Sushi Outing Pics

Here’s the SWANKY digs Maja loves to frequent when she’s in town. Oh yeah baby, that’s the outside of the Sushi Restaurant, I was a bit nervous I must tell you!

Maja with Charlotte outside the restaurant. It was so fun to see my dear friend in person again – I adore Maja so much!

For those who don’t know her, Maja is just a ray of sunshine. I don’t know anyone on earth who could resist her charms. Straight up, that girl is so fabulous it hurts! LOL!

Maja Time

She tricked me into Sushi! That’s right, my long lost buddy Maja floated into town and stole me away for what I thought would be a cooked meal. Little did I know, Miss. Maja had other plans for me. Wicked Plans. There’s nothing like being around Maja, she’s just so full of vibrance that you can’t help but feel healed from depression & inspired by her example. I adore her children and think that Maja is just the best Mom too.

I took preggo pictures of her last Spring while she was expecting baby Charlotte & composed a photo book for her. It turned out so wonderfully and had been sitting on my dresser waiting for her to make it into town. Well that time arrived and I was able to give her the book, she was so touched and emotional about it that it just felt so good to do something for her. We dropped Lincoln and Oliver off to their Grandma and took Charlotte along. I was shocked at how wonderfully well mannered the little miss was for the outing, she stole my heart and I’m happy to say that she took to me as well. I don’t know what was more fun, talking with Maja or laughing about her trickery into getting me into a sushi restaurant. Bottom line, I tried, I lived, I even enjoyed some of it. YAY ME for being so brave.

I’ve missed her so much, I love that girl!
“Maja, get a grip and move back to cow town – you’re my prozac remember?”

The Sweetest Friend

I am so excited about a new friend that I have in my life – Kristina. Nathan and I have had a chance to meet up with her several times in the past few weeks and each time is more fun than the last. We met up spur of the moment tonight and it was such a treat to be around her. When we first met we had a connection right away (I’ve only felt that a few times in my life with some of the most significant people in my circle). It’s lovely to have so much in common with someone, we come from different backgrounds, faiths and parts of the world and yet our centre is so alike that it’s uplifting to hang out together. Best of all we have adopted her and she’s now a part of our little family :) . I fully expect her to be with us on holidays and not spend them alone, her family is far away and she seems so happy to have connections in the same city. For me over the past few years it’s been harder and harder to get out and develop friendships, it’s fun to step out and be blessed right away with a dear new friend.

Kind, Generous, Thoughtful and Brilliant we just love you Kristina.

Butterflies and Being Brave

Perhaps it’s the total thrill of having something that I’ve planned finally come to fruition, but my stomach is full of fluttering butterflies at the thought of this weekend. Our Boutique Cafe Girls Getaway Weekend is set to be an outstanding time and the attendees are buzzing with hilarity and excitment! There are so many incredible women coming to this event and I’m awed by the response, support and sheer fun that we’ve recieved and taken part in already. On our planning board we’ve had a chance to get to know the attendees even better in a smaller forum, it’s become a special little place and I look forward to being in there each day. Plus knowing that in only a few days I’ll be meeting these lovely ladies, well that’s just WICKED!

My nerves are definitely a factor in these next few hours before everything gets rolling. I know I’ll be fine, my main thing is just making sure everyone enjoys their weekend and feels it was well worth their time to attend. Pray for good weather, calm nerves, great chatter and loads of shopping deals. It’s going to be a blast to get back and post all the pictures and video we grab while there. Stay Tuned…

It's a BOY!

Ok so I’m sure you all gasped as that’s what the “Normal” thing to hear from me would be. However it’s not me that is expecting a baby but rather my sister in law Liz! After what sounds like a very cool ultrasound yesterday they have announced to the world that a new baby brother will be winging his way on stork airlines to big siblings Vienna and Evan. What a treat to hear someone other than myself announce that they are expecting a bundle in BLUE! LOL!!

Congratulations Kent and Elizabeth on your highly anticipated new bambino! I’ll be submitting my prized list of boy names with a “v” in them shortly. :)

Now on to the arm twisting and total conspiracy to get me fat and bulgy. Apparently there is a secret campaign between Nicole and Liz to get me expecting this year – I clued into this plot when Nicole announced she would come to my house and punch holes in any condom she could find (Mom don’t read that line) :) . Then Liz followed up with her offer to make me a meal each week of my pregnancy if I would have another baby! So I ask you…what is the fascination with Daria getting pregnant? Am I that much fun to look at? I’m almost 100% convinced that I’m incapable of having a girl after having 4 boys. And more importantly, would you let Nicole into your homes now? ROTFL

Music and Lyrics

My Sweet Nathan took me out on a date last night to see “Music and Lyrics” at the cheap theatre. It was so fun to get out together and when the movie started with this 80′s style music video I knew I was going to love this movie! Hugh Grant is positively hilarious. If you’re not a child of the 80′s then you may not fully appreciate how bang on the music is in this movie. I loved the exchanges between Hugh and Drew Barrymore’s characters as well, the dialogue is just funny. And Hugh Grant is adorable in this movie. Nathan and I were seriously in stitches and want to see it again just to catch more of the lines we missed. :)

Ah yes, what a lovely flash back. The story is sweet and the music is awesome. It’s not an Academy Award type of show, it’s a feel good movie and you’ll definitely walk out smiling. We did!

“A TWIST OF FATE MAKES LIFE WORTHWHILE YOU ARE GOLD AND SILVER” I’ve watched the music video opening about 20 times already. Enjoy!

Funny Little Andrew!

We went to my parents house yesterday for Sunday Dinner. It was a fun time with lots of good food, we all brought something and the kids were thrilled to see their cousins. The noise level was getting a bit too much so we decided to head downstairs with all of the kids and tell some scarey stories which all the boys totally love. We each took turns telling a gruesome tale and laughing at stories of creepy spiders and monsters. Then little 5 year old Andrew stood up to tell his story.
“This story is going to be SCARY for the Girls!” he said laughing. “Once upon a time their were Three Barbie’s, who dressed as boys for Halloween!” (we were already rolling with laughter) “They went to every house in the neighbourhood but all they got was garbage and banana peel sandwich’s!” “Then they went to one ladies house, and she tortured them by making them clean her house!”

We were all weeping because it was so funny and cute coming from his young imagination! We were all scared Andrew! LOL!! Well done buddy.