucumber dressing! It was a mess. Brigs on the other hand wasn’t into mess making but instead decided to be the most cranky child on the planet and throwing himself into a frenzy if anyone spoke to him, happy tone or not. The kid was out of control and I think my dad held it together pretty well taking them outside to run around for a few minutes in the backyard. Dad ran to drop Joshy off at school, and the boy did not want to leave! LOL! Then he brought me medicine and left, I think he needed some peace and quiet. :) Then Jim arrived to help too, he heard of my plight from Nathan and rushed to my aid. He ended up staying all afternoon (till 7pm) watching the kids while I was passed out from some much needed Gravol. I slept cuddled up next to Noah for hours, awaking occassionally to the feeling of wonky medication. That’s not all, Nicole my sister in law brought over the ultra amazing burrito dinner for my family which was a major blessing for us all (I had three teaspoons of broth soup for dinner).

Today has been much better. The nausea etc. is gone and I’ve just been weak all day. I’ve had so many family members calling to check on me and making sure that I was alright. My Mom even brought us dinner tonight and helped me water my garden. All in all, it’s been a true test of how our huge family really pulls together for each other. I couldn’t have survived the past two days without your kindness and service. Thank you each and every one for your prayers, worry and deeds. I love you guys!!

Can it possibly be time for Kindergarten?

I did it! Applaud me now people. I got the info on Brigs registration for Kindergarten this fall. Can he possibly be that age already? I have visions of Joshy and Brigs sitting happily together on the bus to school and meeting up on the playground. At home they’re pretty much attached at the hip, dispite a few clashes now and then. Brigs was so heart broken last fall when Joshy started school and he was left behind. Now he’s ready to be just as big of a boy and move on up! I hear of so many moms who celebrate when their kids go to school, but I really do like them being home. It’s going to be a big adjustment having one little guy home during the day. I’m feeling such a huge shift in the way my family dynamic is going right now, one in Jr.High/first grade/kindergarten and one at home. I plan on having a blast with the kiddos this summer and making some great memories for them. Pretty soon the bus will be rolling up for most of them and I think I’ll have a few days of serious breakdown.

Oh yes, he has Preferences!

Noah is two years old (well 2 and a half but I’m not accepting that). In any case my little spunky man has started to show his true colors, or at least his preference for things to be “just right”. For instance today I reached into the freezer to treat him with a bright and shiny new purple popsicle. The purple sicle was untouched, unwrapped and perfect. I unwrapped the treasure, broke it into two pieces and held them out to his cute little self. REJECTED!! My offering was rejected. All of a sudden his head is flailing in all directions, I didn’t know a person could swing their head that way without decapitating themselves. And through all of the commotion his voice rings out in desperation “YELLOW!!!!!! YELLOW!!!” (which means orange). He actually was directing my efforts on his behalf and picking a color.

How did we get here Noah? At what point did you realize you like things your own way? You used to be content with whatever toy or food I placed within your reach and now you are reaching out for what You desire. I felt a bit sad today, in the realization that you’re going to outgrow our current relationship and move on to other things that interest you far more than my hugs and kisses. Yet, I am so proud of the necessary steps you are taking, you’re growing up and I know you’ll be amazing as a bigger boy!

After the rejection I calmed down the crazed child, spoke to him softly about not twisting his head around backwards and bestowed a “yellow” popsicle in his still pudgy little hands. He is cuddled up in my lap now and as I kiss his cheek I’m grateful that his current preference includes me.

Awww my poor boy!

I got a call from Joshy’s school yesterday that my poor little man had thrown-up on the bus ride to school. My heart just sank thinking about how he told me he didn’t want to go to school and wasn’t “all better”. I thought he was just trying to avoid going and I sent him off confident that I had made a good decision. Well I guess we’re all not perfect after-all, at least not me. I felt badly that I didn’t believe he was actually feeling yucky. It’s so hard to tell with Joshy, he would stay home everyday if I’d let him! LOL!

After the call came, he must have felt better. His Nana went to pick him up and bring him home to me and he ran super charged to greet her. He then spent his evening making up cute little songs about how beautiful I am and comparing me to the Sunshine. Do I deserve him? No way, he’s far too sweet.

Daria's Recipe for Getting nothing Accomplished

If you occasionally stop in to partake in my whit and humor you likely have come up disappointed and disillusioned recently. I try to get around to All of my blogs, yes I have a few that I write on and yet I can’t seem to always get to the posts I really should be sharing. I however have a few staple blogs I indulge in that keep me going, keep me sane and keep me wanting to continue on the blogging train. I’ve learned that if you regularly blog you end up thinking like a blogger in every day life, it’s so funny to hear that voice in your head composing how you’ll share the moment that Brigs flung a worm at me this morning which he found on the deck in the rain, or how you are talking your way through that next project you just can’t seem to get to.

So here’s some sweet blogging SUNSHINE – they keep me wanting to share, stretch and be as cool as they are. Inside I’m just a “wanna-be cool kid blogger”!
My list of prozac reads on a daily basis:

step 1 – Inspire me with BEAUTY
Sweet Feet Boutique Blog Amelia is one of my daily doses of happy. I admire and adore her, she shares colorful photos, real family relationships, and her sense of style comes through in anything she touches.

step 2 – Knock my Socks off!
Heather Bailey She’s like Martha Stewart on a serious fabric addiction! Her posts are just as pretty as they are admirable.

step 3 – Add some SPICE!
Mod Kid Boutique There’s nobody more Zesty than Patty! I recently met her and she’s every bit as talented, gorgeous and full of zip that her creations imply. She’s the full meal deal of design envy!

step 4 – Visit a Super Hero
Creative Outlet Designs Can you see her tiara sparkle from here? The Queen of Chat is also the super hero of motherhood. I can’t believe all that Megan accomplishes, she is always involved, in-tune and totally cool. What’s best is that she’s my right hand gal, but truly it’s her that pushes me further all of the time. She’s the most encouraging person I’ve ever met.

step 5 – Add Pixie Dust!
Portabellopixie Um yeah! I want to be Sandi. The girl can design, the girl can sew, the girl is going to be FAMOUS! Her blog is a big uplift for me each day.

step 6 – A spoon full of Olive Juice
Olive Juice & Co The most chic gal ever posts on the most drool worthy blog! Her aprons make you want to throw a chicken in the oven and wear heels in the kitchen! Domestic Bliss personified with her apron treasures.

step 7 – Baby Envy!
Morgan’s Musings A must for those of us who don’t have a baby girl and need to gush! Isabelle is just too precious and I love Morgan’s perspective, she’s one HOT Mom!

step 8 – Browse the Bellas!
rbcouture Nikki and Terry are the dynamic duo – the super mother/daughter team! There’s nothing these two ladies can’t do. Plus, their love for each other always shines through. I heart the bella’s!

step 9 – Gyl is Da’Bomb!
Rhembein a virtual smorgasbord of posts from design creations to life on her beautiful island farm. A must see for me, Gyl is so great to read.

step 10 – Bring it all back
Daria’s Life if you just can’t get enough of me! Boutique Cafe if you just can’t get enough of my passions! Secrets from the Studio if you’re not sick of me yet and like some behind the scenes stuff. I roll it all up into my trifecta of blogging power! LOL!

So once I started posting my daily doses, I realized this is a recipe for disaster! So many more people have inspiring blogs that keep me sane and ROTFL with glee. If I missed you don’t worry, I’ll share my next top 10 reasons that I never get anything done next month! Reason #1 might just be YOUR blog – be proud people.

The Kids Are Sick!

Oh what a week is all I can say. We’ve been neck deep in sick little ones this week – all four of them in fact! I actually brought out the ventilator device the hospital gave me for Noah the last time he was sick and breathing funny. I swear his breathing was labored last night so I kept him close to me on a little bed beside mine. I worried all night about the boy but he was fine, just yucky from a bad cold. I’m so glad he didn’t need to wear the mask, that would have been interesting to hold onto his face.

Thankfully I think we’re reaching the tail end of this experience. I can’t wait to have healthy kids again! I’m beyond exhaustion, beyond everything – I’m just darn tired!