How I've spent my day…

It’s been a crazy week but I couldn’t help but sit down today and scour through dozens of property listings, dreaming of a beautiful vacation home on the water somewhere. I know, it’s crazy – we’re years and years away from being able to do something like this. But I always think it’s important to continue dreaming (and I love to dream big). I keep picturing a large cabin on a lake, the kids out water skiing and tenting in the summer, fresh towels wrapped around them each when they’re chilly from swimming. I can picture my boys throwing rocks into the water off the dock and roasting marshmellows in a firepit. I also love dreaming about the fun they would have to bring their friends for a visit and have such fun parents!

I can also imagine huge family gatherings with all the little ones having tons of space to run and play and explore. A tree house, a rope swing, a garden of yummy berries and fruit trees, and don’t forget a hammock for restfully relaxing and reading a book. I shudder to think of the last time I took a break out to read. That would be lovely.

What’s your Big Dream? What’s your idea of your perfect summer home? I’d love to hear!

Menu Magnets – Organize your food baby!

Are you one is is overwhelmed with meal and menu plans for your family, I know this has been an issue for me in the past. But no longer, I have found the most simple solution and it’s ultra CUTE too. Very Mom Blogger herself, ower of Kerflop has this awesome free download for Menu Magnets. These little babies print off on your home computer (just pick up printable magnet paper at Staples).

The sets have printed Day of the Week Magnets, and blank ones that you can print your favorite and often used meals. Then slap those puppies on the fridge and you’ve got a meal plan for a whole week at a glance.

I think it’s brilliant and simple, I don’t know why I never thought of this! :) Isn’t Jess Pretty and Nice?! I should say so. She’s also one of my favorite bloggers in the universe and may even join us at the Boutique Cafe Girls Getaway. Go tell her she’s pretty and that you want to meet her in person!:)

Happy Meal Planning!

How Cute is this?

My friend Amelia has been frantically redoing her sewing studio recently and posting on her blog about all the refreshing, painting and distressing she’s been doing on various pieces of furniture. Today I was in a dreamy mood and started clicking through ebay to see some furniture pieces that would be a real find. I came across this gorgeous vanity/dresser with beveled mirror and fell in love, if only I had a little girl I would pick this up in a heart beat… and try my best to copy Amelia’s cool sense of shabby chic style.

Don’t you want this?

Having a Ball

Yesterday Brigs, Noah and I swung by McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. As we rolled through the drive through and we were handed our chicken nuggets and drinks, I passed Brigs his toy that came with the meal. It was a cute ball with Mario’s face on it. I started to drive away when I hear his tender sobs from the backseat. “Brigs? Honey what’s wrong?” I asked. “Mommy my ball, it has no instructions!!” he bellowed.

I couldn’t contain my laughter, I thought it was so adorable that my boy needed instructions for a BALL! LOL!

Think again Mister!!

Um ok, so I’ve been at home alone with the four boys since Wednesday and Nate is scheduled to drop-in for some much needed parent relief later this evening. He’s finally coming home from his most recent Big Adventure to Vancouver for another dental conference. I sure as heck hope he had a good time because it’s been an interesting 24/7 kind of week, and I need someone to say “way to go honey, you rocked the single mom life this week! Now go shop, bubble bath, and party your way to personal happiness for a few hours!”

Shall I take votes on whether I hear this most joyous of expressions?

What's Your Secret?

A hilarious little conversation happened in the van today between myself and 5 year old Joshua. All of a sudden he pipes up from the back seat “Mom, tell me what is your secret?” I giggled to myself assuming he must have heard that question somewhere. I answered joking “well Joshy, my secret is “THE SECRET” – it’s the Law of Attraction!” to which he answered “um Mom, that’s not what I was going for. I meant the secret of dandruff!”

Now I know this conversation hardly makes sense, and he has no idea what dandruff even is. I just think it’s adorable that he’s stretching his conversational skills and challenging me too. I love that cute kid!